Hot and Sour Soup – Indian Chinese Version

Hot and Sour Soup is a popular Chinese soup loaded with veggies and usually chicken. Try this flavorful and hearty Indian Chinese version which is completely vegetarian and can be made vegan also. It’s simply delicious!


Oil – 1 Tbsp

Garlic – 1 tsp, minced

Ginger – 1 tsp, minced

Frozen Peas & Carrots – 1/2 cup

Frozen Corn – 1/4 cup

Green Beans – 1/4 cup, cut at an angle

Celery – 1/4 cup, thinly sliced

Cauliflower – 1/2 cup, finely chopped

Cabbage – 1/2 cup, thinly sliced

Mushroom – 1 large, thinly sliced

Vegetable Broth/Stock – 4 cups

Egg Noodles – 1 cup

Soy Sauce – to taste

Red Chili Sauce – to taste

Black Pepper – to taste

Vinegar – 1 Tbsp, or to taste

Corn Starch – 1 Tbsp, mixed with a little cold water

Egg – 1, well beaten (optional)

Spring/Green Onions – 2, chopped at an angle



1. Heat Oil in a medium sized pot.

2. Add Ginger and Garlic and saute for 30 seconds or so.

3. Add Corn, Green Beans, Peas & Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery and Cabbage – saute for 1-2 minutes.

4. Add Vegetable Broth, Salt, Black Pepper and Egg Noodles.

5. Bring mixture to a boil and simmer until Egg Noodles are tender but not overcooked.

6. Add Mushrooms, 1/2 of the green onions, Chili Sauce, Soy Sauce and Vinegar – bring to a boil.

7. Mix 2-3 Tbsp water with the Corn Starch and add it to the soup – bring to a boil.

8. Slowly add in beaten Egg and keep stirring to form strands – cook for 1-2 minutes.

9. Garnish with Spring Onions and serve hot!

10.Serves 4.



1. For Vegans, use wheat based noodles instead of egg noodles and omit the egg.

2. The same soup can be made into a non-vegetarian version. Use Chicken Broth and add cooked, shredded chicken with the mushrooms.

3. Corn Starch is a thickener. Use more or less depending on the consistency you prefer.




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46 thoughts on “Hot and Sour Soup – Indian Chinese Version

  1. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    is cornstarch and cornflour the same?? because i made this soup yesterday, but it was not thick enough for me so i added cornflour..but it was not too thick.please help me.

  2. hi..i wanted to know…if i add chicken along with the vegetables…is the vegetable broth enough for it,,,or should i add chicken broth also…
    thank u

    1. Hi Sarah,

      We used vegetable broth because this is a vegetarian recipe. If you will be adding chicken, feel free to use only chicken broth instead of the vegetable broth.

  3. This recipe looks so delicious and will try it out real soon. I have a stupid question. Does egg noodles have eggs in it and are egg noodles known as something else in the stores?


    1. Hi Pinal,

      Yes, egg noodles do have either whole eggs or egg yolks in them. There is also a version called “no yolk” egg noodles. If you buy them from your local American grocery store, it usually says “Egg Noodles” on the package. If you get them from an Asian market, it probably will not say “Egg Noodles”. The egg provides a richer flavor and texture to the noodle as opposed to regular pasta.

  4. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I have tried many recepies from your website. Wonderful and very practicle, simple and delicious recipes.
    I have tried hot and sour soup. Very good one.
    Many many thanks to you both and good luck for future additions.
    You both are presenting amazing recipes.
    Enjoying wonderful food just because of you both. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    I am a big fan of your recipes and recommend your website to all my friends 🙂 I had a question which is not directly related to your recipes. How do guys get rid of the “aroma” that fills up the house after cooking?


    1. Hi Manavpreet,

      Thanks so much for your support and for spreading the word about SMTC! The Indian kitchen will always have the “aroma”. You can lessen it by using your exhaust fan. Also, having a pot of water and vinegar simmering in the background also helps neutralize the odors.

  6. Enjoying some hot and sour soup – YUMMY! Made Seitan too this morning – can’t wait to try some seitan recipes! Thanks so much for all your hard work – our lives are so much more delicious because of you!

