Vegetable Fried Rice

For those who are addicted to Chinese food and can truly understand the statement ‘I am dying for some Chinese…’, we have this awesome Vegetable Fried Rice that you can make at home and treat those cravings. Eat at home, eat healthy and save some money! Enjoy.

Prep Time: 30 min (including making rice)
Cook Time: 15 min.
Serves: 4


Long Grain Rice – 1 cup
Vegetable Broth or Water – 2 cups
Salt – to taste
Oil – 2 Tbsp
Garlic – 1 Tbsp, finely chopped
Egg – 1, well beaten
Carrot – 1/2, cut thin at a diagonal
Bell Pepper – 1/2, sliced thin
Cabbage – 1 cup loosely packed, cut thin
Soy Sauce – 1 Tbsp or to taste
White Vinegar – 1 tsp or to taste
Chinese Stir-fry (or chili) Sauce – any variety, to taste
Spring Onions – 1 stalk, cut at a diagonal


1. Wash and rinse the rice.
2. Add the Stock or Water and a little bit of Salt and add to pressure cooker.
3. Give it one whistle and turn off the stove.
4. Allow the pressure to release by itself.
5. Open and fluff gently with a fork. Allow them to cool down.
6. In a wok, heat Oil.
7. Once warm, add in Garlic, cook for about 1-2 mins.
8. Add in the Carrots and cook for 30 sec.
9. Add in Bell Pepper and Cabbage and cook for a minute.
10. Pull the Vegetable to one side of the wok and break the egg on the other.
11. Stir the Egg and scramble it till cooked.
12. Mix in with the vegetables.
13. Cook Vegetables till they are soft.
14. Add in the Cooked Rice and mix well.
15. Add in the Soy Sauce, White Vinegar and the Chilli Sauce or the Stir-fry sauce.
16. Mix well but gently.
17. Heat till the rice is heated all the way through.
18. Garnish with Spring Onions.

1. Use Jasmine Rice for authentic taste.
2. Add your choice of non-vegetarian. Add in after the garlic, cook till done and then add in the vegetables.
3. Add in more variety of vegetables like snow peas, mushrooms, baby corn…endless possibilities.

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76 thoughts on “Vegetable Fried Rice

  1. I made this exactly how you both have shown it and my family loves it! It’s now my favorite go to recipe when we just need to whip up a quick dinner. Love your videos and I learn something new everytime I come on to browse what’s new. Thank you! Just a suggestion for a possible makeover of your website though, because everything seems to be getting a little cluttered since you have so many awesome recipes. 🙂

    1. Hi Nadia,
      Thank you for your feedback and your compliments.
      Different people search and go thru our website differently, some love the “recipe search” button, others like the tabs on top and like to browse thru the categories and some love the visuals and like to scroll down and see more. We, have to keep all our viewers in mind and found this is one of the most effective ways, try one of the other ways of browsing…
      And as always, thank you for your support.

  2. hello hetal & anuja

    a chance find while looking for a quick chutney made me discover your Website, and i have become a true fanatic. i just love cooking your recipes for my wife and daughter. your health food sensibilities and the abundant vegetarian spectrum is just perfect for us . Thankyou soooooooo much for all this good work.

    1. I tried this recipe and my rice came out very well. I did not add the eggs, though. I detest the smell and too sensitive for my own good. But its just as perfect, maybe less nutritious. I can have it whenever: lunch, dinner or even an afternoon snack

  3. Hi guys Chinese fried rice goes well with gobi manchurian gravy so can u please have that on ur list?i have been looking many websites many months now, for this recipe but not successful in finding one thus thought wud look up at u guys for this recipe…………

  4. Hi Hetal & Anuja

    Am a big fan of ur cooking,i`ve tried almost everything,u name it,all ur dishes came out tooo good,i have a request to make,my dad love egg fried rice & i want to make it for him,can u plzzzzzz show how to make egg fried rice….thnx
    Love u both

  5. Hi ladies,

    Awesome recipe!

    A quick question on the side: Loved your Chinese dress..IF you don’t mind, would you share from where did you get the dresses you are wearing? We have a International theme party and looking for such dresses…

    Would appreciate your response!

  6. Hi
    Hetal And Anuja

    My kids love this…and i am glad they do…
    Its healthy..
    I used to cook it without Soy Sauce…i feel its better without it….n healthier too

  7. Hi Hetal, Anuja and the readers!

    I just wanted to drop by this time-tested tip.. Leftover rice, which has been refrigerated for atleast 2 hrs turns up the best while making fried rice.. Every grain separates easily, and has a nice, crunchy texture..

    Happy cooking to all!

  8. Hi ladies… Smoking this rice with charcoal smoke tastes like authentic chinese food… 🙂 You ladies r jus super cool!!!! Enjoy cookin all d more now… 😉

  9. Hi Hetal/Anuja,
    Could you please also show us the indian style veg fried rice without a chinese touch to it. I would like to try it with some of my indian friends. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Hetal/Anuja,

    This recipe looks awesome. I usually add red chilli flakes and tofu to fried rice. Trust me, it tastes wonderful!!!


