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  1. Hello ladies,
    I will be very greatful if you can post recipe for Ganesh chaturthy wheat jeggery ladu. I tried making them but they were not the kind melt in mouth one. As I know Hetal is from Gujarati family background ,you guys will not disappoint your viewer .
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. I’ve been a long-time fan of Hilah Cooking, which led me to your video. This farmers market looks outstanding, I especially appreciate the vendors’ advice on how to determine the ripeness of fruit. The fresh mushrooms look delicious, too. I have cooked with lobster mushrooms that were dried, never fresh. I would love to taste the difference between dried and fresh. Why are mushrooms so expensive, though? 🙁 The sweet peppers at the market were priced $2.99/lb. Much higher than the farmers marked near me in norther Virginia. Here, the sweet peppers at $1.99/lb. for all colors. The supermarkets charge more for the non-green ones, however.

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