Sarson ka Saag – Punjabi Mustard Greens

Whether Baisakhi (the Punjabi harvest festival) is coming up or not, it’s always a great time to have Sarson ka Saag. This Sarson ka Saag recipe has the unique flavor of fresh Mustard Greens that is perfectly balanced with Spinach. Rustic in texture and simply delicious, try sarson ka saag and makki ki roti — a perfect Punjabi pair.


Mustard Leaves – 2 bunches (approx 3 lbs)
Spinach – 1 bunch (approx 1 lb)
Water – 2 cups
Oil – 1 Tbsp
Onions – 1 1/2 medium, finely chopped
Tomatoes – 2 medium, finely chopped
Ginger – 1 Tbsp, minced
Garlic – 1 Tbsp, minced
Salt – to taste
Red Chili Powder – to taste
Garam Masala – 1 tsp

For Garnishing (Seasoning):
Oil – 1 Tbsp
Onion – 1/2 medium, chopped in big chunks
Tomato – 1 medium, chopped in big chunks


1. Wash Mustard Leaves and Spinach well to remove any dirt and grit.
2. Remove tough stalks from the Mustard Leaves and Spinach and roughly chop.
3. Bring 2 cups water to a boil in a large pot.
4. Add Mustard Leaves and Spinach and cook uncovered for approx 15 mins or until Mustard Leaves are tender.
5. Drain the leaves in a colander and allow them to cool before pulse grinding them in a food processor. Reserve liquid in case it is required to use later.
6. In a pan, heat 1 Tbsp Oil and add chopped Onions and 1/2 tsp of salt. Cook until onions are translucent.
7. Add minced Ginger and Garlic and cook until onions are golden brown.
8. Add chopped Tomatoes and cook until oil separates from the mixture.
9. Add Mustard/Spinach Leaves, Salt, Red Chili Powder and Garam Masala. Mix well and cook for 4-5 minutes. If needed, you can add some of the reserved liquid or fresh water for a little moisture.
10. Remove Saag into serving dish.
11. In the same pan, heat 1 Tbsp Oil and fry Onions for garnishing until light brown.
12. Add Tomatoes reserved for garnishing and lightly cook. They should not get mushy.
13. Pour Onion/Tomato mixture over the Sarson ka Saag and serve hot with Makki ki Roti.
14. A blob of butter can be added to the saag at the time of serving.

Sarson Ka Saag
Jaggery, Peanuts & Ghee Mix
Maa Ki Daal

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0 thoughts on “Sarson ka Saag – Punjabi Mustard Greens

  1. Hello,

    I thankfully found mustard greens in a nearby grocery store. I tried this recipe today for lunch and it was just awesome. It was a very healthy and delicious recipe.
    Thank you so much.. 🙂


  2. i just want to know 1 thing.. could u tell me tht how much u use mustard leaves and spanich in KG.. in Pakistan here we got vegetables in kgs so please reply me soon…

  3. Dear Ladies

    Made this last night, it was just mouth watering…my kids kept coming to check what was cooking!



  4. Dear Hetal & Anuja, I have made these a couple of times now and it is a big hit in my family. MY kids love the saag. Thank you so much for making this sooo simple.

  5. i agree with onc ,this is not a good recipe of saag, real saag recipe takes 2 hours to cook saag . i cant belive how people like this recipe,sorry hetal and anuja but if you know any punjabi,then ask them. if u dont know i can tell .

    1. Thats because none of the above people who are liking this receipe are punjabis. As Saag is the typical dish of punjab made excellently only in punjabi homes (not in restaurants), so the majority of people from south indian states have never tasted nor seen the saag ever before!! So this reciepe (which is not at all close to real saag) works for them… but I think the presenters should at least think before trying to give wrong receipes

  6. Just a note to those who were concerned about boiling the greens because the process will necessarily cause them to lose some of their nutrients…

    I steamed the greens and had great results.

