Avial (Aviyal)

The southern Indian states (Kerala, Tamilnadu) are famous for Avial. Many different types of vegetable are cooked with yogurt and coconut to give a light balanced flavor. Try this Aviyal recipe — its a perfect way to showcase your veggies! We wish everyone a very Happy Onam!

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 15 to 20 minutes
Serves: 6 to 8


Suran – 1 cup, fresh or frozen (peel and chopped in julienne strips if fresh)
Carrots – 1 cup, julienne strips
Green Beans – 1 cup, cut into 1 inch pieces
Tindora – 1 cup, cut into long strips
Winter Melon (Ash Gourd) – 1 cup, cut into long 1 inch pieces.
Yellow Pumpkin – 1 cup, cut into long 1 inch pieces
Plantain – 1 cup, cut into long 1 inch pieces (do not peel)
Drumsticks – (if available)
Coconut Oil – 1 Tbsp
Water – 1/2 to 1 cup as needed
Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder – optional, to taste
Yogurt – 1 cup
Shredded Coconut – 1 cup
Green Chilies – to taste
Onion – 1/4 medium, chopped
Cumin Seeds – 1 Tbsp
Salt – to taste
Curry Leaves – 1 sprig
Coconut Oil – drizzle for garnishing


1. Heat Coconut Oil in a large pan.
2. Once hot, add in all of the vegetables and mix. Cook for 3-4 minutes.
3. Add 1/2 cup of water and Turmeric Powder.
4. Mix well, cover and cook until veggies are tender but not mushy (keep stirring in between).
5. While the veggies are cooking, grind the following to a smooth paste: Yogurt, Coconut, Green Chilies, Onion (or Shallot) Cumin Seeds.
6. Once the veggies are cooked, add the Yogurt/Coconut mixture, Salt and mix well.
7. Reduce the flame to low and allow it to come to a slow boil.
8. Switch off the stove, add Curry Leaves and a drizzle of Coconut and mix through. Cover again and allow it to rest for 10 minutes.
9. Traditionally served with rice but can be had with chapatis.

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0 thoughts on “Avial (Aviyal)

    1. Hi Pravar,

      Coconut will probably stay fresh for a few days in the fridge…anything longer and you should freeze it. We wouldn’t recommend storing coconut at room temperature for too long.

  1. Hi girls!

    I really like watching your videos and the wonderful easy recipes! i am not a big fan of cooking but now your videos keep me motivated to try something new.

    This one was a wonderful and easy mouthwatering recipe!

    Love you both!

  2. Hello Hetal &Anuja,
    thanks a lot for all your recipes, I’ve tried 3 or 4 from your website already. By far this is my family’s favorite. Never imagined my 5 yr old picky eater to gobble up all those veggies including plantains with skin.:-)
    great work,
    keep it up!
    – haritha

  3. Thank Gawwwd someone asked you guyz about “Lola Kutty” I was gng insane… playing the video at the same point over n over agin just so I cud understand what Anuja was saying!!!

    Hey, great recipes btw!! Just made mushrooms n also the onion subzi!


  4. I am a vegan. I could use vegan yogurt but would it need to be “sour”? What would you recommend for a brand/type of substitution (as I don’t eat dairy products)? Thanks! Great job!

    1. Hi Tracia,
      You could use a product called “Citric Acid”, it does give the dish a a sour flavor (use very little) or you could use a little lemon/lime juice. That will also do the trick.

  5. Hi,
    Nice to see the preparation of Avial.As some friends comment,the grinding of coconut is very important for this dish,must be not fine paste.After adding coconut mix to boiled veggies,no need to wait upto boil.Boiled coconut can change the raw taste of it.In south Kerala,we dont add curd or yougurt in avial,instead use turmeric juice.It even prevents thevegitables from overcooked.


  6. Hi Hetal n Anuj,
    thank you gals for sharing this recipe…i tried it just now,it tastes awesome with pulka !!i’ve also tried ur tandoori cauliflower..shud say,a very innovative recipe dear !! looking forward for ur new recipes…
    it wud b gr8 if u cud post some more salads

  7. Hello,

    I;m new to Indian cooking and I managed to find a plantain and was quite excited! Can you use a plantain that is bright green in Avial, or must i wait a bit until it gets a bit yellow like in your video?

