Summer Survival for Kids & You – Part 1

With summer right around the corner, here are some great activities to keep your kids busy (and you, sane).

Scavenger Hunt – Give your kids a list of items from a theme (e.g. nature, baby items, superheroes, lost items – use your imagination) they can hunt for in the house or in the backyard.  It works well with a group of kids or even a single child.

Bug RacesWe know what you’re thinking, but trust us, gather up some rollie pollies and watch the fun.

Fun with Chalk – Inexpensive and readily available at dollar stores or Wal-mart, sidewalk chalk provides kids with hours of entertainment.  You can even challenge them by having the kids solve math problems or spelling words.  The best part, it washes off easily with a water hose or rain.

Water Balloon Toss – Instead of a ball, fill up balloons with water and have the kids toss them to each other.  It’s a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

Story time – Check at your local library or bookstore for story time hours.  They usually have story time and activities for all age groups.

Museums – If it is too hot to do outdoor activities, head to the museum.  Have fun and learn – all in one shot!

Zoo/Aquarium – Look out for summer camps or pack a picnic and enjoy a day at the zoo.

Newspaper Fashion Show – Let the kids design their clothes by using old newspapers, scissors and tape.  They can put on a fashion show by parading down a catwalk and modeling their creations for you.

The Country Club – Let your kids pick one country per week to research and present to you.  Depending on age, they can talk about language, food, customs and attire, etc.  If you really want to be pro-active, you can prepare a meal from that country to enjoy after their presentation.  This can be done individually or works great as a team building activity.  Variation for younger kids can be zoo animals or birds.

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