Tip – Ginger-on-demand

Here is a great way to store ginger for a long time and use as and when needed. Buy it in bulk, when on sale and store it quickly and easily.
Another tip, take a chunk of frozen ginger and allow it to defrost and then just squeeze the juice out just as you would for a lime or a lemon 🙂

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    1. Hi Mary,
      We would suggest you open up everything – the whistle, the ring and wash every piece very well. Sometimes food particles get stuck and can cause problems.

  1. Hi!
    Here is what I do, just grind large amount of ginger in food processor (but don’t grind into paste). I don’t add salt as I use it every day to prepare ginger tea. After grinding just spread it on a big plate and place in freezer of about an hour or till it gets little hard and after that pull it out and break in different size pieces and store in a container.
    I have been doing these for about 2 years and is really convenient and time saving. I do same for garlic (no salt) and green chillies (with salt). Hope it helps someone 🙂

  2. Another ginger tip to save time on grating, would be to buy in bulk, wash, and cut into medium sized chunks. Thereafter, I chop them in my food processor, and the minced ginger gets transferred into ice cube trays, which I freeze. Once completely frozen, I transfer the ginger cubes into a ziploc freezer bag. When I need a cube, and am in a hurry, I add it to my dal or subzi receipe as needed. Flavour is still retained.
    The same method can be followed for green chillies or garlic. My mother combines her ginger and green chillies into individual cubes. My niece freezes her chutneys this way also.
    Hats off to your website, tips and receipes!

  3. If you are like me and love the strong flavor of ginger in your masala chai, grind the ginger without any water in your blender until smooth, and freeze in ice cube trays. One cube dropped into the hot water while making chai will supply enough ginger for 4 cups – SO convenient, and no need to break out the grater every morning.

  4. Thank you for the ginger tip!

    I have a couple questions;I’m not sure where to post them.

    1. My family loves Indian food, but they don’t like the whole spices lik clove or peppercorns in the final dish. How can I get them out before serving? Or, can I always grind them into a powder?

    2. What website do you recommend ordering spices from to get the freshest spices? We don’t hav an ethnic grocery here. 🙁

    Thanks so much ladies!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Adding whole spices to the oil adds a subtle amount of flavor to the dish. Grinding them offers a more intense flavor. There is no good way of removing the whole spices except to keep track of how many you put in and just manually pull them out before serving. You could also educate your family so that they pull them out from their respective plates before eating (that’s what I did with my kids). We have an abundance of Indian grocery stores in our area so have not tried any online stores for spices…sorry.

  5. Hi Hetal and Anuja
    thanks for this one…I dint know Ginger can be frozen!!

    Talking of freezing,, can you do a video on which indian food , specially curries freeze nicely. I am going overseas for a month and want to freeze some food for my hubby. I want to know a variety of options.
    Till now I just freeze chapatis and that too on a weekly basis. I hope they saty good for about a month.

    any help and ideas would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Lavi,

      Food usually stays fresh in the freezer for about 4 months provided you use freezer type zipper bags or tight lid containers. Daals (mung, toor, chana) and whole beans such as rajma or chole freeze well. Vegetable such as palak paneer and baingan bharta also work. Avoid freezing potatoes or cauliflower as the texture turns to mush when defrosted. Be sure to pack the items in one time use portions. You do not want to defrost the entire amount and then have to re-freeze it.

  6. I have been the ginger per your instructions and it has been great.. Very easy to grate in our dishes and the main important part is that “no more store bought ginger pastes” because it stays fresh all the time…

    Thank you for sharing..


  7. Hallo beiden

    Wat een supergoede tip om de verse gember in e vriezen en dan gaat het raspen nog veel beter!!
    Echt een aanrader voor iedereen……ook de geconfijte gebersnoepjes uit de turkse supermarket zijn ontzettend goed tegen de keelpijn!! eerst opsabbelen en daarna pas op bijten..
    had graag en schort willen bestellen maar weet niet op welke wijze ik de ‘Showmethecurry” schort kan kopen.

    Kan betalen met paypal dus dat is geen probleem,hopenlijk hoor ik snel van jullie beiden…

    Succes verder……Hoogachtend, Mevr.L.de Groof

    1. ^^^^Intrigued by this Dutch post so put it through Google Translate:

      Hello both

      What a super good tip to freeze fresh ginger in emails and then grating much better!
      Highly recommended for anyone …… the geber candied sweets from turkish supermarket are very good against the sore throat! opsabbelen first, then to bite ..
      would have liked and apron like to order but do not know how I ‘Show Meth Curry “apron can buy.

      Can pay by paypal so that’s no problem, hopefully soon I hear from both of you …

      Good luck …… Sincerely, Mevr.L.de Groof

    1. Hi Sandhya,
      If i have few fibrous gingers in my lot of ginger, what I do is further dry that piece up or prefer adding it in my morning tea just like that. U may try that! 🙂

  8. WHOAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TATS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOW I”M NOT!

    1. This does not work for garlic. Garlic cloves will shrink and discolor if you put them in the freezer as they are.However you can buy in bulk, peel, and grind. Then pack and store in ice-cube tray overnight, once frozen/hardened take out like ice cubes and store in a zip-lock. These will stay great for up to 6 months. Must double bag them though, or the odor will spread all over the freezer. Also you can bag the tray as well. And yes don’t use this tray for ice again. Won’t work well for your drinks!!!!!

  9. Hi aunties, how r u both?
    I have to know what Hetal aunty is telling about Ginger. When we snap the ginger if there lot of fiber, it is good or not? I can’t understand your words in this video. pls can u reply me?

      1. Hi,aaroohii Aunty or Sister,(I don’t know your age)

        Hetal Aunty is 20years older than me. Now what are you telling? How can I call them, Aunty or Sister?
        And can you reply me to my Ginger question?

    1. Hi Sumi,

      When buying ginger, you snap off a piece and if you see a lot of fibers, it is NOT good. If you snap it off and see no or little fibers, that is good.

      Btw…you can call me whatever you like 🙂

  10. Hi hetal and Anuja,
    love ur tip and vl try it.
    I know its not related to food but Hetal can you show ur eye makeup video, what u wearing in the video… plz I love it.

  11. hay friends i live in spain barcelona i m watching urs programs ilikes very much today i watch ginger paste such a greatttttttttttttt idaaaaa thank u

      1. Hetal, thanks for the reply. I’m so tired of buying this stuff and having to throw it out cause I use so little of it and it gets soft.

  12. Great tip! I’ve tried grating the ginger, once it’s washed, dried & peeled. Once it’s grated, I add some salt to the mix and place the mixture in any plastic tupperware container and it remains fresh and ready to use right out of the freezer! Works the same for garlic! Thanks for your awesome tips 🙂

  13. Thanks this is a wonderful tip bec usually I buy& store lots of ginger as we have a 1tbls of ginger juice everyday, first thing in the mor with honey &lemon so this is very easy to freeze them,living in Singapore here you get fresh young ginger which is very good……Anyways great tip girls:))

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