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  1. Hello Hetal and Anju
    I enjoy most of your recipes and being a veg. there are so many to choose from. Thank you. I do have a gripe to pick though. As thrilled as I am that the two of you are getting national/ international recognition, it is frustrating how much you’re promoting yourselves. First the voting, and now the sponsor etc. I am aware it is not mandatory to vote or go for the big deals, but this is a cooking site. Wish you keep it that way. I do apologise if I’ve hurt your feelings.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Yes, you did hurt our feelings as did a lot of other viewers.

      We started this website 3.5 years ago and if you have noticed the difference in quality between our first video and now, there is a marked difference! Over the years we have (thanks to feedback from our viewers) got new cameras (HD), lighting, sound equipment and unfortunately none of that came for free. As our website grows, our hosting/ server costs and technical support fees also increase. Since our first video it has been our intention to keep our videos free for our viewers. With the help of our sponsors and advertisers, not the viewers, we have been able to do that. Unfortunately, this does not even include our time, which for both of us has become our full-time jobs. Somehow people think that it is easy to do the research and development behind each and every recipe, film and edit a professional quality video (we have consistently been releasing 2 videos every week) and answer hundreds of comments and questions that we get every day.

      The more we grow the more we are able to re-invest into SMTC and that translates to a direct benefit to our viewers.

      We did not think we were asking too much from our viewers as this was the 1st time in the 3.5 years that we ever request for a sponsor help! As far as the voting is concerned, we though that we had the loyalty and support of ALL our viewers…
      Sadly, we thought wrong!

      1. Hey Hetal and Anuja
        I do apologise to have hurt your feelings.I love your web site and now that you’ve put it in perspective, it makes sense. I hardly knew how to cook Indian dishes and thanks to you, I’m in position where I’m not intimidated anymore.I have voted for you and do hope you are on TV. Sorry again, let’s move on.

      2. As far as I can see, there is no research and development involved in these recipes, since they are all already out there on the internet. There are much better cooking shows out there of such high quality (proven by the food network contest results)that are free.

        So i don’t understand why you need to stress on that point of “free” at all. I’m not being a hater but these explanations to fans are really absurd and forces me to speak out. So please try to give sensible explanations next time.

        1. Hi Mythili/Meera/ha/sd,

          We realize that we cannot please everyone and also that this is a free world. If you feel that this website is not up to your standards, there is no need to waste your time writing comment after comment. There are many “free” websites out there for you.

        2. Hi hetal and anuja di..

          I cant believe how big fool i was till i saw this video. Im expecting so my relative asked me to have badam milk. She asked me to soak some almonds over night and then crush it in mixie and then add it to boiling milk. So, i soaked overnight and even then it wasnt that comfy peeling them but ur tip is gonna make my life so simpler!!
          Thanks a bunch for this tip!!
          Im gonna do it this way this way next time. :))

  2. Great tip! Didn’t know how easy it is.

    Anuja, sometimes you talk so soft that it becomes difficult to hear. I noticed it in this video and few other videos too. Please make sure we can hear you through out the video. Thanks

  3. Forgot to mention that VOTING YOU DAILY…All the best…But what about preparing Adhirasam…Hope that one day you will show…

  4. Very easy method for peeling almonds….Before this I knew only about soaking almonds in water over night and morning peel it…This is instant…Thank you….

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