Cold Coffee Drink

Submitted By:Krishna
Get ready for the summer, cool down with this awesome drink!


1 cup cold milk
1/2 cup any hot coffee(already brewed)
1 1/2 tbsp sugar (to taste)
1/2 tbsp immitation vanilla extract

Directions(so easy)!
1. whisk all the ingridents together one by one .
2. chill in refrigerator until completly cooled .
3. serve.

ShowMeTheCurry Notes: We love this drink, it is so simple and so yummy! Add a scoop of ice-cream and wow! Thanks Krishna, for sharing.

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0 thoughts on “Cold Coffee Drink

  1. this coffee is lot more simplier than the cold coffee that i make in a blender…..
    the exciting ingredients was
    the vanilla extract..

    keep up the gud work

  2. Hi Hetal, Anuja, When you say already brewed coffee, is it just the black coffee? or coffee with milk ??


  3. hey love your dal tadka recipe. when i made it 1st time everybody at my home liked it a lot.its so simple , easy n testy .

  4. Hi sdzg,

    This is a recipe contributed by one of our viewers. Imitation Vanilla is an extract which tastes like vanilla but it is not made from pure vanilla beans. It is used to flavor many things like cakes also. It is usually cheaper than pure vanilla extract but you can use pure vanilla extract too.

    Already brewed coffee means that it is “made” coffee in liquid form. Not just the powder. You could also make this coffee from instant coffee powder if you don’t want to brew.

  5. What is “immitation vanilla extract”? Also is hot coffee(already brewed) the ordinary coffee made at home without using any brand?
    Please could you elaborate.

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