  8. I am from Kerala. This is one of the most popular and healthy vegetable dish in Kerala and you have done a fantastic job by introducing it to non-Keralites. The recipie varies little bit in different regions, but one thing is common everywhere that the cocconut mix is not grinded smoothly; it should be coarse.

  9. The stain steel dish that you were cooking (Avial )in. The big steel dish does the dish get caught with heat, it looked so easy the way you were cooking but then maybe the heat was very low.

    1. Hi Koni,

      We go that from one of the department stores like Macy’s (can’t remember exactly…it was a while back). No, it does not get hot and works very well.

    1. Hi Sunjukta,

      Are you referring to the dish that we displayed the Avial in or the stainless steel pot used for cooking? The former is from India and the pot was purchased from a department store (maybe Macy’s).

  10. I’m a regular visitor of your site and its really encouraging me to cook different varities of food from your varied cuisines.One thing that makes both of you different from other cookery sites is that both of you follow a healthy style of cooking with less oil and the simplicity of the dishes…
    Aviyal recipe is a treat to all South Indians during this festive season..as u said the recipe varies from region to region..We can substitute yoghurt with raw mango slices or tamarind juice for sour taste..thats another regional option.
    Anyways,hats off to Hetal and Anuja for the wonderful work you are doing..good luck!!!!

  11. Hello both of you,

    I really enjoy watching new recipes prepared by both of you. Great team efforts!

    I wonder if you have any recipies for Indian style sizzler? I know there are many kinds of sizzler but any vegetarian recipe will work for me. I appreciate in advance.


  12. The avial was awesome. Jus some small extra tip. Instead of grinding the raw green chilli, dry roast the green chilli for about 5 mins and then grind it. Add little cashew to the grinding mixture. These 2 additions will make it taste even awesome.

  13. Hi Ladies,
    Thanx for the wonderful recipe. i loved it.

    Can u please show us the recipes of MODAK & KARANJI for
    the upcoming festival, “GANESH CHATURTHI”.
    It would be helpful for almost all Indians who watches ur videos.

    Thank you

  14. One of those recipes I was waiting for!! And, as expected – a nice twist to it :). Adding yoghurt when grinding is something that I did not know. This is the recipe that I’m going to follow from now.
    Thank You.God Bess!!

  15. Hi,
    Thanks for the lovely recipe & also since festivals are coming up, I can make this now. I have one request though, Could you make a video demo on how to make Puran Poli/Obattu?

    Thank you very much,

  16. Just a tip…if you ever get tired of chopping the vegetables, you could look for frozen mixed veg specifically for avial in a south indian grocery store 🙂
    Awesome video!!!

  17. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I remember seeing some hot cases, non stick idli stands and mixers in the SMTC kitchen store. I was urgently looking for mixer this week and when i get into the page it says its ‘Down for maintenance’. It has been down for maintenance for sometime now just in case you are not aware. 🙂

    Hope to see it up soon.

    You ladies are doing a great job!

  18. for some reason i am not able to access ur site from my laptop…tried different browsers….is some thing worng for past 2-3 days….i figured i try from dekstop today which worked but loading time is slow

  19. Hey Anuja and Hetal…

    Gr88 recipe… and gr88 job both of you… I don’t add oil in the begining itself.. actually i boil the vegetables in batches in the same vessel one after the other based on the amount of time each veggie takes to get fully cooked, I also put Green chillies slit with curry leaves in the begining itself (also curry leaves in the end for garnish) I add turmeric and have also seen my mom-in law doing the same.

    I am in love with you both for making genuine efforts to help those who are starting to learn to cook or even those who knows everything about cooking (they get to do a variety)

    Btw… South indian dish… WOW I was wondering when you guys would start with the typical south indian dishes… I think other than sambar do you have any other festival kind dishes…. Actually i have been aching to ask you guys to consider showing it… and really happy to see the video..

    I would like to suggest a few more items, like Inji puli, Errisery, Bean or cabbage Thoran, Rasam and so on…

    please please put them on your list.. i would be gr88 to see them before onam…

    GREAT WORK both of you and good luck on food network,.. i voted every other day…:-)

    1. Hi Sanu,
      Thank you for your kind words, put a big smile on our faces in the morning 🙂
      We already have Beans and Cabbage Thoran on our website, her are the links:
      Green Beans:
      Cabbage Thoran:

      We do have Puli Inji and Errisery on our list but unfortunately, won’t be able to get it out in time for this year’s Onam!
      Check out the Cracked Wheat Payasam ( and Happy Onam 🙂

  20. Hetal and Anuja,

    I’ve voted for you in the food network. Good luck!

