Glimpses of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

On a recent visit to Colombo, I was blown away by the breath-taking beauty for Colombo. As a foodie, was no dearth of street foods to try and flavors to sink my teeth into. The acharu (pickles), yam fries, appams (hoppers), seafood, kothu parotha, sambols…the list is endless. The one thing that just stood out was how friendly the people of Colombo are – there were beautiful smiles everywhere.

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0 thoughts on “Glimpses of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

  1. Hi Anuja,

    This video brought tears into my eyes….i am a Sri Lankan living abroad and seeing how you ppl appreciate and enjoy my country is fantastic. I miss SL a lot.

    I am a fan of your website for a long time and have tried many of your recipes.

    one small thing, the pickle you tried is not made from olives. olives are not a popular food in SL. it is made from a fruit called “veralu”. i am sure you have it in India also. it is a very nutritious fruit. check the link on wikipedia

    Keep up your good work

  2. Enjoyed seeing Colombo from my home in San Francisco, hope I get a chance to go there sometime. Please show us some recipes of Colombo.

  3. thank you for your lovely thoughts of our country
    hope you had a great time & all the fascinating mouth watering foods of our culture.
    please try one or few recepies of sri lanka

  4. Namaste Anuja,
    I, for one, find glimpses into other cultures, even if by video clips, to be fascinating. How better to learn about people than eating the foods they eat. Sold off a stand on the sidewalk, in a fancy restaurant or, best of all, as a guest in some ones home, it is all good. I thank you for the giving us a chance to share your experience.
    A devoted fan, Rich

    1. Namaste Rich!

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment and we are so glad you enjoyed the video.
      We love to share what we are passionate about. And the love for traveling is very high for both Hetal and I – hence we share some of the beautiful sights we see and hope our viewers enjoy them too. 🙂

    1. First of all I am hale and hearty – no sickness and no stomach bugs.
      I eat street foods where I find fit and REALLY enjoy that part of my travel experiences – that way we get a true sense of local cuisine. You should try it sometimes 🙂

  5. Can’t believe you are eating street food that too pickles by itself! Just to get some videos for your website, don’t do this and spoil your health.

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