Pedas are a wonderful and delicious mithai (sweets) that are very popular and are often served during Diwali. Traditionally, it is made with milk that is cooked and cooked and cooked…till it thickens. It has a smooth and silky texture and it just melts in the mouth. One Peda will never be enough…so here we have a simplified version that is just as tasty and a lot easier to make. Another interesting fact about Pedas – a lot of people distribute sweets (mithai) anytime there is a baby born….so if it is boy, its Pedas and if it is a girl, it’s usually Burfi. But it doesn’t have to be Diwali or you don’t have a birth in the family to enjoy this mithai…..enjoy them anytime with this quick and easy recipe. We have to thank Jyotika Zaver for sharing this fantastic recipe with us.

Makes 40 bite size pedas (approx little bigger than the size of a quarter)


Instant Dry Milk (Milk Powder) – 2 cups (150gm)
Sweetened Condensed Milk – 1, 14oz can (396gm)
Unsalted Butter – 1, 4oz stick (113gm)


  1. In a microwave safe dish, melt the butter.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  3. Cook in the microwave for 3 minutes, stirring very well after every minute.
  4. After the 3 minutes, mix well again and leave aside for the mixture to cool down enough to handle.
  5. Once the mixture has cooled down, grease your hands and make balls.
  6. Gently press the balls and flatten them to shape…round and flat.
  7. Decorate them with colored sugar, almonds, cashews, pistachios or raisins.
  8. Let the pedas set and cool down.
  9. For a pretty presentation, place them in baking cups and serve.


  1. Powder some cardamom seeds and add to the mixture for additional flavor.
  2. Roll out the peda mixture and cut with cookie cutter for some fun shapes.
  3. For best results, store in the refrigerator but serve at room temperature.
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0 thoughts on “Peda

  1. hi hetal and anuja
    can u tell me if we refrigerate these pedas then for how much days we can use it? can it will be good for a week?

    1. Hi Nisha,
      Yes, these will be good for upto a week. Make sure you store them in an air-tight container in the fridge. Serve at room-temperature.

  2. hi i made this turn out good but i think its little sticky but im thinking next time i will made with powdersugar or sugar available in usa please tell me how much i should add

    1. Hi Mini,
      We have not tried it with sugar so unfortunately can’t tell you. Next time, you can try and add a little extra Powdered Milk so it won’t be as sticky.

      1. i try it turn out really goooddddd i add 1 cup of powder sugar fellow same reciepe i just dont add condense milk but it was really good

  3. Hi,I have a 300ml condensed milk can so what shud b the quantity of milk powder and butter going into it! Do reply
    as i want to make it for my son!


    1. Hi Shalu,
      You need to cut down your recipe by a quater…
      Condensed Milk – 300ml
      Milk Powder – approx 115gm/1.5 cups
      Butter – 3oz (approx 85gm)

      We are just going by the calculation – we have never made it with those quantities. It should work 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Your Pedas look awesome!! when I tried making it, the edges of my pedas had breaks. But yours have a very good finish. Can you tell me where I went wrong?
    Also I would like to know for how long I can store these Pedas because I want to make these for my daughter’s birthday party.

  5. Hi Anjua/Hetal,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes..I always tried your peda with the everyday milk powder from India & that turns out great..But this time I used Walmart brand dry milk which comes as granulated & not the powder..
    When I microwaved the mixture, the granules did not dissolve & stayed as it is ..Then they taste raw in the peda..So this time I powdered the Walmart brand dry milk & then used..But that way the 2 cup proportion was more & the peda turned out littlebit dry..

    Any solution?..Which powder do you use ..granulated /fine powder?..Please advice…

    1. Hi Deepa,
      At times we have used the Walmart brand of Milk Powder and it has worked out fine for us. The granules are there but with the heat, they do dissolve and it does not taste raw – don’t know what you say.
      The only thing we can think of is that maybe your microwave is of a lower power/wattage. Try and cook the pedas for an extra minute or two…

      1. which is the milk powder you guys use ? Where do we get them ? I only see creamers in General American stores. Only Indian stores have Nido. 🙁

        I got stuck up with the creamer (CoffeMate 🙁 )

        1. Thanks Hetal. I skimped on the butter, but it was still great 🙂

          The milk powder was a little coarse. I dry grinded it in a coffee grinder. Just twice else it gets so fine that it seeps from the bottom.

