Falooda – Drink/Dessert

Falooda goes into the Indian street food category – after all the spicy chaat, you’ve gotta have Falooda to end off on a satisfied note! This wonderful and good-looking drink/dessert is just a great surprise with the refreshing rose flavor and the healthy Basil Seeds – finally a dessert that is good for you! Enjoy.



Whole Milk (aka Full Cream) – 2 cups

Basil Seeds (Tukmaria) – 1/2 tsp

Vanilla Ice Cream – 1/2 cup

Falooda Sev – handful

Rose Syrup – 5 tbsp

Sugar – 1 1/2 tbsp or to taste

Cardamom (Elaichi) Powder – 1 pinch

Pistachios – 1 tsp (corsely ground), for garnish

Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 scoops, for serving


  1. Soak the Basil Seeds (Tukmaria) in water for a minimum of 30 minutes, longer is better.
  2. Meanwhile, heat 2 cups of water in a pan; let it come to a boil.
  3. Add Falooda Sev and let it cook for 3 minutes. Take it off the flame.
  4. Also, heat the Milk and let it come to a boil. Take it off the flame.
  5. Add Cardamom Powder, Sugar and Rose Syrup. Mix.
  6. Strain the Falooda Sev and add it to the Milk.
  7. Allow the milk-mixture to chill in the refrigerator – approximately 3 hours.
  8.  Strain the Basil seeds and add to the chilled Milk.
  9. At this time, also add the 1/2-cup of Vanilla Ice Cream and mix it in well.
  10. In a glass, add 1 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and then pour the Chilled Milk.
  11. Garnish with the coarsely ground pistachios and serve immediately.
  12. Serves 2.


  1. Like your desserts sweeter – just add extra rose syrup and sugar.
  2. Very kid-friendly recipe. They can make and eat it.
  3. If you are running short on time, you can use cold milk (without boiling).  The flavor is slightly different.
  4. Health tip: Substitute Low Fat Milk and Low Fat Ice Cream.

Watch and learn…

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0 thoughts on “Falooda – Drink/Dessert

  1. Falooda is an Iranian desert, Not Indian or Pakistani or Arabic… Falooda is gone to neighbor countries of Iran hundreds of years ago.
    Excuse my poor English.

  2. Hi, I had posted 2 questions y/day. I did see them the moment after submitting.
    But today I am neither able to see MY comment nor a reply to it. How do I re-read my comments?

      1. Hi Hetal,
        Thanks for your prompt response.
        Your video presentations are extremely good.
        I was browsing quiet a few recipes and happened to fill the columns just below a recipe and submit.
        I browse thro’ my mobile. Moment I submitted my 2nd question (below the FALOODA RECIPE),
        I saved that page in my ‘web pages’ and hence able to view it. A/w, I had asked for the foll-
        1. If I can drop bay leaves in the cmtainer of the wheat flour to preserve the same from flour beetles and worms.
        2. How do I prepare Idli rawa AT HOME?

        1. Hi Meera,

          Mystery solved! You had posted your question below the Lauki Subzi recipe, not the falooda. You will find your answers there :).

  3. hi,

    had friends over yesterday and so tried this recipe for the first time…came out really well and had the best comment from a friend asking’yeh ghar par banaya hain? its awesome’ that comment made my day…thanks a ton

  4. hi
    i hv tried ur spinach and prawns pulao turned gud, also tried masoor dal, tadka dal also turned gud.
    my hubby liked the recipes.



  5. Hi
    I cant find the rose syrup. Then I tried the rooafza. Taste was good but not got the color of falooda same as in the market. kindly suggest how to get the same color.

  6. Hi
    can we use chinese thin moong noodles for falooda.
    Is tukmaria and Kathira(punjabi)same.
    Kindly reply
    Thanks a lot to you both for such wonderful recipes.

