Aloo Paratha – Potato Stuffed Flatbread How-to Video

Aloo Parathas (Parantha) are a staple¬†dish¬†in many Indian households. Warm flatbread stuffed with a spicy potato mixture, Aloo Parathas can be enjoyed with yogurt, pickle or with any curry. The chapatti and vegetable “all in one” design of Aloo Parathas make them a great meal on the go all by themselves. Watch this video and try this simple and healthy recipe!

For a detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Aloo Paratha – Potato Stuffed Flatbread How-to Video

  1. Definitely! If you cook the potatoes and onions like a subzi and then mash them and stuff them, it will probably taste better because there is more oil and masala. This is a great option, specially if you have left-over potato subzi.

  2. HI
    Anuja & Hethal
    Is this the only way I could make Aloo Paratha?
    Can I cook the peeled potatoes along with onions ,ginger garlic paste and other masala required in oil and then use it to make Chapathi’s

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