Khandvi How-to Video

Khandvi (Khandavi) is a popular snack item from the state of Gujarat, India. It’s unique soft texture and mild flavor makes is a favorite with kids and adults. Try this super fast microwave recipe for Khandvi and serve it as an appetizer for your next get-together.

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Khandvi How-to Video

  1. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    Thanx for a great khandvi recipe!I tried it yesterday and it came out very well. Though I added 1/2 cup more water to the mixture after the 2nd turn of cooking in the microwave as i thought that the mixture was too thick! One more thing – When we buy it from stores like haldiram , khandvi has a sweet taste. But the one i made following your recipe-turned out salty and a little bland if i may say so. Can you please advise.

    1. Hi Shikha,

      Sometimes, the recipe will change depending on the power of your microwave. We don’t prefer sweet khandvi but you can dissolve some sugar in about 1-2 tbsp of water and mix it into the tadka (seasoning) before pouring it over the khandvi.

  2. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Thanks for this recipe.. This is such an easy recipe (after watching ur video).. I love khandvi and i always wondered how to make it… I tried this and it came out really good.. I shared this recipe to my mom n she loved it..She was making khandvi on stove top as traditionally made in gujarat but she found this easy and she tried it… Thanks a ton…:)

  3. Hey,
    Today I tried making khandvi as shown in the video. For some reason, it didn’t harden the first time.. So I put it again in the microwave and now it is spread out on the aluminum foil.. but I am still not able to roll it.
    What could be the problem? is it still uncooked?

    1. Hi Bhavna,

      Sorry to hear about your khandvi. We use the exact measurements listed and it works for us every time. So, the only variation could be the power level of your microwave. If it is not as powerful as ours then you would have to cook it longer (even longer than the second time you put it in).

      1. Dear Hetal and Ajuna
        as well as dear Bhavana,
        As a rule of thumb, I place a spoon in the cooked Khandavi pot and if it stands up in the cooked batter, is a sure way to find out that it can be spread on aluminium foil and it will be easy to make khandavi rolls.
        I enjoy your recipes and most of them are coming out very good.

  4. hi tried making this, unfortunately it was a disaster.. I did cook in microwave for 5 min n used blender as advised. after pouring on aluminium foil, it did not seem to harden for me to roll.. was still uncooked….was a total mess…

    1. Hi Shalini,

      If it did not harden, it was probably not cooked enough. Sometime, microwaves have different power levels and the cooking can vary.

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