Sol Kadi – An Exotic Indian Drink Recipe

Sol Kadi is a refreshing Konkani drink with a light coconut base and a hint of kokum. I first had it in Goa quite a few years ago and just fell in love with it. Once you try it, we are sure you’ll be hooked to this unique Indian drink recipe.


Black Wet Kokum – 4-5 pcs
Hot Water – 1 cup
Coconut Milk – 6 oz (approx)
Green Chili – to taste, minced
Asafoetida – 1/2 pinch
Salt – to taste
Cilantro Leaves – for garnish


1. Soak the Kokum in the hot water for about an hour.
2. Grind it in a blender (optional)
3. Strain and pour out in a jug.
4. Add in the Asafoetida and the minced Green Chili. Mix.
5. Add in the Coconut Milk and Salt.
6. Garnish with Cilantro leaves.


1. Sol Kadi or Kadhi can be had chilled (as a drink) or at room temperature (with rice).

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0 thoughts on “Sol Kadi – An Exotic Indian Drink Recipe

    1. Hi Richa,

      Kokum’s plant name is Garcinia Indica. It is a berry like fruit but what is sold in Indian grocery stores as kokum is actually the skin of the fruit. It is sold either as wet or dry kokum. Both are dark (almost black) in color and have a sour flavor.

  1. Hi,

    It seems a great dish. But before relishing it, I have a question to ask. How much mL of water do you mean by 1 cup?
    Anticipating a prompt response. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    You have posted some nice recipes in here which are very tasty and easy as well! I have the recipe for a wonderful refreshing drink!

    Peel and chop down 1 full cucumber, few mint leaves, 1tbsp lemon juice, 2tbsp yoghurt, salt to taste and a pinch of pepper, 1tsp chat masala.

    Blend all this together in a blender and pour onto a tall glass and gulp it down! A wonderful body coolant. No need for ice cubes at all. Just add little water to dilute (optional). Do try it out! 🙂

  3. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for the recipe. I was looking for this recipe for a long time. I have a question- is there a difference between the wet kokum and dry kokum? I have dry kokum at home, can I use tht to make Sol Kadi?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Dee,
      Well, as the name suggests, one is wet and the other dry version. For this recipe you will get a more intense color and flavor from the wet one. You will also have to soak the dry one longer to achieve the same effect.
      Hope that clarifies your doubts 🙂

  4. Hi girls,

    A new beveredge I came accross. Seems tempting.I wanna give it a try, but a question before I start –

    Can I Use tamarind instead of kokum, as kokum is not available nearby.

    Thanks for your diverse recipes which cover almost all regions of India.

    1. Hi Alka,

      We have never tried tamarind in this recipe but it does sound interesting. It will give you practically the same color but it may be a little more tart than kokum so be sure to use it sparingly. If you try it, we’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks.

      1. Hi Hetal,

        I tried to make Sol Kadi with tamarind. It was very refreshing and cool. But may be the typical aroma that you get with kokum along with tangy taste was absent in this.

        So it is a variation but not a substitute to the original sol kadhi with kokum.


  5. Hi Mariam,
    Kokum is dark purple to black, sticky and with curled edges. The fruit is often halved and dried, so that the dried seeds are visible in their chambers like a citrus fruit. It is usually available as a dried rind, resembling a thick plum skin. When added to food it imparts a pink to purple colour and sweet/sour taste.
    Bouquet: a slightly sweet and sour aroma.
    Flavour: a refreshing sour taste, slightly astringent
    Hotness Scale: 1

    Above exerpt from:

    It can be bought at any major Indian grocery store.
    Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Sakshi,
    Yes, we think the cups are very cute as well. They are called ‘khullars or kullars’ and are from India.

    Take care

  7. Thank you for the recipe. I just received a gift of home-dried kokum and it is a totally new ingredient for me. Can’t wait to try this — right now! ; )

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