0 thoughts on “Mango Ice Cream How-to Video

  1. Excellent Recipe!

    I am a Family and Consumer Science Teacher. I was unable to send this recipe to my email. Could you please do this for me? I would love to have the video and the recipe of the Mango Ice Cream.

    1. Tried this recipe last week and came out very well.

      can i use whipping cream instead of heavy whipped topping?

      Also could u pls post how to make vanilla ice cream recipe.


  2. awesome site of awesome recipes. every time i have a confusion about making any dish, i know where to look for answers. I pretty much find something new every time i come here. for instance, this awe inspiring ice cream recipe. i am really excited abut trying it out today…its so simple to make. I never expected ice cream recipe to be as simple.

    I know the ice cream recipe is not urs but thanks for posting it here and enlightening me and m sure others too. Great job for ur other recipes as well.

  3. Hi!

    U guys r doing a great job!! Hats Off!!

    I’m a regular viewer of ur shows. I have benefitted a lot from ur site. Thanks a lot for all this.

    Could you post more recipes based on craked wheat, any wheat based new dishes, other than roti and kichadi.

    Something like Lapsi (Gujarathi Sweet) and any other meal varieties as it wud help everyone to enjoi not only tatsy but also very healthy wholesome food.

  4. Hi
    I actually want to make this icecream.I bought this whipped cream topping(frosting) I’m not sure if it is the right one.Can you please let me know if thats the one.

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