Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney is very versatile. It can be served as a dip with appetizers (example pappad, samosas, kebabs, etc.) or it can be used as a spread in sandwiches – with cucumber or tomatoes and cheese (yummy!) and best of all, it plays a key part in making chaat.


Mint leaves – ½ cup, packed
Onion – ¼ of a medium
Tomato – ½ of a medium
Ginger – ½” piece
Garlic – 1 clove
Green Chili – 1 or to taste
Lemon Juice – ¼ cup
Salt – ½ tsp (or to taste)
Chaat Masala – ½ tsp
Sugar – ½ tsp


1. In a blender, add the following – Onion, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chili and Lemon Juice. Grind well.
2. Add in the washed Mint leaves, Salt, Chat Masala and Sugar and grind again till the mixture becomes smooth and everything has blended well.
3. Pour into serving dish.
4. Makes about ½ cup and can be served with pakodas, Puda, chaat….


1. Be sure to use only the leaves of the Mint – discard the stalks.
2. When available, add a little bit of raw green mango to the chutney for additional flavor.
3. Store in the refrigerator. Mint Chutney has a shelf life of about 7-10 days.
4. Mint Chutney freezes well also and can be kept for the times when Mint is not readily available.

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0 thoughts on “Mint Chutney

  1. Hi ladies, I love your recipes….so easy and delicious. You two are my inspiration for cooking. In fact, I only started to cook and love it while watching your videos. Thanks so much ladies!! God bless you both and your families!!!! Anyway I wanted to ask can you replace chaat masala with kala namak? Have a good day:)

    1. Thanks so much! Kala namak is actually an ingredient in chaat masala so you could replace it but chaat masala has other ingredients as well that you may miss.

  2. Can u make a recipe showing how to make chicken soup? I no
    dis is out of the question bcuz i posted in da chutney section so sorry bout that…

  3. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    I made this chutney using double the proportion except for the lime juice. Lime juice was in accordance with the given proportion. The chutney still tastes sour. Can you tell me how to correct it? Will adding few peanuts make it better?

    1. hello ladies.u guys r seems therz a direct heart connction between us.thats y u undrstand my taste so well.i i hv tried lot of dishes frm ur site.whnevr i try any dish from ur site,i remain vry calm,satisfied and confidnt that the dish wil be gud one.hp d same attitude cntinue always and lookng frwrd for chinese dishes esp. veg chilli,chckn chilli and chicken manchurian.

  4. hello mam, i am searchig puliyogare recepie since one month. cos i wil be working in all the time so every time i cant prepare. once if i prepare i want it to store for 15 days or 1 month. please help me.

    thanking you

    1. Hi Vijay,

      Rice freezes well so you can divide your full batch into smaller portions and store them in an airtight plastic containers in the freezer. It will stay fresh for longer than one month. You can keep some in the refrigerator, which will stay fresh for about one week.

  5. Hi Mrs. Anuja and Mrs. Hetal,

    I wanted to know how thick should this chutney be and what is the difference between a food processor and a blender because they seem the same to me and how do each one of them affect the chutney?

    P.S. I love your recipes they are so simple and fast to make. 🙂

    1. The thickness or thinness of the chutney is entirely up to you and how you will be using it. Blenders and food processors are not the same. Blenders will give you smooth textures while food processors will finely chop but not make absolutely smooth pastes.

  6. Hello Hetal and Anuja,

    Is it possible to make this chutney with a hand blender? Also, how can I maximize the life of this chutney?

    1. Hi Pooja,

      Hand blenders do not grind as well as real blenders so you may have big pieces of ingredients.

  7. thanks for the mint chutney recipe video .bought back many memories of my childhood when we only grew mint and my mum always made mint chutney.thoroughly enjoy your many videos.keep up the good work and keep smiling!!!pleasure to watch you girls always happy .
    kamla nz.

  8. I would like 2 try mint chutney……I would like 2 know wat is chart masala…..b’cause i seldom use it in my cooking….is it optional 2 use chart masala….thank u…

    1. Hi Cicelia,

      “Chaat Masala” is a spice blend made with many different spices. It offers a tangy and unique taste. You can find it at any Indian grocery store, but if you cannot find it, you can leave it out or maybe replace it with cumin powder.

