Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Love is in the air and its about that time when many of you are scratching your head, wondering what delectable delight to make for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Well, wonder no more. Here is a play list of some our favorite dessert recipes that are sure to please your loved ones. Some are super easy, some take a little more finesse. Whatever your schedule or whatever your skill level, there is something for everyone. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dessert recipes in the playlist include: (Click for detailed recipe)
Molten Lava Cake
Swiss Roll
Warm Kahlua Dessert
Bananas Foster
Chocolate Mousse
Fruit Tart
Buttered Walnut Mousse
Strawberry Shortcake
Funnel Cake
Biscuit Cake

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13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe. I tried the tiramisu and the molten lava cake , both came out stunning. Thank you for giving the precise measurements. I honestly wanted to appreciate your effort. Most of the time I give up on trying new recipes because of some rare ingredient, but you guys give amazing substitutes (especially cream cheese instead of mascarpone for tiramisu)that really helps . Please keep up the good work !!!!

    Thank you

  2. hello

    thanks for the great recipe… I have a query about the marble cake ..I am really keen on baking it. however here in London it’s very hard to find distilled pure white vinegar..all are distilled malt white vinegar… could we substitute vinegar for an equal quantity of lemon juice to prevent the malty smell and flavour…


  3. Urgent: accidentally rude typo
    Hello both,
    Your link for Swiss Roll is spelled SWILL roll. I hope you can fix it soon.
    Thank you for your wonderful site. I appreciate all the fabulous food and nutrition.

  4. why don’t you show everyone how to do Chocolate Covered Strawberries? They are so easy to do.

    1. Fresh Strawberries
    2. Some milk or dark chocolate morsels (your preference)
    3. little bit of oil or butter

    Melt the chocolate morsels and oil or butter and dip the dry strawberries and let is set on wax paper for few mins before placing them in the fridge.

    Can’t get any more romantic and easier than this.

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