Tacos – Mexican Cuisine

We love the fact that this particular Mexican favorite does not need any major cooking or prepping. A few ingredients that we always have on hand and we are ready for a fabulous meal. Tacos are always such a treat at our home and put a huge smile on everyone’s faces. They can be stuffed with anything…use your imagination. We have shown you the basic but it can be customized as required. Kid and Adult friendly dish!
Video at the end of post.


Refried Beans – Recipe
Salsa – Recipe
Shredded Lettuce
Diced Tomatoes
Sliced Spring Onions
Sliced Black Olives
Chopped Bell Pepper
Chopped Onions
Shredded Cheese

Additional Add-on:
Slices of Grilled Chicken / Fish / Shrimp
Cooked Minced or Ground Meats
Sliced Pickled Jalapenos
Sour Cream


1. Lightly warm the Tortillas on a skillet.
2. Spread on half the Tortilla warmed-up Refried Beans.
3. Spread some Salsa over it.
4. Add optional Chicken or Meats at this point.
5. Then start layering the rest: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Black Olives, Bell Pepper, Onions & Cheese.
6. Roll or fold and enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “Tacos – Mexican Cuisine

  1. Thanks for mentioning how tacos usually bring a smile to everyone’s faces. I am trying to find a good meal for my family this weekend. I don’t know if my kids have ever had tacos, so I’ll look for a restaurant that offers good Mexican food.

  2. That is not a taco! For real tacos go to Mexico! Tacos never have lettuce, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Bell Pepper, Cheese and never sour cream!!! Onion is ok…

    Why people think that mexican cuisine is like americans make it??? This taco is like Burguer King’s burritos or McDonalds tacos! even taco bell is nothing like a real taco!!!

    I think there are better mexican videos in youtube about tacos!!!

    Aaaah… and tacos are not healthy!!!! that is why they are sooooooooooo gooooog!!!!

  3. Great recipe… I have one tip for you. If you roll the tortillas as mentioned in the video, use a little of the refried beans as “glue” to hold the tortilla closed.

    Thanks again for your videos.

  4. hai, you girls r really great in all the videos. i just love watching it and have tried a lot of recipes. i am so curious to know which was the first video that u guys did in this website. and the link in ” About us ” section has details about you two but the “More about Anuja” link is not working……..Plz fix it

  5. Hi Hetal / Anuja,
    First of all I want to thank you for showing very good & yummy receipes. As part of Mexican dishes, COuld you please show how to make CHALUPA. My son loves taco bell chalupas & has been asking for many days to make it.

  6. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Liked this very much but I was under impression that those cute taco shells available in the market are used for making Tacos. Had already bought them when you were doing the other mexican things, and was waiting for your version.

    Can I use the same ingredients and procedure and use taco shells instead of tortillas?

    Anyways, Even this is easy and good.


    1. Hi Rohini,
      Yes, there are Soft Tacos (the ones we made) and Crispy Tacos (the shells you got). You can use the same filling, warm up the shells just a bit before stuffing.
      I love crispy Tacos…

      1. Thanks Anuja!

        I am learning a lot from your videos and recipes everyday. Today I learned about soft Tacos. Basically its both of you who have introduced me to the Mexican cuisine and we loved it.

        Thanks for your interactive attitude which clears the smallest doubt about cooking. At least now there is someone who can take care of our queries and problems.

        We are seeing you cook and learning how to do it perfectly. Its like ancient times Guru dronacharya-Eklavya relationship. But I hope you would not ask for my thumb in lieu of GURUDAKSHINA 😉

        Thanks a ton!

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