  9. hi
    Hetal n Anuja thanx for ur recipes its always gr8 i want recipe of gajar ka achar coz wen i used to go to restuarants i luv to have dat …pls tell me how to make at home n how long tym can keep it ,………….thank u

      1. hi thanx anuja i ll w8 foe taht anyways i tried ur gobhi manchurian at home it was sooooooooooooo delicious. I invited some1 at home they also love it thanx again for ur recipes tc bye .

  10. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    In your video, you mentioned that the stalks of mint cannot be added to make the chutney. Why is that? Would it alter the taste of the chutney?


  11. This mint chutney has an amazing flavor. However, I found it to be little too lemonie.. Would reduce little lemon juice going forward and substitute some for very little water while grinding. I also added around half a cup of yogurt into it for a different version of this recipe as I was going to serve it with kababs.

    All in all this recipe is very good. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


  12. Hi,
    has anyone noticed that grinding or gration the onion turns it bitter? I never had this problem in India. Now whenever i try to use grated or ground onion in curry or it chuney it turns bitter and ruins the taste of the curry/ chutney. Any solution? i have tried red as well as yellow onions.

    1. I noticed the bitterness after moving to US when the onion is grinded. After doing the research on the internet, observed that microwaving the onions for few minutes before grinding helps.
      Another option is to chop , saute them in the pain with little onion before grinding will help.

    1. Hi Seema,

      You can leave out the chat masala, but it is one of those combination masalas like garam masala that has a whole bunch of things in it — all in one shot. You could substitute it with a little black salt and amchoor.

  13. i tried the mint recipe with double the quantity as illustrated, but unfortunately used little lemon juice & no chillies. the taste was not good. pls suggest if i can add the lemon juice to the chutney at a later point.

    1. Hi Nadi,
      Yes, you can still add in the lemon juice. It will not spoil the taste.
      Chillies are to taste, if you want to add those in now…grind the chutney again with the chillies and additional lemon juice.
      This chutney tastes great without chillies as well.

  14. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    I love your recipes. They are awesome. But I have a query, I tried to prepare mint chutney at home using both blender and food processor (cuisinart). But it didn’t come out that good…. means the right consistency of chutney. I had used enough water and mint leaves….the amount you suggested.But I don’t know what happened…..I failed.So, which blender should I use? and from where can I buy the blender? I have a coffee blender…..but can’t use water, while grinding in the coffee blender. So plz plz help me. I would like to make mint chutney at home rather than bying it from store. Please help me.


    1. Hi Rupa,

      Food processors are not a good choice for grinding chutneys because they tend to finely chop rather than blend. Blenders also come in many varieties and brands and usually, the more powerful the motor is, the more finely it will grind. If you get a chance, check out our kitchen store. We have a kitchen machine with 3 jars that may be what you’re looking for.

  15. Hi Anuja and Hetal. You r doing a wonderful job. I tried a couple of things from ur website and all of them were delicious. Thanks for giving me more confidence in cooking.

  16. Hi..
    Thanks for everything.
    i really like mint chutney. i used to spent lot of money’s for mint chutney $5/day.Now i can prepare this chutney.

  17. Hi Leena,

    If you are not a mint fan, you can make this chutney with coriander leaves (cilantro) and then add just a few mint leaves in it for effect.

  18. hi,
    I tried mint chutney but there was lot of odour of mint, I had to add coconut to reduce the odour. I tried exactly the same recipe in the beginning but i was not so much happy with taste. I didnt add more tomato may be 1/4 was that the reason.How do i reduce that particular mint odour.

  19. Hi Rani,

    Put the chutney back in the blender and add in some more mint or cilantro and blend it well. You may need to adjust the spices a little after that.
    Hope that helps.

  20. I tried this and it came out very good. I will make mint sandwiches for my son using this chutney. He loves it. Thanks for the recipe.

  21. The Mint Chutney recipe was delicious. Here in Hawaii there’s not much Indian food and it was just like the one we enjoyed in San Francisco. Show me the curry rocks!

  22. Hi Hemisha,

    You can use cilantro, but then it won’t be mint chutney. If you do, you will have to use as least double or more of it because it has a milder flavor.

  23. Hi Jaya,

    You can definitely use cilantro with the mint to make chutney. Since cilantro has a milder flavor than mint, you could use double the amount. There is no exact measurement. A little more or less will not affect the flavor greatly.

  24. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    Can I use cilantro in prearing the chutney? If so what proportion to the mint?

    Thanks in advance.

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