Makki Di Roti (Punjabi Corn Flour Bread)

Sarson Da Saag, Makki di Roti, bhai wah kya swad”…that reminds me of Dara Singh. Anyone having grown up in India knows exactly what I am talking about. Besides the fact that it was Dara Singh saying those famous lines, the sentence holds so very true…the abundance of flavor and nutrition packed in this meal is amazing! The blob of butter on the top completes the meal…you’ve just got to try it the Punjabi way!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 3-4 min each roti
Makes: 4 Rotis


Makki Ka Atta (Corn Flour) – 1/2 cup
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Ajwain (Carom Seeds) – pinch
Radish/Dikon/ Muli – 2 tbsp, grated
Hot Water – 2 tbsp
Ghee for pan frying


1. Mix the Salt and the Ajwain to the Makki Ka Atta
2. Add in the Muli with squeezing out the liquid.
3. Mix well.
4. Add in hot Water, 1 tbsp at a time.
5. Knead so you are able to make a ball.
6. Take a plastic bag/ziploc and cut it open.
7. Place it on your rolling surface.
8. wet the surface with water.
9. Place the peda/ball and add a few more drops of water on top.
10. Close and cover.
11. Take a flat bottomed plate and press down gently.
12. Press gently and firmly and evenly.
13. Carefully remove from the plastic and place on a hot, seasoned tawa.
14. Allow it to cook on the bottom.
15. After a couple of minutes, put a few drops of ghee on top and flip.
16. Cook the other side as well and take it off the flame and serve hot!
17. Serve with Sarson Da Saag, Gur Accompaniment, some Maa Di Daal!

Sarson Ka Saag
Jaggery, Peanuts & Ghee Mix
Maa Ki Daal

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0 thoughts on “Makki Di Roti (Punjabi Corn Flour Bread)

    1. Hi Namagiri,

      Ajwain and Jeera are two different ingredients with different taste. You can skip the ajwain if you like or don’t have. Adding jeera is not going to add to the rotis.

  1. Hi,

    From what little knowledge i have of mexican food… i think i can make out that Makai ka atta and Masaharina are two different things… but what i need to know is that can i use makai ka atta to make corn tortillas or could you recommend some other substitute for masaharina…


  2. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    This is a good roti, but corn flour does not bind very well, so to help it bind nicely add little wheat flour to corn flour which helps corn flour to bind well. For about 1/2 cup of corn flour, add about 1 or 1 1/2 tbsp of wheat flour, it works really well.

  3. Hi Hetal n Anuja

    I add a little amount of atta(wheat flour)to makki ka atta(i.e.1 to 2 tb sp)so that it dosen’t break while rolling n it works great.

  4. Hi–I am punjabi and i made this the other day for the first time. I had eating my moms for years. But for some reason the roti looked white as if it had a white dusting of white flour on it. I am not sure if it was the brand I used. (I think it was SWAD) is it possible to find out what brand you guys use? Would appreciate it.

  5. Girls,
    Is the lazy susan better than our traditional ? The lazy susan keeps rotating. Is that not a little irritating ? I am just curious as to why you girls prefer a lazy susan. Btw, the one in this video is very pretty πŸ™‚

  6. hey, thanks guys for the always wonderful recipes. Is makki ki roti made from cornmeal available at walmart. Please help I am a punjabi and i want to try this asap.

    1. Hi Seema,
      We bought the makki ka atta from the Indian store. But a viewer suggested and said that she uses “Masa Harina” brand/flour from Walmart and it is used to make corn tortilla (she said that it needs more water but works really well). Corn meal will not work for this recipe, the flour has to be fine like atta and not grainy (like suji).
      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

      Another viewer suggestion:
      Goya white corn flour that we get in mexican aisle.

  7. Hey, those were the great tricks. Surprisingly, I had tried using this indian grocery store yellow corn flour. but, my rotis always broke (but great taste though). Ofcourse, I didn’t add any oil or radish to it (may be the reason for breaking). Gosh!!!!!! Why didn’t you guys make videos in 2006?

    Then, after a lot of experiments, I finally found one that worked for me. Goya white corn flour that we get in mexican aisle. I just make it by pressing with hand. taste was also great and it didn’t break. But, now with all these tips, I will like to try your version too.

    Btw, you can also add radish leaves, salt, and red chilli powder while making dough. Then it becomes muli paratha and taste is heavenly. Always a hit in my mom’s kitchen.

  8. Hi there .. thank very much you for these recipes. I looked up your pickle section to see if you had the Gobi Shalgam aachar recipe, but I could not find it. Could you please get that in there?

  9. hi hetal and anuja
    Makki di roti looks great in your plate. I grew up in Punjab. If you put little oil in the atta and mix it well then put boiling water in it, using spatula mix it, when you can handle it, knead it well for little more time than u did it, then there are no chances of breaking your mukki di roti. When one roti is on the tawa, you can start working on the next. Another variation to plane and muli roti u can also make methi wali makki di roti, we use to eat it for breakfast ( of course with lot of Makhan on it ) Using ziplock bag is a great idea, i am going to try it also. Thanks a lot for wonderful video.

  10. hi anuja,
    this combination looks really wonderful.
    the best part was the trick of using the plate to make the
    makki ki roti. now i will not be afraid of trying makki ki roti , which i usually avoid. thanks n keep up the good work.
    i just love ur website.

  11. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    Wonderful recipe. This looked so easy. Hope so it should be while I make it. So far I was bringing frozen roti. But now no more definitely. I do make this lunch only twice in a year because of too much work. Thanks and keep posting more recipes. Take care.

  12. I love your recipes and am very interested to see this new one!

    I had a question: I’ve perfected making Mexican corn tortillas using masa harina flour — and pressing them with actually an old poori press! It’s very similar to what you show here except the quantity of water to masa harina appears to be much higher than the makki di roti recipe.

    Have you tried making Makki di Roti with masa harina?

    1. Hi there,
      We have not…but will look into it right away. The texture of the corn tortilla and makki ke roti is different and so is the taste, but I am curious now (maybe it’ll make the process easier and fool-proof). Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. Thanks guys!this recipe will b a great help for sure,I am myself a punjabi but never laid hands on trying it(difficult flattening it with hands),but now i will try it for sure! I remember the dara singh advt. u mentioned above.I was waiting for this recipe for a long time!
    Thanks,to both of you.
    BTW u guys are wearing nice kurtis,where do you get such stuff here in US.I wish to buy some kurtis for summer plz do tell.and dont skip this question ,as many people have already asked this to you. so do reply.

    Hats off to both of you! keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    Was feeling bad about not getting mustard leaves in Germany. But we have Maize flour (the soft variety – yellowish). In fact I have not seen the white coloured corn flour that you’ll generally use for other recipes.

    Anyways I think I can make this roti and have it with one of your chicken curry ….. if I get an answer to this doubt of mine .. that can I apply Oil instead of water on the ziploc so that the dough does not become watery and sticky ???

    Also can you show the recipe for Gajar ka achar you mentioned here … your thali is looking yummmmm …..

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