    1. Hi There,
      You can try a little bit of the Mung Noodles, we have never tried it but think it may work. Experiment with a little so you don’t end up wasting in case it does not work!
      Tukmaria is Basil Seeds and sorry, no idea what Kathira is…(will check if my Mom knows)?

  7. kavitha is ignorant… I just wanted to say that I love you guys and your recipes…and I tried your paalak paneer and it was awesome!!!…now I’ll do this for my husband’s friends that are coming over…I’m sure they’ll enjoy it!

  8. Please ignore other people’s bad comments. I like your show very much. You guys always rock on the show hence please do not stop your show. I really like your recepies and advises. Its helps a lot.

  9. Hi

    Hetal and Anuja you are great.Your recipes are just awesome and u guys explain it so nicely that anybody can cook it.

    I have a request would u please tell us how to make falooda sev at home.

  10. even no one i know, even my mom, grandmom, grandfather…no one know about whats tukmaria…i googled it/ but still no clue…please pls help

  11. dear hello !!!
    but please i still didn’t get, what name i must ask to the shop keeper to buy tukmaria[basil seed].
    please i don’t know abt it at all… please help me if possible…awaiting..

  12. I am very angry at you gals. You both have made me addicted to this website. And now, I am so tempted to make your easy version of homemade icecream, kulfi and now this faluda. But, sadly, my allergy or asthama prohibits me from eating these delicacies. My hubby allows me to eat once in a while in restaurant some time, but in general we don’t such pure indian taste over there. And if I get icecream at home or make it at home, I surely won’t be able to restrain myself.

    Btw, I have really become your fan after experimenting with a lot of your recipes, and after reading above comments. How professionally you handled the issue and how coolly you replied to unworthy trash comments is outstanding. You even regularly reply to people’ comments and keep making great videos. I don’t think you have any monitory gain from this humble act of yours, still you continue making new videos and keep responding. Hats Off!!!!!!

    Btw, it will be a great idea if you can come on TV for your own cookery show. Are you girls planning to write any book?

  13. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I love falooda and thanks a ton for the recipe. I am in Bangalore, India and have been looking out for Basil seeds/Tukmaria everywhere. I am unable to find it in any store here. Is it called by any other Indian name? Is there any substitute for this? Will Isabgol (Psyllium seeds) also work? I am unable to get hold of these seeds 🙁

    Please help!


    1. Hi Mallika,

      Tukmaria are sometimes known as sabza, subza, sabja or subja. Isabgol will probably not work. When soaked, tukmaria become gelatinous — similar to Isabgol. However, tukmaria seeds remain hard under the jelly like outer cover. Isabgol is simply husk and though it becomes jelly like, there is not any texture to it.

  14. Really good one! I suppose you could use skim milk and non fat ice cream for this recipe..? This might sound weird to a lot of ppl…I mean it’s a dessert after all! But just trying to save as many calories as I can! 🙂

  15. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I am curious as to why you warm up the milk? Everyone I know makes it from milk right out of the fridge. Does warming it up change the flavor?

    I too can’t help but comment on Kavitha. I can only hope for her sake that at this time in her life she is very young and grows out of her immaturity and stupidity. She has a lot of growing up to do.

    From reading a lot of the comments you receive for your recipes, I can say that you gals are making a big difference in peoples’ lives including mine. I can’t help but think that both of you should be on Food Network representing the South Asian Ethnicity. You never know what the future will bring.


    1. Hi Pinal,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Heating the milk does change the flavor a bit. If you want to save time or don’t really mind the subtle difference in taste, you can skip the step.

  16. HI!
    Here’s a really good dessert recipe! It calls for no margarine!!! It is delicious!! try it out!! And maybe can you make it into a video?
    2 eggs
    3/4 cup of brown sugar (Any type)
    3/4 cup of sugar
    3/4 cup and 2 tbls. of oil
    1 tbls. vanilla
    2 1/4 cup flour
    3/4 tsp. baking powder
    3/4 tsp. baking soda
    1/8 tsp. salt
    1 1/2 cup chocolate chips

    Mix the dry in one bowl and the wet in another exceot for the chocolate chips. Then comebine everything together except for the chocolate chips. At the end add in the chocolate chips. Then form into balls and place on am ungreased cookie sheet. Place them apart from eachother (they spread out alot!) Bake them in a preheated 350 degrees oven for 10 minutes only!!!! Even though they might nbot looked cooked take them out anyway!!! let them cool in the pan for 2 min then place on a rack to cool. serve and enjoy!

