Tip – Ginger-on-demand

Here is a great way to store ginger for a long time and use as and when needed. Buy it in bulk, when on sale and store it quickly and easily. Another tip, take a chunk of frozen ginger and allow it to defrost and then just squeeze the juice out just as you would for a lime or a lemon 🙂

"Tip – Ginger-on-demand"

Storing Lettuce – Household Tip

Buying a whole head of lettuce is so much cheaper than out of a bag! But what should you do to extend the life of that whole head that you bring home? Here we show you a way of extending the shelf life of the leaves. Simple and fun! Enjoy your lettuce for a lot longer. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Check out the ShowMeThecurry YouTube Channel +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Connect with us on Social Media: ShowMeTheCurry on Facebook ShowMeTheCurry on…

"Storing Lettuce – Household Tip"

How To Store Green Chilies

Many times, we find ourselves with a lot of fresh green chilies on hand. Either we bought them on sale, grew them in our garden or just over-estimated what we need! Whatever the reason, now comes the hard task of making sure they don’t spoil or grow fungus. Turns out that there is a simple thing you can do to extend the life of green chilies. Watch this week’s Tip Tuesday video to learn how.…

"How To Store Green Chilies"