5 thoughts on “Seasoned Onion Rice How-to Video

  1. I quickly saw the email yesterday in my office and planned for my turn to cook Saturday Dinner, Hope it comes out well as always and everyone at home likes it.

    As always my sincere thanks to Hetal and Anuja for making me a very good cook.


  2. great idea!! i do the same thing with frozen spinach, never thought of doing it with onions. Spinach rice tastes delish…. and i am sure this must be really tasty too. Will try this next time i have intentionally left over some rice 🙂

    thanks much!

  3. Hello Anuja & Hetal, I love your website very much and come on to check it out daily. I have given up on cookbooks and am opting to find easy to make recipes and watch your videos on how to prepare Indian food.Your dynamic team makes conventionally hard Indian recipes easy to learn and duplicate.I am American born w/Yugoslavian roots and my husband and his family are Bengali, Indian. My father-in-law usually starts dinner off by saying, “…so let’s see what Anuja and Hetal taught Danijela to make!”Again, thank you, from your number 1 fan!!!!

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