Vegetable Biryani – Indian Rice How-to Video

Vegetable Biryani is an Indian rice dish bursting with flavor. With so many layers of delicious spiced vegetables and rice and so many levels of flavor, it is definitely a satisfying meal all by itself. Try this recipe for a very popular and widely recognized Indian dish.

Youtube Title: How to make Vegetable Biryani (Part 2) – Indian Rice Recipe

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Vegetable Biryani – Indian Rice How-to Video

  1. Hey girls,

    My son is on a strict GFCF (Gluten free/Casein free ) diet. What can I substitute for paneer and yogurt?


    1. Hi Archana,

      Though the paneer tastes wonderful, you can definitely leave it out and still enjoy the taste of the biryani. Regarding the yogurt, we have never tried this recipe without it. Maybe some of our other viewers can help?

  2. Hey Anuja and Hetal,
    This is such an awesome website and extremely helpful for a bachelor like me.. As a kid I never went to the kitchen to see hows my mom making the meal, but after coming to states, you got to learn cooking n your site has helped me a lot in doing so. Few of my non Indian friends too are checking it out.
    Thank you so much for a wonderful effort.

  3. I am truly jumping with joy as I write this mail to thank you guys for this wonderful recipe. This is first time i tried cooking biryani and it came out awesome. Let me tell u that i a total newbie when it comes to cooking with disasterous track record but your video was so detailed out that it was piece of cake.
    Once again, thank you very very very much.

    1. Hi Sindhu,
      What a wonderful email and trust us, we are jumping with joy- for you! Thanks for putting a BIG smile on our face today 🙂

  4. I have been a fan of you show for quite some time.. I love your vegetarian dishes and would love to see more.. I have a vegetarian cookbook coming out this show has been such an inspiration.. By the way i have tried every dish vegetarian style..

    Namaste, Deronn

  5. Hi Honey,

    Yes, we have kept the biryani in a convection oven. The rice and vegetables are about 3/4 way cooked and the remainder of the cooking happens in the oven and well as the blending of flavors. It might be difficult to do the remaining cooking in a microwave.

  6. Hi ,
    watching ur show for many months , i have tried lot of items, came out fantastic and ur doing good job very useful for beginners . I have a doubt in biriyani do i need to keep the biriyani in convection oven ? can i keep in microwave oven? pls let me know , biriyani looks yummy i need to try this weekend.


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