Pedas are a wonderful and delicious mithai (sweets) that are very popular and are often served during Diwali. Traditionally, it is made with milk that is cooked and cooked and cooked…till it thickens. It has a smooth and silky texture and it just melts in the mouth. One Peda will never be enough…so here we have a simplified version that is just as tasty and a lot easier to make. Another interesting fact about Pedas – a lot of people distribute sweets (mithai) anytime there is a baby born….so if it is boy, its Pedas and if it is a girl, it’s usually Burfi. But it doesn’t have to be Diwali or you don’t have a birth in the family to enjoy this mithai…..enjoy them anytime with this quick and easy recipe. We have to thank Jyotika Zaver for sharing this fantastic recipe with us.

Makes 40 bite size pedas (approx little bigger than the size of a quarter)


Instant Dry Milk (Milk Powder) – 2 cups (150gm)
Sweetened Condensed Milk – 1, 14oz can (396gm)
Unsalted Butter – 1, 4oz stick (113gm)


  1. In a microwave safe dish, melt the butter.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  3. Cook in the microwave for 3 minutes, stirring very well after every minute.
  4. After the 3 minutes, mix well again and leave aside for the mixture to cool down enough to handle.
  5. Once the mixture has cooled down, grease your hands and make balls.
  6. Gently press the balls and flatten them to shape…round and flat.
  7. Decorate them with colored sugar, almonds, cashews, pistachios or raisins.
  8. Let the pedas set and cool down.
  9. For a pretty presentation, place them in baking cups and serve.


  1. Powder some cardamom seeds and add to the mixture for additional flavor.
  2. Roll out the peda mixture and cut with cookie cutter for some fun shapes.
  3. For best results, store in the refrigerator but serve at room temperature.
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0 thoughts on “Peda

  1. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Thank you for the wonderful peda desert, I prepared exactly the same way you both demonstrated. U Guys Rock!!

  2. Hi Hetal and Anuja. My name is Justin and I am 17 years old and my family comes from Guyana in South America. In Guyana we do a pera similar to this and we do one with evaporated milk and sugar boiled down until its like a dough to make balls and use for puja. I love cooking and I just want to say thank you for posting this recipe. I have not tried it yet but I will soon. At the end you said we can use a stamp? In Guyana we used to use the bottom of a string spool to stamp the peras when they were done. Also if we want to use vegetable ghee to make this can we do so or does it have to be butter ghee? Thank you so much -Justin

    1. Hi Justin,

      It’s so nice to see young people taking interest in cooking – good for you! Hope you try this recipe. It is a lot simpler than the traditional method and the result is excellent. We have never tried this recipe with vegetable ghee so we cannot say for sure, but sometimes, the texture may come out different. The first time you try it, please use butter ghee. Then you can experiment :). Good luck!

  3. I want to make this next week for Raksha Bandhan, but when I look at your measuring cup and I look at all the measuring cups I have (I have several American 1 cup size cups) and my one cup or in this case 2 cups of milk powder will not look at much as yours does. Does that make any sense?

    I feel I will have inconsistent outcome if my milk powder isn’t enough in this recipe. Do you know if all American measuring cup sizes are same or similar? Please help as I want to make this soon and want a very good outcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1 cup is 8 oz. and those are standard measures. Go by the cup measure and you should be fine.
      Enjoy the pedas.

  4. hi,
    i want try making peda but i am not getting ful fat dry milk powder. i could only find the non fat one. can i use not fat one and will it taste the same?

  5. hi
    i really liked the peda recipe on ur site… i tried with the around 300gm of milk powder but still the pedas after completely cooling were too soft and sticky to handle…. can u suggest somthing….


  6. Hi

    plzzz can any body tell me the approx price of carnation Dry milk powder….actually i found one in local grocery store and price there was around 25 bucks…it seems too much to me:)

  7. hello, ladies!

    check out food service portion scoops. they are like icecream scoops, but come in different sizes. i got mine at a restaurant supply store. bought them to make truffles, cookies, and muffins, but they work wonderfully for your sweet recipes, too!

    i used a tiny one for this and got uniform balls that i flattened into cute patties. just dip the scoop in some melted butter or rinse in hot water between scoops.

    by the way – my friend from equador loved these pedas. they are similar to south american dulce de leche candies – milk and sugar reduced for hours until it is a carmalized paste. mmmm.

  8. This was great! We tried another recipe for a project, and it didn’t work. You saved our project! Thanks!

  9. Hi, i tried this recipe several times. the only difference i made is i used nido whole milk powder. it tastes really good, but the problem is when i make
    them it appears cracked. thanks a lot.

