Stretching the Shelf-life of a Strawberry Tip

Don’t we all just love Strawberries! Unfortunately, just a few days in the fridge, they start looking limp, losing color, softening up and overall….just not as pretty as when we bought them. Here is our tip to enjoy your strawberries a little longer and have them still look inviting. Enjoy your summer:)


1. Take a ziplock bag and line it with paper-towel.
2. Put the Strawberries in the paper-towel lined pocket.
3. Take all the air out and seal the ziploc.
4. Refrigerate.
5. When ready to use, take out, wash and enjoy.

How to keep strawberries fresh for a long time, why do strawberries spoil so fast.

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0 thoughts on “Stretching the Shelf-life of a Strawberry Tip

  1. What a great tip… Thanks a ton.. I tried ur preparing chapathi dough in bulk n freezing and it works very well… As i am a new and first time mother it helped alot..
    I am using all ur tips and so far they worked very well for me..

  2. So very useful!!!!!i really like this I’m gonna try this…….in the past my heart use to break throwing away strawberries but not any more…..yeah …

  3. What a great tip! I never worry about strawberry spoilage anymore, and can load up from Costco without worrying about half of it going to waste! And yes, it works great for other berries too. I currently have strawberries, blueberries, and even fresh ginger, stored in this manner in my refrigerator ! Thanks, ladies, for a WONDERFUL tip!

  4. To freeze strawberries, you can wash it, take out the ends and cut in two pieces. Add some sugar to it and keep it in ziplock and put it in freezer. Use as you need. I have tried it an dworks best for off season 🙂

  5. hi hetal n anuja
    thanks for ur tip but its little late for me.last week we went for strawberry picking..and i have a bucket full of strawberry.they were losing their color so i washed them n made puree of those n freeze them in ice trays….now i can make fresh strawberry smoothie any time….

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful tips. I was wondering to know if there is a way to freeze chapatis and subzi for long time. Im going to India for a couple of months and wanna freeze food for my family here.

    It would be great if you can help!

    1. For chapatis, make them as you normally would and wrap a stack of them (enough to last for a few days) in foil. Place the chapatis in a freezer ziploc bag and freeze. Take one bag out at a time and keep it in the fridge to defrost and use. They stay fresh in the refrigerator for a few days till you are ready for the next bag.

      Few subzis freeze well, like baingan bhurta and palak dishes. You are better off freezing dishes like daals and other beans.

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