  7. Hi friends, I agree with most of u about the different types of mustard greens, all of them are fine. And the ones in the video are a little unique . I lived in the west coast for 9 years, now i’m on the east coast and yet I haven’t seen them this big..hahaha…but “all iz well”. I don’t know if anybody will enjoy it but I love cooking and I do this recipe with Kale and spinach. I fry some besan with the onion and at the end I add few drops of mustard oil because I love the sharpness. U can also add dry mustard powder available at any grocery chain store. That is pretty mild while lending the mustard flavor. Love u guys!!!

  8. Hey Anuja and Hetal…

    You guys are doing a grt job! :)….

    Tried this out last week….and it turned out so yummm….Thanks a ton for all the awesome recipes…

  9. I noticed that the mustard leaves were very large, which doesn’t seem normal. I hope they are not hormonised by artifical growth. I was abit concern,

  10. Dear Hetal & Anuja

    I see that you had Sarson Ka Saag, the Shakkar Ghee thing and Makki Ki Rotis on the dish, but I couldn’t identify the other thing that’s on the left. Looks like a dark paneer dish with oily sauce on it. Would you mind telling me what that is? It looks delicious

  11. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    I have never tasted this before – so followed your recipe and made the Sarson ka Saag with the freshest leaves possible(grew both sarson and palak in my garden) and though I was hesistant at first(because of the aforementioned strong flavor of mustard greens), it tasted great! I just picked all of the tender mustard leaves, mine were not much bigger than palak leaves, so maybe that is the reason the flavor is not strong. It did have a unique flavor and taste of mustard greens but it was enjoyable, not bad at all, in fact delicious!

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work in giving us viewers precise measurements and tips!

  12. can you please tell where to find mustard leaves in US..?Can I find it in Indian store or not? Is it in frozen section or regular store.

    thanks I love your website..

    1. Hi Ceema,
      We got it from a Walmart and have picked it up from Kroger at times too. The frozen packages are also available at Walmart but the fresh ones are far better…

  13. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    I’ve never eaten mustard greens before. Can this dish be made with just spinach, or perhaps collards or kale added to the spinach? I guess I’m a bit afraid due to hearing mustard greens have a bitter taste. Please let me know as I would love to have a spinach dish that is a little less fattening sometimes than palak paneer(even though I love it) Thanks so much ladies!!!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Mustard Greens do have a strong favor…hence we mix the spinach to tone that down. You can either increase the ratio of spinach: mustard greens or use just the spinach.
      Just FYI – about the palak paneer, when I make Palak Paneer just for my family, I use regular milk to give it the creaminess and a lot of times just skip that too and crumble the paneer (not fried) so it flavors the whole dish 😉 The cream is used sparingly in my house 🙂

  14. Hi ladies, this dish looks awesome, have to try it out soon!!! I’ve a question:
    I make this dish very often, and obviously i’ve my own recipe, but i buy mustard greens from a regular grocery store and they look totally different than what i see on your video! The ones that we get here are more curly and not as big as the one in your video, it looks totally different….please help…do u get that kind in indian grocery? also i put a little paneer in the 2nd stage of bhunao(meaning cook it in the beginning and coarse grind it and again do tadka and fry for sometime)…thanks

    1. Well, I have exactly the same problem and that’s the reason I dropped plan of making sarson ka saag this weekend. I got very very confused with two different kind of mustard greens. the ones anuja & hetal used were not so fresh, and i wasn’t sure about curly saag. Please help, can I use other curly version of mustard greens?

      1. Hi Lajja,
        The curly ones, ( I am guessing) is Kale or could be Collard Greens (both of these look very similar to Mustard Greens). They are all cooked the same way BUT if you want the authentic flavor of Sarson, then you will have to look for Mustard Greens.

        1. Hi, I don’t know what exactly it was, but the store had written saag on it. So I finally bought it and made the curry. It came out just great. My husband also loved it (however, I don’t know if it was like authentic sarson ka saag or not, because I never ate it at any punjabi home) Next time if I am lucky, I will make it with the kind of mustard greens you used.

