Opening Jars and Bottles – Tip Tuesday

Sometimes arm strength is not enough to open those stubborn jars and bottles and we have to use our brain strength to win the battle! Here are a few quick tips that we like to use, let us know what is your favorite?

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0 thoughts on “Opening Jars and Bottles – Tip Tuesday

  1. I open my jars by piercing a teeny tiny hole in the lid with a sharp instrument. Once the lid opens, I cover the miniature hole with a tape to keep dust from getting in in the long run

    1. Hi Sri,

      We try to avoid making holes in the caps/lids…but if you are ok with it, it’s great! You just need to be able to get the air in for it to pop and open 🙂

  2. Hello H & A,

    Another one to add to your list, something I learnt as a graduate student in a Chemistry lab:

    Put an elastic/rubber band around the periphery of the lid and twist, and voilà your jar/bottle is open! In 15+ years I am yet to meet a lid that cannot be opened this way!!


  3. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Great tip! I’m a big big fan of all your recipes and tips! Hope to see a lot more from you gals!
    P.S -Anuja, I loved your expression at the end of the video where you pretended to be opening a really tight jar! 😀

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