Oat Bran Muffins

Everyone can use a little more fiber in their diets but fiber doesn’t have to be thick and yucky. Meet fiber in the form of a delicious Oat Bran Muffin! Just one of these healthy muffins is a great way to start your morning as well as get your daily dose of fiber. Try this yummy recipe today!


Oat Bran – 2 1/2 cups
Baking Soda – 2 tsp
Walnuts – 1/2 cup, chopped
Milk – 1 cup
Yogurt – 1/2 cup
Oil – 2 Tbsp
Eggs – 2 large
Salt – 1/8 tsp
Brown Sugar – 1/2 cup (1/4 cup if you are watching your sugar)
Cinnamon Powder – 1 tsp
Vanilla – 1 tsp
Ripe Bananas – 2, mashed


1. In a bowl, whisk together Milk, Oil, Eggs, Yogurt, Brown Sugar, Salt, Cinnamon Powder and Vanilla.
2. Mix in mashed Bananas.
3. In a separate bowl, mix together Oat Bran, Walnuts, and Baking Soda.
4. Pour wet mixture into the dry mixture and mix well.
5. Pour batter into a muffin tray coated with oil.
6. Bake for approximately 20 – 22 minutes at 350 F (180 C) or until toothpick comes out clean when inserted into a muffin.

Note: Oat Bran Muffins don’t rise as much as regular muffins so you can fill the muffin tray all the way to the top.

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74 thoughts on “Oat Bran Muffins

  1. I tried these and they are a yummy way of getting your daily fibre. Don’t expect the typical sweet light muffins though!
    Will definitely make again. Thanks

  2. Namaste Hetal and Anuja,
    Yet another experiment came from the oven this afternoon. I combined one very ripe banana, 1/2 cup peanutbutter and 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips. This trio seemed to fit together naturally. Instead of making muffins using the regular tins, I used my ice cream scoop and simply made mounds of batter on parchment lined baking sheets. The baking time was the same a normal, the clean up was a snap and the flavor is one any kid will like, including me.

    Thank you for allowing me to share. Rich

      1. Hello Hetal,

        Next time I will forego the banana all together and go with a full cup of peanutbutter because that flavor was not as pronounced as I had hoped. Besides, I am not a big fan of bananas.

        I also found the baking time shold be reduced to around 18 minutes as the muffin/cookies tended to dry more quickly then when I used the cupcake tin and paper liners.

        Has anybody else tries their own experiments?

        Your number one West Coast fan, Rich

  3. Namaste ladies,
    An invitation to Thanksgiving dinner promtped yet another experiment. A small can of solid-pack 100% pumpkin meant a full batch of muffins had to be made. The addition of an extra egg was a wise idea. Toasted sunflower seed kernels, golden raisins, 1/4 cup molasses and a heaping tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice resulted in the moisted muffins I have made to this point. The tops actually puffed up as if making cupcakes. Needless to say, they didn’t last long. I had three people begging for your recipe, which I gladly shared and took the opportunity to introduce them to you via this site. I am waiting to hear what they have done. Keep up the good work and thank you.
    Your greatful fan, Rich

  4. Hey! Just stumbled across this recipe and thought wow – these would be great for breakfast after training! Thing is, I’m a student and don’t have a muffin tray handy. Would y’all be able to tell me if I can make this in a loaf pan as one big cake?
    Thank you so much and the recipes seem great!

    1. Cat,
      I know you will enjoy this recipe as much as I have over the past few months. My suggestion, going to a local thrift store in search of cupcake pans. There are two sizes; one makes six and the other makes twelve. The cost for either might be as much as $2.00. Use the paper liners and cleanup is easy. If you should be lucky enough to own a set of ramekins, lightly coat the insides with cooking spray, then run a paring knife arounf the inside edge for easy release of your creation. I happen to have a set of six old white glazed ceramic cafe coffee cups, the kind that is rounded on the bottom. Here a gain a light spray, run around with a knife and presto, dome shaped muffins. May have to bake up to five minutes longer. Nothing like playing the crazed chef in your own kitchen. Have fun with your food.
      Hope this helps. Let us know your results. Rich