          Btw, thanks for the recipe. It’s a great alternative to fatty palak paneer.

          1. Hi Lajja,
            Glad you enjoyed it (what a relief for you, I am sure)!

            Just FYI: about the palak paneer, when I make Palak Paneer just for my family, I use regular or 2% milk to give it the creaminess and a lot of times just skip that too and crumble the paneer (not fried) so it flavors the whole dish 😉 The cream is used sparingly in my house 🙂

        2. Hi, the curly mustard that i was mentioning about in the grocery stores says “mustard greens” on its label….i know the collards and kale, but i’ve never seen the kind of mustard in your video in any of my grocery stores around here, all it says is mustard and they r curly….do u get them only in indian grocery???

  15. Hey ladies…where have u been?? it’s been about a week and i do not see new recipe up..can’t wait to see what u guys are cooking next. Please, post soon.

  16. I was really amazed at the size of the punjabi saag ? is this normal?
    I have seen Punjabi or mustard saag rather small in size. Can you please give some info on this.
    Puzzled viewer

  17. i m so sorry hetal and anuja…..
    i was so much pissed off that day that it went on you guys….i agree the “vomit” word i used was very very bad on my part.
    Please i m very sorry…..I have no right to write such a big word.
    My family makes it very differently and so do many people from North India.
    You are already doing so good and keep up the good work. I really appreciate how good recipes have turned now and ur website has improved a lott……
    Please forgive me!!
    God Bless!

    1. Hi onc,
      No problem and we understand that everyone has a bad day…so do we 😉 !
      We understand that you love the way your family makes Saag but you have to understand that there are people in the north that make something different and that is what makes us so unique 🙂

      Anyway, take care and have a great day!

  18. Hi anuja/hetal,
    how u both doing? gr8 job,recently i tried pani puri in ur style n it came out good ,i have been trying for better puri but never got the perfect puris for them,i have recommended ur site to many of my friends n family living abroad n they love it ,now ur website n ur dishes are the topic of discussion and i was eagerly waiting for this sarso ka saag n see now it thr,u both really reads our mind.
    thanks a lot

    1. Thanks Nupur, that is the only we’ll grow…by word of mouth and spreading the word about SMTC.
      Thanks for doing your part and helping us 🙂

  19. I like this recipe. I think I will try it your way first, then see what chard, or collard greens may taste like mixed in. I like the real deep green flavors they produce. Thanks!

  20. I thought I should point out something which is really nice to both of you, all your dishes are very clean &shiny, this I think is important as you both are teaching many people the art of cooking..scruby looking dishes do no justice to a very nice dish.
    Keep the good work & let many people enjoy cooking…

    1. I think this is a very sensible point, cooking dishes should be very clean, as it represents the art of being professional..notice all great chefs..they are very particular..both these 2 ladies are teaching many people to cook & enjoy at the same time.Gruby looking cooking dishes do no justice to a very tasty dish hey..dont’ you guys think so ???

    2. Thank you Radha! We make it a point to make sure everything is clean and in good shape. It is not a choice/option for us – it’s a must 🙂 . Glad some one noticed 😉

    1. Hi Rupa…..I have a very simple but wonderful recipe for zucchini.

      3-4 zucchinis
      1 onion
      1-2 red bell pepper
      Just cut everything together and add about 2 tablespoons of oil. I only add salt, paprika, black pepper and garlic powder. Put a lid on and cook until zucchini gets tender, then leave lid open and let moisture evaporate. Very simple and fool proof…good luck!! I only add those couple of spices because I usually use everything else and sometimes you just want a different taste, but feel free to add any other spices!! Good luck!! Wnderful recipes Hetal and Anuja!!..keep up the good work!!

  21. hey,
    …guide me through……want to impress my boss….but i’m kind of confused with such a variety …..what should i cook????….she is a Canadian and a vegetarian….i think its the first time she is going to try Indian cuisine …….and i don’t want this to be her last time giving it a try…… please help me here……thanx a lot…..

