Lauki Subzi (Doodhi) How-to Video

Lauki is a type of squash that is light green in color, has a mild flavor and goes by many different names — doodhi (dudhi), opo, bottle gourd, Ghiya, Calabash, to name a few. The milk in this recipe gives a comforting creaminess to the Doodhi, while the Dals give a pop of color and texture. Lauki is a great summer vegetable as it is full of vitamins with very few calories and zero fat. A lot of people enjoy it in juice for as it is good for weight-loss. Try this recipe for a variation in taste and texture to this often overlooked vegetable.

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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  1. I would like to make a besan burfi….in gujarati we say “mohan thaal”. I wooiild like to know the when making syrup, what temp. can be use. Generally I use candy thermometer. Strings for syrup does not work with me I am always wrong for the strings. Please help me with the temperature of syrup.

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