About Us

Great chefs are not born — they are created through a journey of trials and errors.
We, at Show Me The Curry are no different. We have had more than our share of cooking goof-ups, mishaps and faux pas. As two busy moms with barely enough time to breathe, we have learned some quick and handy techniques to save time and energy in the kitchen. We would love to show you how to avoid the mistakes we made.
South Asian Cuisine, just like our country and culture, is very old. There are a thousand ways to make a simple ‘Mung Daal’. Our goal is to provide you with a well tried, tested and liked version of different recipes. Never be scared to experiment and create your own version of anything you read here. Remember the key ingredient to any kind of cooking — have fun.
Even after so many years, we are still learning something new everyday. Like a lot of us, you may have had your share of ‘goof-ups’ or had some great experiences with cooking. We would love for you to share your stories by submitting them. Also, feel free to compliment (we love them), comment or critique.
Join us on our adventure into South Asian Cuisine via our regular audio and video podcasts and enjoy the ride…

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