Buttered Walnut Mousse How-to Video

Gourmet desserts don’t have to be as hard to make as they’ll seem to your guests. Try this easy recipe for Buttered Walnut Mousse that you can make ahead of time and assemble right before your party…it’s finger-licking good!

For a detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Buttered Walnut Mousse How-to Video

  1. heey hetal and anuja i loove yu guys i dont have cool whip hea in nz i dont think,so wen i whip da cream do ii add extra sugar

    thanx guys

  2. heeeeey hetal and anuja dis recipe look sooo simple i love yu guys, ii dont have cool whip in nz i dont think when i whipp mi own cream do i add extra sugar
    thanx guys

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