  7. how did you make the cabbage thinly sliced so small.. i tried with various tools and slicers and had no lunch 🙁 and had to cook for 60 people for my princess birthday…totally your menu … thai red curry, chinese noodles, papaya salad, fried rice and hot and sour soup… thank you guys for making me look the best chef in Kansas ! lol…. keep up the good work and def. spreading word about you and your recipes…

    1. Hi Sanjay,

      Thanks for helping us spread the word about SMTC…so glad you are finding it useful. To get really thin cabbage slices, you just need a big, sharp knife and some practice 🙂

  8. The best part about your recipes is that you guys use the simplest ingredients to dish up such wholesome and healthy meals. It is very easy to make an amazing meal with access to every fancy ingredient in the face of the planet…but to cook with whatever is available is what makes a really good cook – you guys really enable that with your wonderful recipes.

    Thanks for your work and keep your cheerful personalities…that is your USP.

  9. guyyyss i LOVED this recipe, this website has been my bible, it gave me a new passion to learn how to cook! it’s amazing, thanks from the bottom of my heart

  10. hi hetal n anuja…

    I didn’t find vegetable broth anywhere. But I have vegetable stock cubes.. Can u pls tell me how many cubes are sufficient for this recipe and how can I use it??

  11. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I really like your website,I just wana appreciate your efforts toward Asian-Indian and Fusion cooking,I have almost surfed all your recipes and I liked it all of them.Here in US the website like this is really helpful.Today I saw your garbanzo recipe and I liked it.
    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hi Sejal, (nice name…my daughter’s name too) 🙂

      Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you’re enjoying SMTC.

  12. Hii Anuja & Hetal:
    what should I do differently to make the soup with fresh vegetables rather than frozen ones…
    and BTW i grew up(still wise) watching you both..tried several of the recipes..and today wanna try this..

    1. Hi Sirisha,
      So are we growing up (still), we learn something new everyday 😉 !
      Fresh vegetables take a little longer to cook than frozen vegetables, so just make sure they are cooked all the way before proceeding on 🙂

  13. Hey!!!
    the soup came out excellent. hats off to both of u. I seriously have no words on how to thank-you. I have told all my friends abt your website and the fun never stops.thanks from all of us.

    1. Hi Ami,

      Thanks! The fact that you told all of your friends about us helps us to grow and that is enough “thanks” for us! 🙂

  14. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I made Hot & Sour soup a couple of days back and it was super delicious. I think the broth made the difference. Thanks for sharing this recipe. You girls are awesome.

  15. hey plz temme where to get the vegetable broth or can i make it in the home itself…………n the place where i belong to i usually dnt gt celery so temme z it necessary 2 put or i cn substitute wit sumthinh else

    1. Hi Versha,

      In the US, vegetable broth is available in grocery store aisle that has canned soups and veggies. Many people make it at home as well.

      Celery has a unique flavor so we don’t know if any substitutes. If you can’t find it, you can just leave it out.

  16. Hi,

    I just finished making this soup a few minutes ago and it came out wonderful!! I didn’t have all the vegetables (cabbage & cauliflower) on the recipe but had a frozen bag of mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas, lima beans) and used these instead. I wanted to make a chicken version so I used the canned chicken, which I added along with the veggies…it came out pretty good! Just a warning…The chicken breaks up more than shredded chicken and you might not have the chunks of chicken that you normally would have..but it tastes great!

    Thanks for the great recipes and videos!! I’m looking forward to trying out the new recipes!!

    Happy Holidays!!

    Tanya :o)

  17. Hello,
    Just prepared the soup, I used chicken stock instead. Came out deliciously, had restaurant taste to it. Thanks to you 2 for sharing.

    Keep sharing!


  18. Hi Chefs,
    I made the soup and it came out really hot ‘n’ sour and TASTY….I did not have the need to add cornstarch since it was of the right consistency. Also, I did not add eggs because I’m a vegetarian.

  19. Hi Mann,

    Corn starch or corn flour is used because it thickens without adding any unwanted flavor and it provides a nice glaze which is a common trait in Chinese cooking. It is available in almost all Indian and American grocery stores and is quite inexpensive.

    Other thickeners include maida (all-purpose flour), besan (chickpea flour), rice flour or potato flakes. Beware though, the taste of your soup will change significantly.

    1. I tried adding the 1 tbsp corn flour according to this recipe but the soup did not thicken or get any glaze. Next time I made the soup I added 3 tbsp of cornflour but the results did not change.

      1. Hi Dileep,

        Did you use corn starch or actual corn flour made from ground up corn kernels? 3 Tbsp of corn starch will make anything thick.

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