      2. which aisle would it be in ? If I ask in the store for it, they wonder what I am talking about. What do they call it here. Certainly not milk powder !

  6. Hi,

    I am planning to try this recipe this week. Instead of rolling into pedas with hand, can I spread the mixture into a baking tray and cut them into squares after cooling?
    Thanks and appreciate your reply.

    1. Hi Lalitha,

      But then they would not be pedas :). Honestly we have not tried spreading it out on a baking tray to see if they come out without sticking. You may be able to line the baking tray with some wax or parchment paper and try it.

  7. Hello,
    I know the recipe was done long time ago but , is it possible to tell approximately how many standard size Pedas will this recipe make?

    Thanks in advance & god bless u,

  8. Hi…
    Nice and easy recipe…
    I want to make burfi using the same recipe…
    Can I use the same peda recipe (same quantity of each ingredient) scripted by you lovely women and cook for 4 minutes and pour the mixture in a plate and let it set & cool completely and put it covered with aluminium foil in refrigerator overnight. Then, when it turns completely cold the next day…can I cut it into 20 number of small square burfi???

    If yes, can I make 2 layered burfi with the same peda recipe; one layer with 1 tsp of rose water or with 1 tablespoon of almond powder or 1 tsp of vanilla extract and other layer on the top with 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder??? Is it correct??? Please advise…

    1. Lol…you are making my head spin Hrehaana :). I know you’ve asked a lot of questions (on this recipe and others) regarding substituting and changing cooking times and methods. We advise you to try the recipe as is the first time around. We do a lot of experiments and finally come up with a recipe and method that will work with the exact ingredients/proportions/method. Sometimes, changing one small thing can make a recipe fail. Please try the recipe as is and then decide if you need to change anything.

  9. Hi there i have to make Peda for 40 ppl by the Saturday, can u pls tell me how much do i need of every thing? Pls write in Centiliters. I live in Europe. Do you have any recipe for modak.



  10. i bought ‘nestle carnation melted milk original’ for making peda. it comes with red top n its net wt is 13oz so it it right for making peda or not?
    if i want to make peda with some other receipe than also which milk powder can use?
    in other receipe its says use milk powder so plz can you help me in this?


  11. Hi, Thank you for easy n simple to make recipe.

    I was wondering how long can I store them with out keeping them in refrigerator. I’m planing on making them Tuesday and serving them on Saturday. will that be ok ?

    please help

  12. Hi Hetal&Anuja,

    Is 3 minutes not to short? Cause its getting first liquid. It takes me about 7 minutes. What do I wrong?


  13. Hi Hetal&Anuja,

    First I love your website,I tried a lot of recipes, with succes! Some recipes I tried a lot of times, before it works. It allways works. Good work Ladies!

    So, I try yet the peda’s, but there’s a little mistake in your recipe, it is NOT 150 gms milkpowder but 240 grams.
    1 cup is 120 grams. My texture was very liquid, so I checked the recipe and saw what was the problem.

    I Hope you will improve it.

    Greats from The Netherlands.


    1. Hi Deepak,
      What we have figured out is that different brands of Milk Powder have different weights 🙁 When we made ours we weighed it and that is the amount we put down!
      Thanks for the feedback and we always appreciate that 🙂

  14. hi anuja and hetal,
    I have asked many questions so far. I mean indifferent receipes. but u have not replied me. Please reply me. I tried out thois but didnt get it. Is the milk powder and cream powder same. coz i used cream powder for this.

    1. Hi Lucky,
      Sorry to hear that, we try and answer every valid question. We get a lot of questions everyday and sometimes the same question has been answered before and we hope viewers would have seen it…anyway, sorry 🙁 !
      Regarding the question you have: Milk Powder is powder made from milk and Cream powder is powder made from Cream. The 2 are different and cannot be substituted for this recipe. We have used Non-Fat Milk Powder and the Cream Powder is only the fat from the milk. You will have to use Non-Fat Milk Powder for this 🙂

  15. Hi,

    I halfed the recipe and did the peda’s yesterday and they were chewy. After some time they became really hard. I used the Great Value brand non fat milk powder.

