5 thoughts on “Muttar Paneer (Green Peas w/Paneer) How-to Video

  1. Hi! I have been following your recipes for a long time! Today I made matar paneer following your recipe ~ it turned out so delicious! I am so excited for my family to try it tonight! The new touch to the old style is so wonderful!

    1. Hi Rini,
      We are so happy that you and your family enjoyed the recipe.
      Thank you for your love and support.
      Happy Cooking & Stay Safe!

  2. Hi… Your recipes are so good.. Yesterday I tried Mutter Paneer… I was really so good and it was awesome I like it so much. Thanks so much for your recipe.:)

  3. Amazing website, thank you, thank you, thank you! i am a professional chef, teacher and and global foodie. I can now answer without pause that Indian cuisine is my favorite and this has become school for me without the student loans! I am planning on travel to Brooklyn, Ny for more hands on experience and this is a great jump start to that. Thank you very, very much chefs.


    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thank you for your kind words…coming from a professional chef, it means a lot to us! We’re so glad you are finding SMTC useful and we thank you for the support!

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