Egg Curry

The simplicity of this dish and the amazing flavors make this a real keeper in our books. This is a dish that my friend made for my 7 year son when he was at her place – he just could not stop raving about. Needless to say, I had to learn how to make it. Thanks, Indu!!

Oil – 2 tbsp
Bay Leaf – 1
Cloves – 3
Cinnamon – ½” stick
Cumin Seeds – ½ tsp
Fennel Seeds – ½ tsp
Onion – 1 medium, finely chopped
Turmeric – ¼ tsp
Chili powder – to taste
Coriander Powder – 1 tsp
Chicken Masala – 1 tsp
Tomato puree – ½ cup
Sugar – 1 tsp
Salt – to taste
Coconut milk – 2 cups
Eggs – 6, hard boiled and peeled
Cilantro – 5 sprigs, chopped (for garnishing)


1. Heat Oil in a skillet or a pan on medium flame
2. Add Bay Leaf, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cumin Seeds and Fennel Seeds.
3. Once Cumin and Fennel seeds turn light brown, add Onion and saute till it turns brown.
4. Add the following powders: Turmeric, Chili, Coriander and Chicken Masala.
5. Saute for another minute or so.
6. Add Tomato Puree, Sugar and Salt — mix well and cook for 5 minutes.
7. Add Coconut Milk and bring to a boil.
8. To serve, cut eggs into halves, pour gravy into a bowl and top with the egg halves.
9. Garnish the dish with fresh chopped Cilantro leaves.
10. Serves 4


1. Heat the gravy separately and then drop the eggs in just before you are ready to eat.
2. Don’t have Tomato puree at home?…that’s Okay, take some fresh tomatoes and grind them in a blender.

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0 thoughts on “Egg Curry

  1. This is absolutely delish! I didn’t have any chicken masala as I don’t live next to any Indian groceries. I substituted Curry powder instead.. Still turned out sooo good! I am making this again tonight for dinner!!!

  2. hi hetal and anuja…
    i dont have coconut milk but i do have coconut powder and i wanna try this dish right now! can i substitute coconut milk with desiccated coconut to the gravy???

    1. Hi goodlikebylove,

      Unfortunately, you need coconut milk for this recipe. The desiccated coconut powder will not form a proper creamy gravy.

  3. Hello Hetal and Anuja,
    ur recipes r awesome. I was with my family in dubai.Due to the financial crisis ive to send my family back to india.The biggest concern for me was my food as me a foodie but never liked restaurant stuffs. I ended up making some lousy stuffs. At times its the salt that exceeds nd at times its the chilly that exceeds. Thats when my wife suggested me to check ur site nd i was like head over heels. U guys r awesome. Thanx a lot.

    1. Awww…thanks Gaurav. We’re so glad you are finding SMTC useful. Best wishes for the new year so that you can be with your family soon.

  4. Hello Hetal and Anuja,
    ur recipes r awesome. I was with my family in dubai.Due to the financial crisis ive to send my family back to india.The biggest concern for me was my food as me a foodie but never liked restaurant stuffs. I ended up making some lousy stuffs. At times its the salt that exceeds nd at times its the chilly that exceeds. Thats when my wife suggested me to check ur site nd i was like head over heels. U guys r awesome. Thanx a lot.

  5. This is an awesome dish. I use this curry to make loads of other stuff like Paneer, tofu, soya nuggets, and even fish and Shrimps. Everything turns out great and yummy.

    Using your website, I have earned loads of appreciation for my cooking- a heartfelt thanks to Hetal & Anuja !! 🙂

  6. Hello Hetal and Anuja,

    I jus wanna thank you both for putting on so many delicious dishes…..also wanna tell you that whatever cooking I have known till date is bcoz of you . I love you and your website. Cooking was a nightmare for me before marriage but now i feel so confident. All bcoz of your website.

    Just wanna add a tip to this egg curry recipe – I used whole milk instead of coconut as I m not a fan of coconut. And one tip from my husband – mix the egg yolk of half of the eggs in the curry during the last boil , it tastes awesome .

    Thanks from me and my hubby

    1. Hi Gunjan,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Your (and your hubby’s) tips are really good…we’re sure it will help others as well!

  7. Thank U for d divine curry . U guys r great . Dis curry can be also prepared by breaking the eggs directly into d gravy . Then cooking it covered for 5mts.

  8. I tried this last nite n it turned out awesome!! My husband n me finished the whole lot in one go:) I Plan to make this curry again with fish or soya nuggets. Thanks to both of you!! 🙂

  9. I made this recipe for a party. Had to triple the ingredients! Absolutely great. Everyone loved it! I added some extra chili powder to make it spicy! A great hit! I will be making it again!

  10. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    It is a fantastic recipe… just cooked and had dinner with husband….. its a hi-fi at home … the egg tasted awesome with curry…



    1. yes you can. just add a few tablespoons of mashed potato flakes to thicken the gravy if needed. enjoy!

  11. one more q….i heard cocunut milk can be made at home? can u let us know how to make cocunut milk from cocunut powder?

  12. Hi Hetal/Anuja,

    I tried the egg curry today. It turned out good. It also smelled very good. But I had problem with Coconut milk. I bought coconut milk in tin from indian store and i had to cook the milk for a lot of time for the coconut smell to go away. Next time I am planning to make coconut milk myself. Please tell me how much grated coconut should i use to blend and get the milk or How much coconut pwd should i use if i prefer to include it instead of the coconut milk.