  11. I made this receipe last year. It’s my family’s favorite. Since then I make it regularly. It’s a keeper for always. Thank you for your delicious receipes.

  12. Hi,
    I tried this recipe today and it din’t turn out very good like other dishes.. I think there was not much spice, so i assume what was the reason. Thank you anyways.

    1. Hi Pree,

      Sorry to hear that. This is one recipe that has a lot of “to taste” ingredients. Maybe you can try it next time but add more spice to it.

  13. I tried sweet corn soup, fried rice and sir fried vegetables tonight for dinner. Everything came out really good. I used basmati rice for making the chinese fried rice because we can’t stand any other variety of rice. It tasted awesome!

    Thanks a bunch, Hetal & Anuja, for motivating me to get creativ with my meals once again. I had lost the will given my hectic work schedule and touring job. Your recipes are so easy to follow and most of the ingredients are already there in the pantry. That makes a lot of difference:)

    You both surely added a pinch of spice back in my life:)

  14. hi guys
    I am sorry to say that I did not like the taste of fried rice. added all the ingredients as suggested, but somehow it was nto the restaurant fried rice I was looking for….

  15. And here I am back with another appreciation.
    Another awesome recipe by the great duo.

    Was wondering, ki masale to kuch daale nahi, sirf garlic daal diya shuru mai tadke mai, kya maza aayega.
    but maza aaya khoob maza aaya 🙂

    Loved the recipe and the taste thereafter.

    Keep Posting


  16. hi guys!!!

    I am 17 yrs old..and i just finished school..would be joining a medical college soon….I love cooking but was not very good at it..but ever since I started cooking your recipies..i have been showered with praises…thanks a ton

    loads of hugs to u guys

  17. Hey HETAL ad ANUJA,
    I had tho is simple doubt when back in india we use to eat chinese and there the cook used one more salt thats AJINOMOTO i just wanted to ask that you dont use that salt will it cause any change in taste if yes wha can be a substitute for it.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Shivendu,

      In India, ajinomoto (aka MSG) is commonly used in Chinese food preparations. Though we cannot deny that it does “enhance” the taste of food, it has been found to cause numerous health problems. With this in mind, we choose not to use it in our recipes. There really is no good substitute for it but you can enhance the flavor of your food with spices or ginger/garlic, etc.

      1. I was told that a close substitute to Ajinomoto (MSG) would be sugar. I tried it couple of times and yeah, it makes your food taste like it has msg in it.

        1. Hi Blahnik,

          Interesting….we already add sugar to many Chinese dishes so that is probably why we don’t miss the msg 🙂

  18. Hi Gals,

    I made chinese fried rice in vegetable broth today. I did so many preparations for it, bought soy sauce, jasmine rice, vinegar, chilli sauce, and all required ingredients. I was so hopeful and had my expectations sky roketting because I have so much faith in you two. But, I am so sad, cause though the food didn’t turn out a disaster, my husband liked my simple onion masala fried rice more than this 🙁 I was desperate to search for any easy alternative to that masala rice, but now I am sad again.

    Btw, one good part, the vegetable broth that I had prepared for rice turned out to be really great soup. We loved it. Thanks for it.

    1. Hi Lajja,

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Did your husband not like the taste or did the rice not come out properly?

      1. No, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the rice. It’s just that from amazing experience of your recipes, we both were expecting something close to restaurants. Btw, it tasted better today than yesterday, when we ate it again for lunch. Looks like matter of expectations than anything else.

  19. HI Hetal/Anuja,

    I have been following your recipies and the presentation is very clean with great tips.

    I love thai(esp Amarin thai in mountain view,ca) style curries and I was wondering if you could demonstrate how to prepare vegetarian red/yellow curry, or any other veg thai curries is fine…..

    Thank you very much.:-)


  20. Hello Ladies.
    You two are great team in kitchen cooking. I tried this receipe today for dinner. My husband and 2 kids loved it so much and barely left enough for me. Next time I will make a bigger batch. Thank you so much. Love you both.

  21. Just for INFO…

    — As per Indian Receipe, Ajino-motto or MSG powder is used which is not available in USA.

    — Eggs are never used as per india receipe

    — Rice & Noodles both together is also works fantastic.
    — With the same rice if you will add schezwan souce(It is also available in indian store) than it would be schezwan rice.

  22. thanks for this recipe. i was just thinking of making fried rice ad i had no clue how it is done 🙂
    so,ithought of searching ur website and here i found the recipe!
    i have a doubt. what if i am using left-over rice like of the morning or previous night? do i go ahead the same way? like saute the veggies,add the rice etc?

    1. Hi KR,

      Actually, left over rice works best for fried rice. Since you probably didn’t use broth to cook the rice, you might want to add a little extra sauce or seasonings to flavor the rice. All of the steps will be the same.

  23. Hey hetal, u really look quite stunning and sauve. Me and my friends are great fan of ur cooking. Please show us some cooking on bakes and cassaroles

  24. Ladies, the oriental garb looks great on you. Thanks for the veg.fried rice recipe. I will try it out. Seems easy enough. Your recipe for kheema is yummy. I do love your shows, especially the charming comment at the end!

