Masala Chai Eggless (No Bake) Cheesecake, Holiday Dessert Recipe

Are you looking for that show stopper dessert for your next gathering? With the soothing flavors of Indian masala chai (masala tea) combined with the silky texture of cheesecake, this Masala Chai Eggless Cheesecake will not disappoint! No eggs, no gelatin and we used Agar Agar! The best part is that this is a no-bake recipe so forget about that oven. So what is Agar Agar? It is a Plant based product used in place…

"Masala Chai Eggless (No Bake) Cheesecake, Holiday Dessert Recipe"

Sweet Potato Crumble Recipe – Perfect Eggless Thanksgiving Dessert

Sweet potato pies show up more than often at Thanksgiving spreads or potlucks but why not change it up a bit this season? Try this scrumptious Sweet Potato Crumble… tender sweet potatoes topped with a crispy pecan, oats and coconut crumble. The other reason we love this recipe is because it can be made Vegan very easily – just switch out the Ghee for Coconut Oil. For a cute presentation, make it in individual ramekins…

"Sweet Potato Crumble Recipe – Perfect Eggless Thanksgiving Dessert"

Paan Ice Cream, Easy Dessert Hack

Try this easy dessert hack for your next party or get-together. It combines two favorites: Paan (the most delicious after dinner mouth freshener and digestive aide) and Vanilla Ice Cream (no introduction needed). Its the perfect make ahead dessert so you can make it a day or two ahead and forget about it. This paan ice cream will be ready for your guests at dessert time!

"Paan Ice Cream, Easy Dessert Hack"

Chocolate Souffle – Easy Valentines Day Dessert Recipe

Souffle have a WOW factor to them, the name, the lightness, the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. and the list is endless! And if has chocolate added, even better! Unfortunately, they also have a reputation for being hard to make and that causes a lot of us to shy away from even trying. They really are not and once you get the technique right, you will be impressed with yourself. Try these little cakes of joy and get…

"Chocolate Souffle – Easy Valentines Day Dessert Recipe"

Strawberry Shortcake (Eggless Dessert)

This fantastic, light and refreshing Strawberry Shortcake recipe is a perfect way to get to someone’s heart! Easy to make, with a million dollar look, it is sure to impress. For a small get-together or for a big bash, try this today! Ingredients: Strawberries – 4 cups All Purpose Flour (Maida) – 1.75 cups Sugar – 1/4 cup Salt – 1/2 tsp Baking Powder – 1 tbsp Cold Unsalted Butter – 1 stick/1/2 cup/8 tbsp…

"Strawberry Shortcake (Eggless Dessert)"