    I microwaved for 3 min stirring each minute. Should I keep it for a lesser time since it is only half the original recipe.


  16. hi i tried the pedas the first time it was perfect, and then a couple of times when i tried them they went wrong because i did not mix it properly but them i made it yesterday they turned out perfect.

    everybody loved it!! and wanted the recipe and when i told them how to make it they were like it is so easy!

    thanks a lot plz keep on putting new simple recipies like

  17. Hi Hetal&Anuja,

    I recently came across your site. I should say this looks better than those best cooking sites out there. You are doing absolutely wonderful job. God sent for novices like me.
    I would like to kick start my trials with this particular recipe and would like to know if I should use any powdered milk creamer or the baking milk powder.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks Tina!

      For this recipe, you need to buy “Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk”. Carnation is a national brand that you can use and there are local store brands available as well. The non-dairy coffee creamers will not work.

  18. Recipe makes 24.


    3/4 cup paneer
    3/4 cup milk powder
    3/4 cup milk
    1/2 cup sugar
    3 tablespoon unsalted butter (ghee)
    1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder (ilatchi)
    For Garnish:

    1 tablespoon sliced pistachios

    Check the recipe for paneer and make the paneer with whole milk. For this recipe use 4 cups of milk.
    Heat the frying pan on medium. Add butter and let it melt.
    Next add milk, milk powder, and paneer. Mix it well.
    Cook mixture on medium heat stirring continuously until mixture starts leaving the sides of the frying pan and becomes like dough. This should take about 12 minutes. Now this is known as khoya.
    Transfer the khoya into a bowl and let it cool off until khoya becomes just lukewarm.
    Mix the sugar and cardamom powder into the khoya and knead it for about a minute until every thing blends together and become soft dough. Note: if you mix the sugar while khoya is hot that will make pedas soft.
    Divide the mix into about 20 equal parts and roll them into round balls. Lightly press it down so it looks like small patty.
    Put few pieces of sliced pistachios on every peda.
    Pedas should be served at room temperature.
    Pedas can be kept for few days at room temperature and about a month refrigerated.

  19. Hi Ladies,
    Another way to decorate the pedas, is to take thread rill the bottom portion after taking the paper off has a perfect stamp to put on top of the pedas, just press down slightly, I didn’t read in any of your replies if this was mentioned, if not then here it is, hope it helps.


  20. Hi,

    Did anyone make this recipe with Nestle Coffe mate powder.
    I tried and came out very sticky and gooey. I am not sure what went wrong.

    1. Hi Shweta,

      Instant non-fat dry milk (milk powder) is not the same as Nestle CoffeeMate non-dairy creamer. You have to use the milk powder.

      1. thanks Hetal for the prompt reply…Next time..will make sure to go through the ingredients properly before attempting…:-)
        B/W..i tried ur Malai kofta nd came out gr8…

  21. hi guys,
    i tried most of ur recipe they tasted really good.
    can i make pedas using the conventional oven?if yes plz let me know the baking details(time & temp to preheat oven)im planning to do it on my son’s 1st b’day..

  22. Hello,

    I made the peda today and it came out very well,both my husband and I njoyed it very much. Thank u for this wonderful and easy recipe and keep posting.

  23. Hi Hetal and Anuja…

    I have tried Peda today and they have turned out sooo yummy I can’t say…. I have to put it in the microwave for 5mins, coz of the less capacity….

    I have made very small peda… around 126 and they look so yummy and so cuteeee…..

    This is awesomeeee… Thank you for the easy recipe…..

    1. I bought the instant non fat milk powder from walmart. It was in the granulated form. I followed the recipe excatly. The final peda still had milk powder granules in it. is it because, it didnt cook well. I microwaved it for 3 min taking it out every minute and mixing it. Any tips would be helpful

      1. Hi Shjohn,
        Some of the brands are a little different, here we have used the Kroger brand but on several occasions have used Walmart brand as well. Have faith, mix well and make the pedas and while you are forming balls(making the pedas) the grains should dissolve.

