Eggplant in Exotic Spices

If you are a fan of Aachari Baingan, then try this healthier and quick version of the original favorite in which the eggplant is deep fried. After many experiments, I came up with this recipe to maintain the taste and yet do away with the oil. For those very special occasions, I still revert back to the ‘old faithful’, but to feed my family on a normal basis, this one works great.


Oil – 1 tbsp
Kalonji ( Onion Seeds) – ½ tsp
Saunf ( Fennel Seeds) – 1 tsp
Jeera ( Cumin Seeds) – ½ tsp
Rai ( Mustard Seeds) – ½ tsp
Haldi – ½ tsp
Ginger– 1 tsp (roughly crushed)
Garlic – 1 tsp (grated)
Diced tomatoes – 1, 14.5oz cans
Salt – to taste
Chili powder – ½ tsp or to taste
Eggplant – 4 long Chinese style, diced

1. Heat oil in a wok (Kadai) and put in all seeds- Onion, Fennel, Cumin and Mustard.
2. Once the Mustard Seeds sputter and the Jeera seeds get a golden color, add Haldi, Ginger and Garlic – sauté for a minute.
3. Add in tomatoes and cook covered, stirring frequently, till the mixture leaves oil.
4. Add in diced Eggplant, mix well and cook covered on medium heat till Eggplant looks done. Be careful not to overcook.
5. Season with Salt and Chili powder, mix well and serve hot.

1. Be careful not to burn the tomatoes. Hover around the stove while this is cooking.
2. The secret to this recipe lies in the Tomatoes mixture cooking well, so have patience and enjoy the process.

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