    1. People seem to love palak paneer in general. Samosa is always a super hit with ketch up. Chole and paratha might go well with it. That is what I have noticed.

      I heard someone say they love raitha with naan!!

    2. Hi Sugam,
      We suggest that you make dishes with ingredients that most Americans/Canadians recognize. Palak Paneer is mild and flavorful. Maa ki daal and some jeera rice. Have some raita with it and some papad 🙂
      Simple, wholesome and yet yummy 🙂
      (you’ll be up for a raise soon 😉 )

      1. thanx dear,
        appreciate that! in case i got promoted …..i’ll definitely buy something off your store……..thanxs a bunch again…take care!!

  22. hi there,
    just to want to let u know that u guys have done amazing job by making me a good cook, its something that my mom even couldn’t do… hats off to both of u …..keep up the good work…..

  23. miss vomiting, go vomit somewhere else. As anuja said, there are different ways of making different dishes. She is right, is’nt that what makes our culture rich and smart culture. I have learnt so many dishes from this website, SMTC makes dishes healthy and less time consuming dishes. Keep it up Hetel and Anuja, you are the best.

    love you both

  24. Hi girls,
    Thanx for the lovely recipe.
    Can I know which brand of food processor you use? This is the third time I’m asking you the same question and only you know why you have not responded each time!!!! Is that a big secret or what?
    I thot you replied to most comments, but I must say I am very disappointed with you both 🙁

    1. Hi Archana,

      Hmmm…somehow we did not see your comment. We try to answer each and everyone. We also checked to see if there were any messages from you…but don’t see them 🙂
      Anyway, no big secret, we have answered this question so many times but here it is again:
      Black and Decker Power Pro II ( we think it’s a 5 cup) – I have had it for the last 10 years and it’s still going strong (knock on wood)!

  25. Hello girls!!
    I am sorry for writing this view but this is really not the way you made saag….I feel like vomiting this saag….tis is not even 10% of the punjabi saag

    i l post a recipe here for punjabi saag and you should post a new video with that recipe.

    You ask any punjabi they will agree with what I say.
    In b/w i love your recipes, but not this one and punjabi kadi….

    1. u don’t have any right to say wht u said…tht recipe works for them and many more..if u dont like it…just dont make it…and if u want to post ur version of saag, have your own blog and website.

      1. I agree…the statement ‘onc’ made about vomiting the saag…is so insensitive. Think about people who are starving to death, and she has the nerve to give such statement, only because she is one of the fortunate one’s…God! please give her some sense too.

        1. Well I just made this sag for my family and they loved it. We all loved it.

          Another fantastic recipe ladies, don’t change a thing.

    2. Please do not pass such commments .. about vomiting and stuff …. so many people love the site and its recipes .. you can definitely give your suggestions .. but kindly don’t overreact …

    3. Hi onc,

      We understand that your family prepares this dish differently from what we have shown. Like we mentioned in this video, everyone has their own methods, this happens to be ours. Please check the ingredients list and let us know what part would make you vomit. We value all our viewers feedback – good or bad, but food is food and respect needs to be given. “Vomit” is a strong and an offensive word to be associated with food.

      1. You guys have quite a few fans and see the way they are responding back to this post :->)) Sometimes written comments appear stonger than they might have intended it to be. So don’t take such words seriously.

        You guys are doing great. BTW, I forgot mention in my earlier comment that the tops you guys are wearing look very nice. Anuja, the red color top really looks good! It will be nice to see you guys not only in western but in more Indian clothes too. You guys are good looking and I am sure all kinds of dresses will suite you. Try some simple sarees once in a while or some grand ones during festivals. From what I have noticed, both of you wear either western or Indian clothes at the same time. I think it kind of looks nice.

  26. Hi Anuja,

    Thanks for the great recipes!!! I really love the way you guys try to cover recipes from a wide variety of regions and not limit yourself to one type of ethnic cuisine. You keep everyone happy.