    1. OMG! Thank you both so much for posting this! I tried this in a restaurant, and I have been looking everywhere for it! Thank you soooo much.
      Hey, I have a question, would rose ice-cream work? If anyone has tried it with rose ice-cream, then can you please tell me how it tasted. As for Kavitha, if you yourself can’t even speak right, then why are you ranting on other people’s ability to speak. I for one, thought the workmanship was very professional, And I loved it! Keep making more

      1. We’ve never tried this recipe with rose ice cream, but it should work. The intensity of the rose flavor will depend on how “rosy” the ice cream is compared to the syrup.

  17. Hey Galz,
    Awesome receipe…!!!Faluda was amazing. It’s been such a long time had it in U.S. Good Luck…!! I’vll try the other receipes too. Thanks for updating our cooking options… No one can be master in all kind of receipes n all. This is the best and eazy option to get some new recepies…. ONCE AGAIN THANKS A LOT..!!!

  18. Hi Stranger
    Thanks for the tip Now I have to get hold of a sev press which is going to be more than hard in Switzerland!! I guess I’ll just have to go to India and then I shall stuff my self with all the goodies I cant get here like Bhelpuri Frankies ect.
    I think I’ll try the Chinese nudeles first, if you give me an email address I’ll let you know.
    Mine is globi1999@hotmail.com
    I wish all good going Yvonne

  19. Hi Yvonne,

    Thank you!

    You can make falooda sev at home by mixing one part corn starch with 2 parts water and cooking it until it solidifies into a gooey ball. Then, you put it in an oiled sev press (hope you have one) and press it into a bowl of ice and water. Let is rest without disturbing in the fridge until ready to use.

    We’ve never tried this, but some of the glass noodles available in Chinese supermarkets may be a good substitute. Let us know if you try it.

  20. Hello Hetel & Anuja
    First thank you very much for all your recipes great stuff.
    What can I use insead of Falooda sev or can I make it my self? (cant get the original in Switzerland)for the rosesirup I’v made a normal sirup and added rose essenz & a few drops of red food colour
    I miss Indian food very much, so I just have to make it myself!! Life would be easier if I lived in England
    By the way i’v looked through some of the comments made some folk cant help being stupid so forgive them and do continue with your recipes. What I bet is greatly appriciated is that you write the Hindi and the English names of the ingriedients
    Thanks again for a valuble site yours Yvonne

  21. Thanks a lot Hetal. I didn’t expect you to reply back to me because this recipe was posted in 2007 and I was pretty sure you wouldn’t be answering to people’s doubts even now for the old recipes. I am really impressed and deeply touched by your kindness. Thanks once again.

    Yes, I found Tukmaria and made the falooda, it turned out so wonderful. Now with your help I had impressed my in laws also. So far, I was just making the traditional recipes but now I am able to do any kind of food. I owe it all to you Hetal and Anuja. Please keep posting your wonderful recipes. Thanks so much.


  22. Hi Krithika,

    Thanks for the awesome feedback! 🙂

    Basil seeds are available at most Indian grocery stores. They are called “Tukmaria”. They are tiny and jet black, but puff up and change to a lighter color when soaked. Let us know if you find them and make the falooda (how it comes out).

  23. I am so impressed and fascinated by the way you girls run this show. All these recipes are fail proof and taste awesome. My kids started thinking that I am a pro and I can cook anything from soup to the cake. Thanks a lot for sharing all these wonderful recipes. You really rock.