  24. Hi, I am Polish living in the UK, so had a chance to taste some Indian sweets for Diwali and I loved them!!! Just found this recipe and the one for the coconut bafrie and want to try them out. I don’t have a microwave so will have to use the stove. Any suggestions how long should I heat the mixture for? Should I mix it a lot or just from time to time? Maybe I can try to cook it in a double-boiler? What do you think? Can’t wait to start!

  25. hi,
    i made this pedas when we bought the house.
    i took few to work and my boss loved it so much.
    he didnt give it to anyone at work.
    he finished half tin and half he took home.
    i am so happy with your this website and your good healthy, easy receipes.
    but can you start adding menu suggestions.
    like in parties what can you make with what combination or something?
    and with themes parties like mexican, italian, or indian….
    it will be like ‘sone pe suhaga’

  26. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    thanks for the grt recipe and it tasted yummy…

    i was so imperesed by the recipe and desperate to do it and did do make this around 11pm and needless to say it turned yummy…

  27. hi, i made this pedas and used full cream (nido) milk powder but the mixture was really runny.

    I then decided to add more milk powder and then it didnt taste sweet enough?

    I dont understand what went wrong?
    Is it because i used full cream milk powder instead of skimmed milk powder?

    1. Some others have had the same problem using full fat milk powder. We only get the non-fat version so have only tried it with that.

  28. Hi Hetal/ Anuja,

    Made the pedas this Diwali and they were amazing! However, I used whole milk cream powder since I wasn’t aware that the non-fat one had to be used. I had to microwave the mixture for around 6 minutes to get it to the consistency as shown in your video. The peda was also a little chewy as one of the previous posters mentioned. However, I noticed that if they were kept overnight in the fridge, the chewy texture was not there anymore. Just thought of giving you feedback in case any one else made the same mistake 🙂

  29. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I am a big fan of yours. I have tried many of your recipes. Please answer my one quick question: What is the refrigerator shelf life of your recipes- coconut burfi, peda and choclate burfi ?.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful site.


  30. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    This the first time I tried one of ur recipes.I made it for Diwali Potluck for my friends place and it was a big hit.Everyone asked me why I took so much trouble to make pedas.When I told them the secret,they were delighted too.. 🙂

  31. Anuja & Hetal,

    I’ve made this recipe with different measurements ….but this time I followed urs to a T including presentation tips for Diwali…it was a huge hit !! Thanks 🙂

  32. hi there,

    i think this peda recipe is really interesting. wud love to try it for diwali. i dont have a microwave, i only have an oven. is it possible to prepare these pedas in oven? if yes, plz do lemme know the temperature n time settings.

    waiting eagerly for ur reply.

  33. Hello there,

    Thank you for this easy recipe. I am confused about the milk powder measurement though. You’ve mentioned it to be 2 cups or 150g. But 2 cups is 16 oz which is equal to 453g and not 150g! So could you plz clear as to what is the correct qty that i need to use in gms or oz

    1. There are 2 different ways of measuring – by weight and by volume. When we say “2 cups”, we mean 2 cups volume or 16 fluid ounces. So, you take your cup measure and fill it 2 times. If we say “1 lb of tomatoes”, we mean 16 oz (weight) of tomatoes. So, 16 oz of tomatoes will not be the same as 2 cups of tomatoes. Another way to look at this… If you fill one cup with marbles and one cup with flour, both will be “1 cup”, but their weight will be completely different.

      In this recipe, take your cup measure and fill it up 2 times. Do not weigh it.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Oh well that cleared my doubts…thanks a ton for the explanation ! Shall try the recipe soon and please keep up the good work both of you

  34. Hi,
    I tried the pedas but they came out chewy. I am not sure what might have been the reason. Do I have to keep the pedas out for long? I might have kept them out for an hour and then put them in the fridge. I thought that they might harden after being put in the fridge. Do advise.

    1. Keeping the pedas out should not affect the texture. They might have been cooked for too long. Every microwave is different.

  35. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    I tried your peda and coconut burfi recipe yesterday for Ganesh Chaturti, they both came out to be perfect and later everyone was asking for the recipe.. Thanks to both of you for making my work a lot easier. Looking forward for your easy and tasty recipes.


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