  10. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    I don’t know how much I should thank you for this wonderful recipe. I was craving for pedas for long time (I’m expecting a baby soon)and had no one from India to get me them :-(. I made prepared this yesterday and ate to my satisfaction!! Infact now, I’m planning to make more and send to my folks in India and surprise them!!
    Thanks a bunch!!

  11. I did this recipe few days ago and distributed to my friends . Everyone liked it and infact they thought it was store bought and when I told them it was home made they were all surprised. Thanks a lot !

  12. Hi, anuja and hetal

    i tried making the pedas today and it worked but can you still tell me what kind of milk powder did you guys used . please and thanks for the wonderful recipe

  13. Anuja/Hetal

    Made this peda with a pinch of saffron for a party yesterday and it turned out to be a big hit!! Thank you!!
    but I had to microwave it for 6-7mins..may be coz of my microwave power

  14. I just made these and added a pinch of saffron. It adds a little something to the pedas. The taste is unbelievable. Thanks for this wonderful and simple recipe.


  15. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Please advise as to when I would add saffron (kesar) to the mixture if I wanted to add it? This recipe sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to make it.

    Thanks a lot for another quick and easy recipe.


    1. You can crush a little bit of Saffron alongwith a little bit (1 tsp) of the milk powder with a mortar and pestle. Add it in before the last round of microwaving. Make sure you mix the mixture very well.

  16. Hi! to both of u
    Excellent method to make peda,will surely try it out pls suggest the receipe to make khoya from milk powder ,also would appreciate how to make fresh cream from fullcream milk/milk powder /evapourated milk,Your suggestion will be appreciated
    Thanking U
    Best Wishes

  17. Hi Lakshmi,

    Our recipe calls for 150gm of milk powder. You used double the amount so did you also double the other ingredients?

    If you did double everything, the cook time for microwaves is different for larger quantities. We would suggest you make these pedas in batches following the above recipe for each batch.

    Good luck and we wish your son a very happy birthday!

    1. hi hetal,
      thanks for your reply.your sweet was one of the highlight in my son birthday. Every boby had enjoyed (ofcourse more than i have expected 🙂 ).

      Looking for more such items in your website.


  18. Hi Richa,

    The peda are not really too chewy. Maybe using the full-fat milk powder or microwaving it for longer might have caused that. On the other hand, they are not brittle either. It is a pretty good consistency.

  19. Hey Hetal n Anuja,

    Thanks a lot for the recipe.

    I tried the pedas but I dint realize that the milk powder I bought was full Cream one. So, The proportion of butter became too much in my recipe. I had to microwave it for like 5-6 minutes to get to the desired consistency. I added few Saffron threads and it gave a nice yellowish-brown color to the pedas which looked so original.

    They turned out really good in taste but were slightly chewy. Is it Ok? The one we eat in India are kind of brittle , so am just wondering if the chewiness is because we used an alternative method to the conventional Khoya one?


  20. hi guys,
    i tried u pedas it come little bit hard.i used 300gm milk powdered is it correct. can u tell me in gm can u give me reply please i want to celebrate my son bhirthday i need
    ok take care

  21. Hi Hetal & Anuja Didi,

    I tried this today. I was so excited about its simplicity and ingredients. I had all of those. I have those measuring cups from Dollar tree. Hope u have seen them. I used those for measuring the milk powder. The condensed milk tin was not a prob since its the standard can. Similary for the butter.
    But, i somehow i didnt like the outcome. I felt milk was not cooked. 🙁 I mean i dont know how to explain dear.
    Are u able to understand wat im trying to explain?
    Also, i first cooked it 1 minute and took it out mixed and then again. Then again, i kept it inside and set it for 1 minute. Again took it out and did the same thing.
    totally for time u mentioned.
    So, now i wanna know wat mistake i did? I mean would it really make a difference if i kept it for 3 minutes and remove it every minute and continue.
    Mine looks like a latest microwave since these apartments r pretty much new.
    Pl help.


  22. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    Thanks a lot for your quick response. Since I now know that the item I had inquired about is available in your Kitchen store, I will be contacting you at the time of my purchase.

    By the way for curdling the milk to make paneer,can you kindly tell me as to which kind of lemon juice is suitable to curdle it (that is whether the store bought readymade bottle or the fresh lemon that is available in the stores)?