    Can you please tell me where these basil seeds available? Can we buy it in the Indian stores? Thanks once again.

    Let me come to Kavitha’s comment, you are so sweet and kind to take it easy and ignore her unworthy words. One more reason for me to become your fan. Please keep up the great job. As you are enjoying presenting it, we are also very much enjoying watching and trying it.


  24. lol actually i’m pretty sure they are basil seeds. They are not very easy to find here in Saudi Arabia 🙁
    I found it in an Asian food market.

    I tried it again with room temperature water but only a few plumped up, i used the whole thing anyway lol. My husband gave me a thumb up…literally 😉


  25. Hi Yara,

    We soak the basil seeds in normal room temp water – never tried it in hot water so can’t say for sure if that is the reason. I know this may sound silly, but hopefully you have basil seeds and not onion seeds (kalonji/nigella). Someone had made that mistake so just making sure. They look very similar. 🙂

  26. Hello Hetal and Anuja.. 🙂

    Thank u so much for this recipe. I’ve been looking for it all over and no one explained it so easy 🙂

    I just have one question…when i soaked the basil seeds, they didn’t plump up and turn whitish the way yours did. Do you have any tips for doing it right? Maybe the tepmerature of the water was wrong (i used hot, should i have used room temp?)

    Thanx again and i’ll be trying more of your great and easy recipes.


  27. hetal & anuja r doing excellent & wonderful job.

    n wat happend to u kavitha? wat the hell n bulshit u have written. u dont have any right to hurt others as u r a human being. jus spread luv n peace n if u cant just calm down.

    i jus hate the people of ur behaviour. i pity u alot 4 ur behaviour. u shoud b ashamed of urself by now n b gud n think gud for others.

  28. Hiya Im a huge fan of showmethecurry.com its simple to follow and my mom and i watch it all the time im going to try ur falooda recipie Byes
    from BIG BIG FAN lol!

  29. …Continued

    …already in my english. This is a commom thing in America! Hetal mam has been here since she was 5 yrs and Anuja Mam is here since her coll days (if im not wrong!). Its natural to have American slang.
    5. Pl think before u speak!! For heaven’s sake. You have hurt so many ppl here!!!
    6. I was a newly wedded wen i came here to US. And trust me for me both of them are like “GODS”. They are like my MOM because they teach me the reciepe wen ever i want by a click of a button with all that beautiful smile and care!
    /. Pl never ever behave like this anywhere! I was in tears wen i read they way u had written.
    8. Lastly, For Mr.Light! They are doing a extremely good job there! They have explained wat they know and they think is correct. Check out their other reciepes and ull know better.


  30. Hi Mam

    Thank u for this awesome dessert!I remembered how much my father used to enjoy falooda wen we had it in mumbai(He in no more now :-().Ill try it a little late since i need to get a couple of things in the ingredients list. Thanks a million for sharing such wonderful dishes with so much patience!
    Some words for Kavitha Madam;
    1. Its easy to see a video siting at home since its free and u have a good internet connection. Try to put yourself in their shoes and think. Its not a easy thing to collect the ingredients in correct proportions and speak in front of the camera! Try it and then ull know were u stand madam!
    2. These ppl are just common indians like us who understood how difficult it is to survive in america without indian food!! 🙁 how many days can we eat salads,burgers etc!! They learned things and practised them. And now are gladly sharing them with us so that we are benefitted!! Appreciate their helping tendency!! Not eone in this busy world is like them.
    3. Sanjeev kapoor…huh??? don make me use words for him. These professional chefs will not have that real home made food tast in their cooking. Trust me, everyday cooking should be made up with reachable items in our kitchen shelf. And most of Anuja-Hetal dishes are like that. Only party or occasions kinda stuffs make us buy thngs newly. Trust me no professional chef will tell u health tips like using 1 % milk,2 % milk instead of Whole milk. They will use heavy cream instead of half and half!! See how nicely they tell us wat is good and wat not!! They are mom’s of kids and they know wat is good for a family!! And thats wat they are sharing with us!
    4. Kavitha Madam,u stay in US for some time.. i bet ull also get the language slang. I came here a few months ago and i have got that american slang……

  31. Good Recipe; Good Effort. Good Name. Good Logo.. but not at all professional. To avoid such comments like from Kavita… if you do it little more clear explanation and make others understand what ingredients you added and why did you add how it is effecting particular dish will worth our time watching your videos. This video look like you just learned from a cookery book and explaining to all.. Thanks any way.

