Opening Produce Bags – Tip Tuesday

It is so frustrating trying to open a simple produce bag at a grocery store! Unfortunately, rubbing it between your fingers does not help at times and licking your fingers is just….YUCKIE!!! It’s such a simple task but can be just very annoying and ruin your mood and your shopping experience.
Here’s a quick, easy tip that’ll take the edge off for you.

Is there a trick or a tip you know that really works for you? Share with us and our viewers, we’d love to know.

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6 thoughts on “Opening Produce Bags – Tip Tuesday

  1. While buying fresh vegetables the store releases fresh water on them. I just take it on my finger tips and voila! easy open grocery bags.

  2. I’m not real fond of places where one must watch a slideshow or a YouTube production, with no printable options available at all. I’m not sure why folks who do those things seem so presumptuous and rude actually towards others on social media. Is it that these folks have trouble writing or spelling? There are helps like Grammarly and other extensions or apps for free assistance.

    So, I guess I’m just out of luck. I wish you well. I’ll get my recipes from other sources then.

    1. Hi Gregory,
      This is a simple tip video and thought it does not need any written explanation.
      ALL of our videos have detailed printable recipes as well. Hope you are able to find them.

      Happy Cooking!

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