Dosa – Street Food Video from Mumbai

Now why would we show you a Dosa video from Mumbai? What this video and see what unfolds! Once again, it’s Anand Stall right by Mithibai College, that just blows our minds away. They have taken the simple dosa or dosai and combined it with beautiful and surprising elements. The result, a fusion of cuisines and burst of flavors that will be hard to forget.

Recipe for Dosa Batter, click here!

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30 thoughts on “Dosa – Street Food Video from Mumbai

  1. This brings back memories of my 5 years at Mitihbai…. Loved the dosas there…. On my list to must visit when I am back in India

  2. Lovely site for all types of indian recipes. Looks like I have got addicted to this site. Hats off to you guys for sharing such awesome recipes.

  3. Such video’s are injurious to health. Makes you even more depressed when you are miles away from home and can only look but not eat… makes me cry 🙁 … lol ….

    Ps I learnt cooking from you guys … thank you 🙂

  4. Anuja,
    Being thousands of mile away you are still a big part of SMTC. You keep us connected to you. Thanks to you for bringing all these great videos and showing us variety of foods. Take care of yourself. Enjoy..We miss you!!!
    PS – The Srilanka video was great too…

  5. Hi Anuja,

    Thnx so much for such a mouth watering video…aww…missing Mumbai street food sooo much i m Preg. n hav the only craving of Mumbai street food…
    Can you plz. tell me which part/corner of DosaWala is this so that whenever I go next I can go n eat the same one.

  6. Tried a variation of this concept and it was a nice change from our usual sambhar/dosa/chutney combination.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  7. Yummy yummy yum yum !!! Anuja i am from Mumbai too , just love these street foods… Dosas, Vada pav, sandwich , chat and many more, every thing is yummy !!!

    But Anjua and Hetal i will also love to watch and learn those healthy receipies for which i always log into your site often 🙂 Please keep sharing healthy versions also ….

  8. Comments from Bhola Bhala Panda Poonda should be deleted. They are obscene and offensive.

    What a lovely idea to showcase Indian street food in your podcast! This video is very inspiring and mouth watering. Lucky you, Anuja. Wish I was there too.

  9. Amazing talent in preparing dosas in different varieties and within such a quick time! Hats off to those chefs and thanks for sharing this wonderful moment!

    1. Hi Norman,

      We thought it was a cute idea too plus it gives it a little “eggroll-look” hinting that it is to be associated with foods from that part of the world 🙂

  10. Hi, this is absolutely mouth watering video. I am missing Mumbai and street food and in general everything.

    Loved both Mumbai street food videos.

  11. OMIGOSH! That was just mouth watering! I’m originally from Mumbai – where was all this a mere 6 years ago when I last visited? Just shows Mumbai never fails to invent, change and AMAZE. Will be visiting again this Oct – will be sure to visit Anand stall near Mithibai. Thanks for the clip.

    1. Hi Neena,

      Anand Stall has been there for years….you must have somehow missed it. He was the original one and now there are lots of wanna-bes as well.
      Oct – you’ve gotta try the sandwiches, dosas and the vada-pavs 🙂

  12. Hi… Thanks for this street dosa recipe and vedeo.
    It was awesome… Could you also share
    Choley Bhature from Cream Center Mumbai
    I am really looking for it.

    Meena Bhuwania.

  13. Looks amazing Anuja! Thanks for posting this taste of Mumbai – its good to see you showcasing India in this way.

    I see there’s no skimping on the butter in Hindustan! 😉

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