    BTW, I really really love your top!! I mean really. Would you be so kind as to tell me where you bought this! I hope it is somewhere in the US, I want one too!


      1. i was just about to ask that question. Its a lovely kurti. Seriously, looks so fabulous on u…i wish i too culd have it.

  27. Hi Hetal N Anuja,

    You girls are amazing ,i really like yr style of cooking
    and your recipes r great.thanks for the wonderful recipes.

    Keep up the good work.

  28. SARSON KA SAAG you should try this recipe

    Fresh mustard leaves (sarson) 5 bunches
    Fresh spinach leaves (palak) 1 bunch
    Bathua 1 bunch
    Olive oil 5 tablespoons
    Ginger, sliced 2 one-inch pieces
    Garlic, sliced 6-8 cloves
    Onions, sliced 2 medium

    Green chillies 4
    Salt to taste
    Cornmeal 2 tablespoons
    Heat three tablespoons olive oil in a pan, add ginger, garlic and onion and sauté for two to three minutes. Roughly chop mustard leaves. Add to pan and stir. Roughly chop spinach and bathua. Add to pan and stir. Break the green chillies and add to the pan. Add salt to taste and stir well. Let it cook till the greens turn soft. Add cornmeal dissolved in a little water and continue to cook till the greens are completely cooked. Cool and grind to a coarse paste. Transfer into the pan. Add the remaining olive oil and mix. Simmer for two to three minutes. Serve hot with makki ki roti.

  29. Hi Hetal/Anuja… I had decided to give up on mustard because it never came out right based on the recipes from the internet. But I am going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    Love your website and your recipes. Thanks.
    In an Indian restaurant here in San Diego, they have this saag and chole combination – is it mustard greens? Please share the recipe with us – it tastes really gooooood!

    Thanks once again.

  31. You guys are great !! Thanks alot for sharing all these wonderful recipes.
    On a totally different subject, can you please tell me which brand knife you use?? I have tried so many..they are just good for a while.

  32. Hi

    You recipe is awesome. am going to try it soon. Just one quick question – Does the nutrients in the greens go away along with that water ????

    1. hi sugan

      i learned this recipe from one of my punjabi neighbour… and here wat c did…..

      1) wash spinach n mustard leaves
      2) chop them and put it in pressure cooker add some water and 1 or 2 tspn corn flour(makai ka atta), mix it n cook it till 3wihstels…
      3) now grind this spinach n mustard leaves…dont through away water(bcz of nutrients), bcz of corn flour it wont be watery….
      4) now do same as hetal n anuja did for gravy

      1. Hi Shagun,

        There is one more alternative instead of using makai ka atta(corn flour), you can add green moong dal(Chhilkewali moong dal) and it is easily available at home and because of it saag still looks more green and taste is good.

  33. I had tasted this at a friend’s house and it was very bitter! Is there any way to make it less bitter or not bitter at all?

    I love the sarson ka saag that MTR packs have!! They are yummy! I was hoping to find out how to make it like they do! Could you please let us know “version 2” if you know how to get MTR taste?


  34. hey Anuja,
    I thought that your name was Anuja Balasubramaniam,so i thought you were a south Indian.(I am one).Then how come you say you are a Punjabi ?

  35. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I have a request can you pls show us how to make methi Tepla/Tephla and also how to store them in the fridge.this would be of great help.

    looking forward to it


  36. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    That looks soooo wonderful … I haven’t yet had my breakfast and that saag is soo tempting .. unfortunately in this area of Germany I haven’t seen these leaves .. not even in the frozen section .. going to miss this .. just wanted to know .. whether it is seasonal .. here it is cold right now …. would I be lucky as it gets warmer ???

        1. Hi Bindu,

          I also live in Germany in Munich.. and I also have not found yet.. if you get this then please let me know..

          Thanks and cheers

      1. Hi Anuja,

        I live in US too but I never find fresh mustard leaves (saag)here. I was living in NYC before and would find it easily but not in Boston 🙁
        where do you get it from?

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