Removing Burnt Food – Tip

This has happened to so many of us…a cake of burnt food at the bottom of the dish (shhh..we won’t tell anyone if you don’t). Here is a trick that we learnt and no one needs to know the truth!

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24 thoughts on “Removing Burnt Food – Tip

  1. Thank you Hetal, For your reply. I also have figured it out…Taing it off the griddel grill and soking in tray for about coule hours and wash it out with regular dish soap and water.

  2. Hi Hetal/ Anuja,
    Great website !!!!!
    This question has been asked before but not replied
    How do you remove burnt stains from nonstick pans

  3. Hey …. Could you pl show me what is easy way to clean grill …looking like cooking is 30 min and cleaning grill is 1:30 min

    1. Hi Parveen,

      Are you referring to a griddle grill? If so, you can use a flat metal scraper. Its best to do it while the griddle is hot.

  4. hii..

    actually i have difficulty in cleaning utensil in which i make tea…which would be best to make tea….i use non-stick one but still a layer gets formed and it becomes difficult to clean..

    1. Hi Musk,

      We use a stainless steel pot to make tea. If you have a layer forming at the bottom of the pan, you can brush it away with a plastic bristle brush and then use AJAX powder (comes in a blue can) and a scrubby dish pad to make the stainless steel pot shiny and new.

  5. Hey, I love your website..I am extremely addicted to it..
    I was wondering if you have any tips on cleaning burnt oil (that leaves a stain) on a Stainless Steel pot..I added oil to my SS pot (on high), and there was this big yellow stain that refuses to vanish..I tried everthing from baking soda to stainless steel scrub..nothing works !!..I read about Bar Keeper’s Cleaning products..What do you think of them?
    Also, I am interested in buying the cast iron pots (Rachel Ray) but I want to know if I can use them for Indian curries, vegetables, dal..etc

    1. Hi Tia,

      AJAX powder works really well for stainless steel and is pretty inexpensive. I have not used Bar Keeper’s but have heard that it is good as well. Either way, you still have to use a scrubber pad and a little arm strength :).

      Cast iron is really good, but it takes a long time to heat up. It would be great for daals if you want to slow cook them for really good flavor.

  6. If you dont have soda and vinegar at home.. the following method also works perfectly well.

    Fill the burnt bottom vessel with water. Just 3 – 4 inch depth of water is enough. Now boil the vessel for 6-8 mins depending on the burnt level. now using steel spatula/spoon edge remove the burnt food.

  7. Subha mentioned above how to remove fresh stains from non-stick pans. Can someone tell me how to remove earlier brown-black residue/stains from non-stick pans?

  8. Can we use this same process to remove residue off gas ranges, especially the burnt stain with oil on top of it that really does not come off with “Easy off” etc.
    Thanks for help in advance


  9. hi
    thanx for dis tip.can u plz tell me the tip for removing the brown residue on nonstick pans at the bottom.subha told for fresh burnt but i am asking for long back burnt on dosa pan and some other pans.

  10. Very good tip and ironically, just after seeing this tip I burnt my veggies. I used your method to remove the crust and everything floated away from the bottom and I din’t have to use my scrub.

  11. Thanks for the tip Raj. I’ll try it sometime with my kadai. For the dosa pan you slightly heat it and spinkle some table salt over it and rub nicely with thick cloth or paper towel. This can be used on the fresh burnt residue. Thanks once again.

  12. This was a great tip – Do you have any tip on cleaning burnt/black residue on non-stick pans we use for making Dosa. It usually happens when I use lot of ghee to make dosa?

  13. Hi girls

    These tips are truly fantastic and very easy to follow. Thanks so much. Do you have the tip to remove the browned and stubborn oil residue from the kadai? Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


    1. Subha, I would thing Hetal and Anuja’s tip of Baking soda and Vinegar will work on kadai too. Another product I have had success with is called “SOS” its soft wool pads with soap on it. Comes in a box (10 count) and you can find it in Target in the aisle that carrier kitchen/dishes cleaning products.

  14. Your tips are great! I’ll really be able to use the clean-pan tip1

    What about a tip that shows tamarind comparisons? How many teaspoons of tamarind concentrate equal a lemon-sized ball of tamarind, for example. And some tamarind blocks are so chunky!

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