Sweet and Sour Beetroot Subzi

You may have enjoyed Beetroots (aka red beet or beets) in salads but here’s your chance to make them a bigger part of your meal. With this simple recipe, you can enjoy Sweet and Sour Beetroot subzi that is packed with numerous health benefits, unique flavors and is just so very pleasing to look at – just perfect!

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Serves: 4


Beetroot – 1 lb (1/2 kg), peeled and diced
Oil – 1 Tbsp
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Asafoetida – pinch
Curry Leaves – 1 sprig
Green Chilies – to taste, finely chopped
Salt – to taste
Tamarind Concentrate – 2 tsp or to taste
Water – 1 cup, heated
Jaggery – 1 to 2 Tbsp (to taste)


1. Heat Oil in a medium pan on medium heat.
2. Add Mustard Seeds and allow them to pop.
3. Add Asafoetida, Curry Leaves and Green Chilies. Stir.
4. Add Beetroot and Salt and mix well.
5. Mix Tamarind Concentrate with hot water to dissolve.
6. Add Tamarind Water into the Beets. Mix well, cover and cook until tender.
7. Sprinkle Jaggery and mix well.
8. Serve hot with chapati or roti.

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0 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Beetroot Subzi

  1. as we know beetroots are healthy but not much dishes are made from it but after seeing dis recipe and trying it . i came to know that they are really tasty also
    thanku for the recipe i luv ur site so i recomended many people to see ur wonderful siteee………thnx again..:)

  2. Hi Hetal & Anuja

    My sister name is also hetal..

    I have one query related to tamarind concentrate.. What alternate we can use ??

  3. Hello,

    Where do we find beetroot in USA? I usually shop at Walmart, and used to find it there years ago but lately I do not see it either in Walmart, or Farm fresh or Food lion.

    Thank you in advance for your response :).

    1. Hi Newbee,

      We see them all the time at Walmart, Kroger, Sprouts, etc. Sometimes, what your grocery store stocks is dependent on the ethnic makeup of the community you live in. Your local Indian grocery store should also have them.

    1. Hi Umu,

      Jaggery is a unrefined raw type of cane sugar. You can substitute brown sugar or regular sugar. In this recipe, you can even leave it out because sometimes, the beets are super sweet as well.

  4. Hetal & Anuja Hello again. Just made this wonderful beetroot dish per your method and it is a knockout! I have always liked beets, but this makes them almost desert! Maybe next time I should try a little ice cream with them. Thanks L.W.

  5. Hello Hetal and Anuja

    I tried this tempting and so nutritious beetroot today and they are irresistible.

    Since long I knew the goodness of this not very popular vegetable but did not know how to add it in my family’s diet making it tasty. Now thanks to you that I use it as a sabzi and salad too (both your recipes). Everyone loves beetroot now.

    With your help I have improved my culinary skills tremenduosly and cook a variety of dishes now 🙂
    Credit goes to your easy style of demonstrating them.

    Hats off to you both !

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