3 thoughts on “Fish Cutlets How-to Video – Indian Appetizer

  1. I loved this dish, it felt so fresh. However, I did not like the salad dressing at all, it was too much and clashed with the main dish I felt. As with other recipes, I thought the portion size was small, more for 2.5-3 people rather than 4 (I am small and the other 2 people were 2 11-year old boys so hardly big eaters)

  2. 2 cups of paraboiled rice
    chilly powder 3 tablespoons
    tomtoes two cut grind the above with one cup of water
    2 onion peeled an cut
    totatoes puree 5 tablespoons
    1 potatoes boiled and cut
    lit the stove put rice and the grinded chilly paste
    and mixed vegetable and cut potoes let it simmer mix the rice withe masala well then turn off rice

  3. mashed potaoes 2
    sharks fish 4
    curd 3 tablespoons
    bread crumbs
    onion and garlic paste 3 table
    self rasing flour 2 cups
    4 beaten eggs
    chopped chilles 4
    fry the fish with chilly powder and tumeric powder with salt
    mash the fish put in the bread crumbs and potoes and eggs with the self rasing flour and margarine then flteen the batter on your palm and salt.then lit the stove and fry it in oil turn off stove

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