Spicy Tandoori Cauliflower How-to Video

Spicy Tandoori Cauliflower is a perfect holiday dish, or even for a potluck. Amaze your family and your guests with this spectacular dish with an awesome presentation. It is clearly one of the best ways to enjoy a cauliflower. The cauliflower looks so good surrounded by a bed of spicy onion garnishing…it is just out of this world! Make sure everyone puts the garnish on top of their slice of cauliflower. The softness of the cauliflower and the crunch of the onions….mmmm!.

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Spicy Tandoori Cauliflower How-to Video

  1. Hi! You have come out with a fantastic Cauliflower.. a veggie recipe, I really appreciate it! Is this recipe one of your kitchen experiments, or a regular dish? Anyways its a simple but lovely dish, am sure gonna try it. Thnx for posting the recipe guys…

  2. Hi Anuja, Hetal

    I just love ur recipes…..and the way u present them is awesome….All I would say is GREAT JOB…….:)

    Will be looking forward for more recipes…:)


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