Medu Vada

Medu Vada or simply Vada are crispy fritters made with urad daal and enjoyed with sambar or chutney. They are usually served along side idli as part of a perfect South Indian breakfast, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying these vadas for lunch or dinner.

Soaking Time: min 4-6 hours
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: approx 20 minutes
Makes approx 15 vadas


Split Black Gram (Urad daal) – 1 cup
Water – little over 1/2 cup for grinding
Salt – to taste
Ginger – 1 tsp, finely chopped
Green Chilies – to taste, finely chopped
Black Pepper – to taste, coarsely gound
Asafoetida – pinch
Oil – for deep frying


1. Soak Urad Daal for minimum of 4-6 hrs.
2. Drain off all of the water and grind daal in a blender using very little water.
3. Remove batter into a bowl and add Salt, Ginger, Green Chilies, Black Pepper and Asafoetida.
4. Whip the batter with a spoon to make it light and fluffy.
5. Heat Oil on medium heat.
6. To make the vadas, wet you hand and scoop up a small portion of batter in your hand.
7. Using your thumb, make a small hole in the center of the batter.
8. Gently flip the batter into the hot oil. Repeat process for all the batter.
9. Allow vada to get medium golden brown on one side before flipping over to the other side.
10. Allow other side to get medium golden brown before removing vada onto a plate lined with paper towels.
11. Serve hot with chutney or sambar.

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37 thoughts on “Medu Vada

  1. I tried this recipe and it came out great. Adding 2-3 tsps of rice flour to the batter, makes the vada really crispy.

  2. I added semolina to The battery of Media vada. although IT be came crispy on The outside IT was not at all fluffy. sh could I add Y east
    and sugar to The battery

  3. I added semolina to The battery of Media vada. although IT be came crispy on The outside IT was not at all fluffy. sh could I add uneasy and sugar to The battery

  4. I purchased a MEDU VADA making contraption
    the darned thing just pushes out the batter with no centre hole (I guess i was sold a lemon)
    Any ideas why the machine does not work the way it is purported to


  5. Hi,
    Ive made the vada’s and they came out great.
    Is it possible to make the batter in advance and freeze it?
    I want to make a large amount for a party and want to prep as much as i can a week in advance.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Madhukala,

      Sorry if this response is late… You can make the vadas ahead of time and keep them uncovered on a baking tray in the oven at about 180-200F until you are ready to serve.

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for the very helpful videos on your site. Could you let me know where I can find this kadhai for deep frying, it looks like an ideal size.

    thanks again,

  7. Hello Hetal ji and Anuja ji,

    Thanks a bunch for the wonderful recipe. Any suggestions on what to do in advance, if I want to make a big batch for a party of around 40 people?

    I appreciate your response.

  8. My first attempt following your recipe came out very well.the wife s all jealous now. . 🙂 second attempts tonite. My mom says too that dal needs to be soaked only for an hour or clarify.

    1. Hi Dr. Kumar,

      We always soak the daal for a while but after seeing so many comments regarding the soaking time, guess it is fine to soak it for only an hour.

  9. Hi awesome recipe,came out perfect 😀
    Do you mind telling me where did you by this strainer/skimmer from??? I looked for it in bed, bath n beyond and walmart too but couldnt find it 🙁

      1. awwwww…so nice of you to reply such unnecessary questions as well, thanks a ton!!!! Can’t thank you enough for all that we have learnt and still learning from you guys, thankyou thankyou 🙂

  10. Ooops… I saw that u guys have given the no# of vadas on your website already. Sorry, I did not pay attention while reading the recipe…

  11. Hi,

    U’r website is great! I’ve tried some of your recipes & they have all come out great, especially the Palak Paneer! I have a suggestion though. If you guys could let your viewers/readers know how many ‘vadas’ can be made of 1 cup of dal, it would be a great help. An approximate no# would do… Thnx.

  12. Hi Hetal & Anju

    I have a suggestion to your recipe,
    Firstly, if we add soda into the vadas will be perfectly soft from inside & crispy from outer side.
    Secondly if we add 1/2 tsp of zeera (Cumin seeds) the taste will come fantastic!

    Just try it, i hope you guys will like it.

    Thanx & keep the good work!

  13. Hi,

    My one suggestion is to add a pinch of baking soda to the batter so it will be soft from the inside. Generally anything with urad dal will be crispy from the outside. This way the vada will be crispy and soft.

    In someone’s earlier comment, they mentioned their vadas disintegrated into the oil, this usually happens if the oil isn’t hot enough when frying. Please let me know if there are other reasons as well.


  14. Hi Ramya,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. I have always been soaking the daal for that long. It’ll be a great time saver!

  15. I am surprised you gusy said soak the dhal 6 hr or overnight. The classic south indian Medhu vadai – the key point is not to soak the dhal for more than 40 mins… tht way its easier to grind it a bit coarse and it will not absorb as much oil when deep frying.

    I would recommend not soaking the dhal for too long.

    1. THANKS remya
      i did nt know this and was soaking the daal overnight and my vadas absorb too much oil . will try this way

  16. Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for your feedback! We do have a ‘Print Article’ option just above the comments section and below the star ratings. Maybe we need to move it higher where it is more noticeable.

  17. Hello!

    Thanks for the recipe. I’ve followed the recipe exactly like you’ve mentioned in the past. Sometimes it works just fine, but other times the vada’s start to disintegrate in the oil. Does it have anything to do with the heat of the oil? Please help!


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