    Very happy to see an aviyal video here. Thanks to you both and your friend Indu for this wonderful recipe. My mom in law, make it the exact same way you did but my mom makes it also, the same way, minus onions and the red chili powder is usually added along with turmeric, for the extra kick, you mentioned.

    White aviyal is traditional and popular in Kerala’s Palakkad area and in Tamilnadu whereas yellow aviyal is traditional and popular in other regions of Kerala.

    Thanks anyways for this wonderful recipe. Will try it out and let you know.

  21. In our place..when we are making for the grand feast/Sadhya we dont add turmeric…and if we are just making for our regular meals the other days…we add turmeric…We never add red chilli powder in it.

  22. hai anuja and hetal,
    both of u r doing a very job..by the way aviyal looks awesome..but traditionally we dont add onions..so for what reason u are adding it??plz let us know…
    plz do post some tiffin varieties.
    thank u so much..

    1. Hi Shobi,
      We think that these little alterations are more regional. Amongst the folks we know that make Aviyal on a regular basis, there are a lot of subtle recipe differences. Feel free to skip it if you want…

    1. Onion, garlic, tumeric .. even I don’t use it. Also, H&A, you guys forgot to mention that fresh coconut is the best option for this.

      1. Hi R,
        We think that these little alterations are more regional. Amongst the folks we know that make Aviyal on a regular basis, there are a lot of subtle recipe differences. 🙂

    1. I am from a tulu speaking community in the south and we don’t use onions while grinding.Also you can add or subtract any vegetable of your choice.I often make this with just the 3 staple veggies ie:beans ,carrots and potato.It still tastes good!

      1. For a few decades now, coconut oil has been given a bad rap…but it’s making a comeback ! Coconut oil has many benefits for us and these benefits far outweigh any disadvantage. The oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids that are GOOD for us. It is good for the brain and has been found to help Alzheimer patients! As with any other oil, use in moderation…
        Ladies thanks for the authentic Avial recipe!

    1. oh! I would love to know how to make plaintain chips, both regular and the ones fried in coconut oil. The latter taste the best!

  23. ewww plz don’t tell me you just cooked with parachute hair oil. I take my vote back for food network. Coconut oil is one of the best cooking oil b/c it has a very high heating point. Please buy organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil from Sprouts next time!

    1. They are not stupid to use the hair oil. This coconut oil is edible and we have been using parachute(not hair oil) since generations. It is safe. Some people just find fault in everything.

    2. Anon,
      If you don’t like it then don’t cook it.Don’t even watch this website.Looks like you are one of those organic freaks!Blue ugly bottle itself is not edible.They are asking you to use the oil not the bottle.Just b’coz you want to take your vote back doesn’t mean you mean everything in here.Good bye

      1. I Use parachute coconut oil for cooking, especially for frying fish..and I knw people who have used it all their life.. 🙂

        1. even if it says so, why would you eat oil from an ugly blue plastic bottle? Who knows if it has BPA and what other chemicals leaching in the oil. I wouldn’t use it especially in front of a camera for the whole world to see.

    1. If you want to use parachute, its upto you but yeah, it looks ugly and kind of makes me loose the apetite. It would have been better if you had poured it into a different cup and used it from there.. just for the camera.

    2. There is Parachute Coconut Oil and there is Parachute Coconut Hair Oil. We have used the former and not the latter and it is perfectly safe to eat it.

  24. That looks awesome! Its one of the dishes we don’t get to see in the run of the mill south indian resaurants and i really love it. thanks for showing me how to make it. though all that chopping looks tough!!

  25. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    Thanks for that lovely Onam recipe … It looks yummy .. but .. just wanted to say that .. in our place we don’t add turmeric or red chilli powder .. so as to give the avial the white colour. And also the coconut mixture is coarsely ground … and with garlic … or may be we can emit the garlic … but well .. I guess recipes vary from place to place … Happy Onam …

  26. Hetal & Anuja…avial looks awesome. I’m from south india and we use country vegetables and we don’t add turmeric. Thanx for reminding the yummy authentic Avial recipe.

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