  25. hi hetal & anuja
    i m allya .. how r u ?? .. i m your fan ..i love your recepies ..i want to how to make hyderabadi chicken biryani & chicken 65??? .. will be thank full to u ..
    bye bye
    take care ..

    1. Yes, Please, please, please show us how to make carrot 65. Everytime I am in Bangalore I go to Nandini Palace at least one time to eat it!

  26. Hi! Anuja and Hetal,

    I’ve tried a few of your recipes loved the Manchurian especially. Could you please tell, what type of vinegar to use here and for chilly sauce, I had malt vinegar at home already, but didn’t find the taste right and today I bought white distilled vinegar, but the ingredients say distilled barley malt vinegar to my dismay, also I was really looking to make the chilly sauce with sesame oil but I see two varieties are available pure sesame oil and toasted sesame oil will using the second one spoil the taste ? So far I’ve used malt vinegar that I had at hand for rice, sauce and Manchurian.



    1. For the vinegar, you want to use Distilled White Vinegar.
      For the Sesame Oil, I don’t think using the toasted variety will spoil the flavor.
      Good Luck!

  27. Hi!

    You guys make awesome food. Thanks for all your awesome recipes.

    I have a request for you guys. Can you please do a video on truly Indian Indo-Chinese spring rolls from scratch? I mean no Chinese eggroll wrappers and should be long rolls. They are my favorite-st but have never been able to cook them just like we get in good restaurants in India. I think it’s a challenging recipe. The filling is easy but the wrap is not. Even in India, not all restaurants could make them right but I am sure it’s no challenge for you. And please do a video, not just posting recipe. Please….

  28. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    The first time i saw your website was when i was searching for a fried rice receipe 2 weeks ago…since then i have been hooked on to your videos & have made many other receipes as well as following the tue tips…i should say that both of you’ll just rock! you’ll explain things indeed very well….need many many more tue tips n receipes which is helping me a lot!!


  29. Yum Yum yum !! you ladies rock… 🙂 I Think this fried rice is no. 1 hot and hit recipe in our indo-chinese cooking.. Thank you very much …

    I have a question.. where do you buy your spoons from? like the Red one you have used in this and the blue one(for soups and dals) in your other videos. I tried it in Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart .. but could not find those ones 🙁 .. i mean they do have flixible silicone spatulas but not the firm one !!


    1. The spatulas that we use, red and the blue ones, we bought them at while back at a dollar store (yes, we are big spenders;)! But they are no longer available and unfortunately they do not have any brand name written on them either:(

      1. Oh!! that’s a bad news 🙁 Anyways I’ll keep searching and if I get them i’ll let you people know.

        Thanks for the reply.. keep rocking 🙂


  30. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I’d known too that fried rice is made with rice ATLEAST one day old,(they say, 2 or 3 dys old is better).

    I make it that way. So when we take it out from the fridge we can just crumble the lumps of rice and they separate out easily…. this voids the necessity of frying the raw grains in oil, spreading them out etc etc so as to get all the grains separated.
    This way we also can reduce the oil also while stir frying, as the grains already separated out easily when we crumble them out of the fridge.

  31. hi dear hetal and anuja,
    i love ur recepits but for more hygiene pls remove ur jewelry and avoid long nails when making the food.

    1. They’re making it for THEMSELVES, not the general public. It is fine.
      Great recipe ladies! I will be adding mushroom and onion to mine!

  32. Hi didi,

    Pl tell us how to cut the cabbage? Pl…is it possible to do it with knife alone or do we need food processor.
    Thanks a million for ur wonderful efforts to show us all those dishes that are in our mind!
    May u reach successful heights and may u achieve all that u desire.


    1. Hi Priya,

      You can definitely use a big chef’s knife to make thin and long shreds — it takes a little patience and practice to make them really thin. Using the chopping blade of your food processor is a wonderful shortcut and time-saver. The only difference is that your cabbage will be in small bits.

  33. Hi,

    Need some help. Can you please show some recipe for baked vegetables dish which is less greasy!!Just love your recipes. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Hetal/Anuja,
    My family is vegetarian. Can I replace egg with silken or firm tofu… or should I skip the egg all together..?
    In veg restaurants in india they didnt have egg in their fried rice.. wondering how tofu would taste.. 🙂

      1. Your stir fry tofu is yum… I made these at a BBQ potluck and it was the show stealer!!! I like your idea of cooking the rice in veg broth! Definitely gives out the flavor! Yum
        Cant wait – will try soon 🙂

  35. The fried rice looks yum! Way to go! Thx for the recipe. Was wondering what kitchen gadget u guys used for shredding cabbage….it looks so cool….i mean thin n uniform..even the julienne slices..bell pepper that is….take ur time…i knw u guys r busy n this isnt a gr8 Q to ask… 🙂 n yea..honestly, i feel it will be helpful if u guys(gals, rather) tell us about these stuff way to get shredded veggies (salad shooter or food processor)..stuff like tht..may be it wud help..may be it can be an episode in the “tip tuesday” series!!!

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