Reheating Rice or Idli

Have you ever had leftover rice or idli that was hard and crumbly? Use these easy tips to re-steam and freshen them up. You can use a microwave or simple pots and pans you have at home.

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0 thoughts on “Reheating Rice or Idli

  1. Hi Hetal & Anuja.Gr8 tips.Thankyou very much.I receive your email notification.However i am not able to login when ever i check some recipes.It always says wrong username.I wonder why.Could u please check.I am sure i have not forgotten the user name or password.If required could u please reset it for me.Thankyou so very much.Bye

  2. what if we dont use paper towels at home.. coz in india most people dont.. and i wanna suggest this tip to my mom.. so plz temme if u have any alternative..
    please reply gurlz…

  3. A pressure cooker without the weight for me 😉 Fill it water, put left over idlis/rice in a container. Wait till the pressure is full steam and then turn it off…steaming rice/idlis always 🙂

  4. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    You give wonderful and more than one way to do things. Just when I was going to ask for a non-microwave method of heating rice/idli I hear you talking about the colander and other options.


  5. Good tips. I was thinking we could even use a pasta pot or a steamer (the steel ones that have the inside fitting vessel with holes)to heat the idlis.

  6. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    Thanks .. those tips are really really useful.
    Even leftover Rice can be put in a colander with water below in a pan. It gets hot evenly.

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