  32. Funny after Kavita initial outburst there is not much response from her!

    By the way Hetal and Anuja you guys have outdone yourself again! Hats off to you! I am so much more confident with my cooking and these include the simple and the more complex recipes too! My husband has become a fan of this website, although I don’t like to share my new found ‘expertise’ in cooking with anybody else, I can’t stop raving about this website!

    Hats off to you girls!

  33. Hi Hetal and anuja,

    I tried this recipe on long weekend. My husband and friends loved it. Thank you so much for such a great recipe. You girls are doing a very good job. And I am sure you wont get discouraged by comments like kavita’s. Keep posting. Wish you all the best.

  34. whoa ..whats with you kavita ?…i think hetal and anuja are doing a terrific job …why else would they be featured in a leading magazine .

    word of advice Kavita :Take a Spoken English class maybe then you won’t have such an inferiority complex …Peace !!!

    hey girls how do u make the jelly that is served with falooda is it just jello or made with gelatin ?

  35. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I tried this one 2 weeks ago, wanted to compliment the two of you on this recipe but got delayed.

    It came out wonderful. Every weekend, I try atleast 2-3 of your recipes. I have been very successful in all of them. Please keep adding more recipes.


  36. hi there ,im going to try this falooda recipe today n am sure its going to be good so let me thank u in advance for the recipe.As for kavitha i too don’t agree with her, u guys are doing a very good job and please don’t stop doing it.I would like to tell Kavitha, “if you find it difficult to understand proper English or English with different accent than just stop visiting this web site but don’t discourage anybody from doing something good”

  37. Wow, If I ever had someone talk to me like Kavita did on my own website I would have been boiling in heat, and would have ban them from coming back to the website. This is my first time looking at this site and must say GOOD JOB guys, haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the videos yet but am sure they are helpful. But all in all just wanted to say Thank you for starting up this site, it is going to really help me out in cooking India dishes and not have to hear things from my mom :D. Onces again Thanks Guys

  38. Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for sticking up for us, we really appreciate it, but we should really give Kavitha a break (maybe she has a bad day) and she is entitled to her opinion – good or bad!

  39. hei thanks for the falooda recipe.. we loved it when i made falooda.
    hei common kavitha. y r u so jealous abt them?
    they explains well …& talks good english.
    i am sure u are not able to understand them or anyone who talks good english.. I pity you for ur effort & ur english …

  40. Hi ladies,
    you are doing an awsome job. Love the receipes they are easy to follow and are very tasty. Most of the receipes i was looking for and needed found them on your website. Keep up the great work and wishing you all the best.

    As for Kavitha, i don’t see anything productive that you are contributing. Least of all you can’t even spell so why are you bothered for other peoples accent. Don’t be a hater for other peoples hard work.

  41. Hi

    i’m not asian but these recipes look delicious, you explain things very clearly and make it look so simple. I’m definatley going to have a go at making some of the things on your website, a great website, job well done

  42. have been looking for this recipe. thanks will try it out.
    @ kavitha…
    lol…you cant compare sanjay to these guys..oranges to apples … hital’s english to your english.. can you?
    forget the comparision..u dont even know how to make a sentence in english and you are commenting on others accent… sooooo ironic…
    if u cant be like them then at least appreciate

  43. Your videos are awesome and i really appreciate your efforts..thank you

    Hey Kavita…comeon why are u so annoyed..these girls are trying to help us to cook better and more variety of food..So we should try to appreciate their efforts…and moreover these videos are not only for Indians but its for everyone who love Indian food so they are trying to speak good english..

