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  1. I was never a die-hard fan of any movie star, but I can say that for you two for sure. What a confidence, what a sense of entrepreneurship, what an easy way of explaining things! Amazing! No wonder, you gals reached all news channels and magazines.

    You were so right, In 2006, when I newly came to US, I always had to call up my mom. But, now a days I call my mom to ask a recipe only when I don’t find anything here. I Just open this website and find all the answers. One funny incidence, I was searching for a recipe of Muthiya, couldn’t find it here, didn’t know what to do, found some other video on youtube. But, was afraid to try it, so when I called up my mom I just told her that I am trying Muthiya, and just in conversation she gave me her recipe. Surprisingly I had literally forgotten what a great dish she used to make, and the fact that I had an option to call her too.

  2. Hi Ladies,
    You both are wonderful cooks. I am trying to buy your DVD but it appears there is a problem with your website. When I click on the “buy” button a message from paypal appears that says I can not buy the item because there is a problem with the sellers website. I hope this problem can be fixed because I am looking forward to your DVD 🙂

  3. Hi Hetal and Anuja
    i’m from chennai and i’ve been watching your show from quite some time now.. Good job.. can you post some receipe for diet… a kind of time table or receipe chart for people who wants to reduce weight..
    waiting for your reply

  4. Anuja & Hetal,
    You go girls! Both of you did a great Job and are doing great job in helping people cooking…. I am so proud of you 🙂

    -Nisha Patel.

  5. Dear Hetal & Anuja,

    Presentation & Layout was Superb! “Good Morning Texas,” Indian cooking episode was very well presented by you two. The host was good too!

    You and Anuja look good and you guys explain the recipes perfectly well in simple & easy manner. Looking forward to more recipes on your website!


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