Handvo How-to Video

Handvo (or Handwa) has been one of the most requested recipes and we just had to oblige. It is a Gujarati recipe for an all-time favorite snack. Handva can be served at tea time and in India, tea-time can be anytime – morning, afternoon or evening! The recipe here is made using Lauki, but we can substitute other light vegetables (let’s leave that for another video). We have also made it in cupcake format, making it a cute presentation but it can be made in a tray and cut and served. These cute savory cakes, with a nutty Sesame Seed crust, served warm with some pickle…just one word — YUM!

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Handvo How-to Video

    1. Hi Sima,

      You would be able to skip the soaking and grinding steps and just soak the flour in water and continue with the other steps.

  1. Really enjoy watching your videos and most of the recipes I have tried have turned out very good…others turned out fine – just that I did not like the taste.

    For the handvo recipe – how long will it last after I make it ? Thank you for all your great recipes.

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