  5. Hi Hetal n Anuja,
    I just love your recipes. This is one of the healthiest recipes I have tried. I used 1/2 cup of pitted prunes and 1 banana instead of 2 of them. 2 oz of tofu and 1/4 cup of coke (zevia) instead of eggs. I replaced 1 cup milk with 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup zevia. They have a nice rise like regular muffins. But I had extra batter left as I didnt fill the cups completely. I heard instead of coke some people use sparkling water it seems.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Namaste ladies,
    I have had so much fun with this recipe since I was introduced to it last April and have shared it with family and coworkers.
    I make half batches and use the cupcake tins with the paper liners. This cut down on messes and because the muffins are smaller you can eat more and not feel guilty. After all they are healthy, are they not?
    Because bananas are not a favorite of mine I have substituted grated apple, pureed peaches, apricots and pears. If caned, I drain the fruit, reserving the syrup and using it as part of the liquid and sweetener while adjusting for the remainder of the liquid required. Chopped dried fruits of all kinds work well.
    A couple of my better combinations was chopped semi-dried figs with sliced dates and molasses (YUUUUMMY). Chopped maraschino cherries and mini chocolate chips (great hit at work). Different flavorings for replacing the vanilla include almond extract, grand marnier and orange juice. Next on the list is different spices and black masala.
    This has been such a wonderful journey so far I can not thank you both enough for providing this base recipe. Keep up the good work.
    An adoring fan, Rich

    1. Hi Rich,

      Wow! That is some serious experimentation there! All of your ideas sound great. Thanks for sharing as I’m sure it will help others as well.

  7. Tried this today and it came out ok. For those who are looking for where to but oat bran, it is available in the bulk section at Sprouts.

    1. Hi Yogi,

      You should be able to. Normally, yogurt acts as the acid to activate the baking soda but in this recipe, the molasses in the brown sugar will do the same.

  8. Hi, If I just take out the oil, is it ok? You mentioned the oat bran is heavy so it won’t rise so much, then will the muffins not fluffy as other muffins after baked? Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      We have not tried it without the oil but would think that it would need some fat for the texture to be palatable. These muffins have a different texture than flour muffins that are cake-like fluffy. That is not to say that the texture is bad…just different.

  9. Hello ladies,
    Finally had a chance to make these muffins this morning and WOW. They are so good. Did a bit of changing as I only had small amounts of some items; one banana, so I added two grated Gala apples – mixed walnuts and pecans chopped up – only a smidge of raisins and added chopped dates. I’m not so sure I want to take these to work and share.
    Your fan, Rich

      1. Hi, love this recipe, I only had one banana so I added some more yogurt instead. What I did not see anywhere, the calories etc.
        Can you let me know please.

    1. Hi Neha,

      You may have to adjust the sugar. Bananas have natural sweetness whereas berries tend to be on the tart side. Having said that, we have not really tried this recipe with berries so if you decide to try it, please experiment on a small batch.

  10. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful and Healthy Oat barn muffins recipe. while I was watching the video I was wondering I would I replace Eggs instead, Thanks to you guys for suggesting alternative to eggs.

    You both doing a great job πŸ™‚


  11. p.s just made them, and already ate 2 muffins, sooo tasty!!!, i used white sugar, forgot the oil so springeld lemonjuice on top after baking, and used 1 egg(lazy day today so not going to the shop) still VERY YUMMY!!!!

  12. hi lovely lady’s

    thanx for sharing, i enjoy this site so much! if i use white sugar ( the normal plain white one) instaed of the brown sugar will that change the taste or the health-factor?

  13. Hi,

    This is really amazing receipe. I would like to know instead of egg can we use anything else, like condensed milk or anything which is also in our kitchen shelfs.

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hi Chetna,

      You could try flaxseed powder mixed with water. 1 Tbsp Flax seed powder mixed with 3 Tbsp water for one egg.

