0 thoughts on “Kaju Katli – Indian Sweet How-to Video

  1. hi:)i tried ds recipe it came out good but i faced a problem which was i could taste sugar granules in it i used castor sugar was dt a mistake?

  2. hi
    i have a packet of whole cashews.so can i powder it in the blender and use it or do i need to buy cashew powder and make this sweet?

  3. Thank you for your immediate reply Hetal. I tried this sweet yesterday and it did come out pretty good. I kinda get this feeling that the sweet gets stuck to my mouth. Is there something that could have gone wrong?

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful recipe and you guys rock 🙂


  4. Lovely recipe, I am going to try this for Diwali thi syear. Where can I get that silve foil that you are adding at the end?

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