Tip Tuesday – Storing Sheets

Sometimes it can be some simple trick that has been right under your nose but it still takes someone else to point out the obvious. This tip is just that. Organize your sheets and the co-ordination pillow covers together and stack them up neatly for easy access.

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0 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday – Storing Sheets

  1. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    I love watching the tips that you publish on tip tuesday! They are so helpful. The one where you published cleaning silver pooja items is my favorite so far!!

    I would like to know if you have any tip for chopping onions really fine. I do a lot of onion chopping for both South Indian and North Indian recipes. As you know, a lot of curries and dishes call for onion and tomatoes as a base.

    I have also tried a lot of gadgets that promise to chop onions fine, but in vain. It is waste of money and not practical for daily use.

    Please share a great tip for chopping onions really fine, even if it is suggesting a practical gadget that works each and every time, it is used. You also have a great group of fans who have great tips out there… So, please help!!

    Thanks and love

  2. This was so simple but really very useful. Special thanks for putting up this video – so gald you did not think of it as too small an idea to put up. Just what I need to get my sheets organised. 🙂

  3. Simple but great tip. Thanks for sharing. Hetal ur tops look cute. Anuja your straighten hair makes u more pretty. Keep it up.

  4. I do this for several other things around the house – stuff one sock inside the other; one mitten/glove inside the other…You will never be late again because you were trying to locate a matching pair of socks! 🙂

    1. Hi G kale. Curry is a very generic term used to call any dish originating from south Asia. Each curry would have a different combination of spices, so their recipes will contain the list of ingredients specific to that dish. Hope this solves your query.

  5. Nice tip! I wish you had shot this video from another part of your house (maybe the living room or bedroom) as this tip did not belong to the kitchen. Of course, we would be more excited to take a tour of your wonderful house, right? 🙂

    1. It should be available now. I just viewed it.

      This is a great tip. I store them in a drawer and have to look around for the accompanying pillow case but this will make it so much easier.

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