  14. I made this yesterday and it turned out to be ok! Probably it could have been a little more sweet! Next time i’l try it with more brown sugar and more ripe banana! Thanks for the recipe ladies πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Pree,

      This recipe is not meant to be a “sweet” recipe…more of a healthy recipe but you can definitely add more sugar if you like.

  15. A perfect nutritive recipe providing fibres. Though we little modified: 1. We never take eggs. We never mix milk and yogurt together. So why we omitted eggs and milk. Even there after it became tasty. Thanks a lot to both the madams.

  16. Namaste Hetal and Anuja,

    With the opening of a brand new WinCo Foods in my area bulk oat brand is no problem and whole flax seed is always in stock. Flax seed powder is another story. If I ground whole flax seed into powder form how much of the whole seed would I need to make 2 tablespoons of powdered? I theorize it would be more than 2 tablespoons since the powder is more compact A fan, Rich

    1. Hi Rich,

      Different things grind differently. For example, if we grind 1 tsp of cardamom seeds, we usually get more than 1 tsp powdered (go figure!). We have never ground the flax seed ourselves as we get the powdered version so we don’t have an exact measurement for you. Sorry.

      1. Thank you Hetal. Just thought I’d ask. My VitaMix has a special attachement and jar for grinding whole grains. MaybeI should simply measure out a cup of flax seed and see what I get. Fineness of the grind may have something to do with the results as you suggested.

        Your fan, Rich

    1. Hi Ami,

      We are sure egg replacer will work or you can use the flaxseed powder substitute we mention in the video. You cannot just leave it out.

    1. Hi Rati,

      This particular recipe is meant to have the oat bran because it provides a whole days of recommended fiber in one shot. We have not tried this recipe with regular oats (instant or rolled) but the proportions of the other ingredients may change.

    1. Hi Mridula,

      This particular recipe is meant to have the oat bran because it provides a whole days of recommended fiber in one shot. We have not tried this recipe with regular oats (instant or rolled) but the proportions of the other ingredients may change.

    1. Hi R,

      This particular recipe is meant to have the oat bran because it provides a whole days of recommended fiber in one shot. We have not tried this recipe with regular oats (instant or rolled) but the proportions of the other ingredients may change.

  17. hi H&A will try this soon…i have made your double chocolate cookies a hundred times and since have not attempted to try any other recipe for cookies…. can u give a eggless coffee cookie recipe…will be really grateful…..

    1. Hi,

      You can make these cookies, I have tried & tested this recipe. It tastes great!
      (Recipe originally developed by Martha Stewart)


      1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
      1/2 cup Dutch process cocoa powder
      1 tablespoon finely ground espresso beans
      1/2 lb unsalted butter,at room temperature
      3/4 cup confectioners sugar
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract

      Preheat oven to 350*F with two racks spaced evenly apart. Line two
      baking sheets with parchment paper. Sift together the flour, cocoa and
      ground espresso; set aside.
      In a bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle
      attachment,combine the butter, confectioners sugar and vanilla; beat on
      medium speed until creamy, 3-4 minutes. Reduce speed to low, and
      gradually beat the flour mixture into the butter mixture, scraping down
      the sides of the bowl twice.
      Roll a heaping tablespoon of dough between the palms of your hands
      to form a ball. Place on prepared baking sheet; repeat with remaining
      dough, spacing cookies 2 inches apart. Place the tines of a fork into
      dough and gently flatten the ball into biscuit shape. Bake biscuits
      until just firm to the touch, 12 to 15 minutes, rotating half way
      through. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.
      These are great to serve along with coffee or espresso when youÒ€ℒre entertaining.

      Hope that helps !

    1. Hi Divya,

      This particular recipe is meant to have the oat bran because it provides a whole days of recommended fiber in one shot. We have not tried this recipe with regular oats (instant or rolled) but the proportions of the other ingredients may change.

    1. Hi Lakshmi,

      This particular recipe is meant to have the oat bran because it provides a whole days of recommended fiber in one shot. We have not tried this recipe with regular oats (instant or rolled) but the proportions of the other ingredients may change.

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