  44. hi didi,


    thanx give this recepie.
    i made falooda & that test was vry yummy, vry delicious.
    actually i & my husand both are don’t like milk but i made this falooda so my husband’s vry like & ask me how do u know this recepie?
    falooda’s test is vry great & he loved falooda so thanx he is not drink milk so instead of milk i make a falooda.

    thank u so mutch.

  45. i never seen such a dirty explaination
    when compared sanjay food u r way of explaination is such waste thing
    and more these two girls r trying to show their english levels
    and trying to talk like american
    when i was watching the video i felt like irritating
    the way of telling should be normal
    thet mat think it is stylish
    but it utterly nonsense
    most of them cant even understand it
    not ofcourse not of these excellent accent of these girls
    its actually they r trying to talk like that but they r not talking that accent
    so they r completely destroying it
    so i think better change the accent or
    stop cooking and take the website out
    i know y u r not displaying the comments
    bcos u may got this type of comment from everyone

    1. why don’t you try to speak a foreign language and see how good your accent is? seriously, commenting on someone’s accent is really low. you can’t blame someone for having learned english later in life to completely master the accent!
      the content of what they’re saying is really helpful and most people will appreciate their efforts.

      1. I’m american, and I don’t mind their accent at all. As a matter of fact, I think their accent is very good, and I find their videos and recipes more helpful than anything I’ve ever googled. 🙂 Thanks guys, keep it up!!

    2. yea i agree with S’s reply n for kavitha u better learn basic english first thn comment on otherz cuz u dun evn hv a basic knowledge uf english n u talkin about their accent n so many people including me like thz show n the way they explain d recipe z very helpful n whether u dun understand o gt irritated itz nt their problem…..nobody force 2 u 2 watch thz show……….u cn either watch hindi cooking show like khana khazana which u can easily understand

    3. “…trying to talk like american…”

      They ARE american!!!!

      “…trying to show their English levels…”
      Re-read your own comments. YOUR English and spellings are PATHETIC to say the least. You not only showed your own ‘English standard’, and also the nature of your character by writing such an immature and abusive comment.

      “..but it utterly nonsense
      most of them cant even understand it..”
      MOST of YOUR comments are utterly incomprehensible in the first place!… reeking of ignorance, to put it mildly.

      “…i know y u r not displaying the comments..”
      Well, your piece of crap is published isnt it KAVITA?

    4. If you’re going to insult someone on their English then make sure your’s is ledgable before you point your finger. The world already has so much negativity, it doesn’t need anymore, especially when it is directed towards something so pointless as the way someone speaks. Different accents bring more flavor, and that is what I’m looking for when I cook.
      I thought the video was great. Especially since I didn’t even know what falooda looks like. This looks so good and easy (though a bit time consuming) to make. Keep up the good work!

    5. @Kavita!!!!!!!!!!!
      Have you ever heard your own English or tried to read it??????
      I guarantee you; You can’t be like them. There is no comparison between you and this guys………….
      This guys are awesome for their effort and also they have great recipe. Don’t dare even to compare this guys with sanjay. They are lot better then sanjay and you *****!!!!!!!!!

      Keep your **** out of this………..

      You can’t insult any one like this.

      Do not delete my comments .I want Kavita to read this and understand that she is ***** in whole world.

      1. Thank you so much for your support! We really appreciate it!
        Kavita’s comment was put in here a long time ago and we should all just forget about it and not stoop to her level.

    6. what is she KAVITA saying???? she s totally jealous and spineless…it takes guts to present urself to world through web and they r doing gud job …ugh i m sick of ppl that r posting these means comments, these ladies look good, speak good,with a smile(thats what i like most, i dont know many indians who smile so much , i m also learning!!) , doing good job..keep it up…SHABAASH!!!

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