  23. Hi Sudha,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!

    We sell the insulated containers in our Kitchen Store. From our homepage, there are links to our Kitchen Store, on the right, under Market Place also right under the tabs. We have various sizes available.
    Hope that helps:)

  24. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    It is a wonderful experience watching you both present the recipes so beautifully. It is presented very neatly and explained so clearly that whichever dish I have tried so far has turned into a success.

    I would be personally grateful if you can kindly let me know as to where I can find/get “insulated containers” that you have mentioned in the video to make chapatis (I live in Toronto,Canada).

    Wishing you both all success in your venture of the present and for the future.


  25. Hi hyr,

    We have not tried this recipe with full cream milk powder but are thinking that the difference in fat content may change the amount of butter needed or may change the consistency in the microwave. We only get non-fat milk powder here.

  26. Thanyou for your early response.I think I bought kroger nonfat dry milk.I wish u both good luck a very happy new year and keep up the good work.I will let u know how it turned out.

  27. Ria,
    Sorry, your Pedas did not come out good…email me and let me exactly what happened and we’ll try and work it out. I have made it so many times in so many different microwaves (USA and India) and usually I have no problem.

    The Dry Milk Powder is only available in the fat-free version in the USA. We have never seen a ‘full-fat’ version.

  28. Hi

    I went to the store yesterday and could not find full fat instant dry milk powder.All I could find was fat free milk powder.I don’t know if this is going to work

  29. Hello Hetal & Anuja!!!

    I’m an ardent lover of your website! U guys really do a great job!

    I tried out your peda recipe.. but it dint come out as how u showed it, i mean the consistency even though i mictrowaved it for 8 mins.. do u have any idea as to why that happened..

  30. Hi, I made these pedas yesterday and they are so yummy!!!! Next time I would reduce the amount of butter to maybe 1/2 or 3/4 of a stick.

    Great site, love the videos

  31. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    I made this sweet…it tasted exact same as in India..when i gave this sweet to my friends..they thought i bought from Indian market…they were surprised to know it was made at home…

    Pedas are one of my favourite sweet..

    Thank you for all the great recipes…


  32. hi anuja,i have tried the same pedas with very little butter 2tbsp,5to 6tbsp of milkpowder,one tablespoon of curd and a milkmaid tin for 5 min stirring inbetween ,same peda comes wity little butter,thats it.

  33. Hi Anuja and Hetal
    8 years back i got this receipe from one of my friend and for decorating pedha’s she suggested me very easy tip which i would like to share with u
    1. from walmart or any craft store buy plastic base(the end of the reel should be plastic) thread reel
    2. remove the paper cover( which will be at both outside end) of both side
    3. after following ur receipe at end when u make round pedha’s slightly press pedha’s with the end of the reel n u will get nice flower shape design n at center of the pedha’s press one green cardamom seed
    i hope u will like this tip.
    n thanx again for ur website, free videos, n wonderful delecious easy n inspiring receipes
    best wishes

  34. Hi Anuja,

    This is Rani, I replaced the ghee with butter and the pendas came out grrrreat!!

    Hope you guys add more recipes. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

    Lots of love,

  35. HI Anuja & Hetal,
    I love to watch your recipes.Yesterday I tried Pedas and turned out very well.All his friends were surprised that r home made pedas…Thanks for the recipe.

    Actually i was bit doubt with the measurements u said.
    I took 400gm Nestle Milk powder and one and half Can of condensed milk n 100gm Butter..
    As i donno the measurement in OZ n cups ..I tried with these measurements.Even though end result was good..I had prob while stiring ..i was very hard..
    Suggest me measurements in Grams please.

    Best Regards,

  36. Hi Rani,
    Sorry , that could not be the reason. We use the same! Try it once more with butter…
    Thanks for all the compliments (you know we love them)!!

  37. Hi Anuja…thanks for your reply.

    I just realized that the milk powder that I used is nonfat milk powder. Could that be the reason for it to be sticky and chewy. ):

    I did wait about 10 to 15 mins before forming pedas.
    Thanks so much, you are the BEST!! 🙂

    lots of love,

  38. Rani,
    The mixture right out of the microwave is sticky and very very hot. Leave it aside for 10 minutes and it will thicken up where it is easy to form balls for pedas and easier to touch.
    Hope that helps!

  39. Anuja, Thank you so much for your response. I will try it with butter this time. I did mix it well, maybe i over mixed it 😉

    How should the peda come out, what should the consistancy be like?

    You guys are the best! :))

    Lots of love, and thanks!
    p.s I was trying to make them for Sai Baba’s birthday!

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