  13. Hey Hetal/Anuja,

    I made this curry for my gf and she absolutely loved it!! However, she is a health freak, so I tried looking for the low fat version of Coconut Milk, but couldn’t find it in any of the stores. I am residing in Northern CA. Where can I get this ‘Low Fat Coconut Milk’, preferably in-store?

    Take care,

    1. Hi Tina,

      Though we have never tried it, one of our viewers had suggested that they use almond milk with a few drops of coconut essence to substitute coconut milk. Let us know if you try it out and what you think.

  14. Awesome recipe!! I tried it. But apart from Egg, I put shrimps and it turned out amazing..really.. I mean its the best dish I made so far 😛 Thanks to you guys… oops gals. You rock!!

  15. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I am having 60 people over for dinner and was planning to make egg curry. I wanted to ask, is it ok if i make this gravy a week ahead and freeze it?
    I was not sure about freezing it, because the gravy calls for coconut milk. Also, would the taste be as fresh?

    Please advise.

      1. Hello Anuja,

        Thank you for your quick response. I had one more question for you. I am planning to serve in half size deep dish (11*9*2 in). Also, I will be serving appetizers, cake and dessert (may be icecream). And along with it, we will have the egg curry (or malai kofta, but i was planning to use the curry from egg curry as it is just amazing !!! ), aloo gobi, gujarati kadhi, puri/naan, veg biryani, kachori and kalakand/halwa. We have 60 people over. Would it be ok if we have two deep dishes of each? – each vegetable, and biryani? (Sorry for asking too many questions).

        1. Yes, 2 dishes of each sounds about right. We think that each will serve 25 or so and since you are serving appetizers, main course will be enough. You are right on with your estimations.
          Enjoy your party 🙂

  16. I am ardent fan of your website and have tried numerous recipes…and they are big hit.
    Today I made egg curry for dinner..needless to mention it turned out fabulous.

    Loved it..!!!!!!

  17. OH MY GOD!

    I can’t believe myself this could turn out to be so perfect!!!!!

    Way too amazing.. I had tried egg curry a few times before but I see missed so many things and most most
    important thing i always missed was i think cocunut milk 🙂

    Thanks smtc for this amazing recipe!

  18. Hi,
    Random question but, where did you get that skillet/saucepan from? We’ve been looking for something similar to the skillet you guys use.

  19. Hello Anuja and Hetal,
    I have a question if there is any substitute for the coconut milk as my boyfriend does not like coconut and does not want the taste of it in any of the curries 🙁 Can I get the coconut milk from jewel or target?
    Kindly help

    1. Deena,

      Guess u dont mind me answering ur query. If u are in US, u can get many varieties. Few examples are Shakti, MDH, Badshah.I would suggest shakti since it has more of a south indian influence and flavours ur curry better. If u dont either of the above, u can buy any brand available in ur grocery store. But make sure it says” Product of India” on the masala box.

      Hope this helps

  20. Hi Priyanka,

    Tomato puree is basically a tomato that has been crushed in a blender or food processor. You can use a raw tomato or you can blanch the tomato (make an “X” on the bottom of the tomato lightly with a knife, drop it in boiling water for a minute or so and then drop it in ice water). Making the “X” will allow you to easily peel the tomato. Then crush this blanched tomato.





  22. Hi girls,
    Thanks a lot for this recipe, I had been unhappy with my egg curry experiments before, the gravy not tasting very good and this just turned out great on my first attempt and my guests enjoyed it too.
    Tried your dry Gobi manchurian for the first time too and we all just luved it …. thanks a lot once again and keep up the good work.

  23. I have an alternate suggestion on how you can use the eggs in this recipe. After taking the shell off the eggs, wipe it dry and fry them in some oil! This will add a nice brown cripsy coat around the egg…it also enhances the taste it’s so delicious. Becareful when frying! The eggs will remain cripsy & chewy even after you add it to the gravy, you can also cut it in half and it’ll still be good. Dry this for a variation, remember the eggs has to brown when frying and always keep turning them.

  24. Hi hetal n anuja. Its really quick yet tasty recipe. I would like to add a tip for SMTC viewers.
    * Eggs can b made more tasty. Dont cut eggs into 2 halfs, instead hold a egg in ur hand n slit vertically with a knife, about half inch deep n half inch gap round the egg, may be 3 4 slits in 1 egg. Dont cut too deep or else it will break. Then add the eggs to curry n boil for 5 mins or add at the time of last boil. I assure u will taste a new world of eggs.
    Plz let me know how it comes out, if u try it. GOOD LUCK for u future !!!.

  25. Hi Shivali,
    The egg curry can be enjoyed with chapatis, rice or parathas (my fav). It is such a flavorful curry, you’ll enjoy it either way.

  26. hey dear plz its my hubby’s bday n i want to make pineapple cake n do all those frosting like the bakers do plz can u post one recipe for it plz

  27. Hi Fiona,

    The curry should be yellow/reddish. I think the picture doesn’t show the true color. It varies depending how red your tomato puree happens to be.

  28. hi hetal n anuja i tried this egg curry yesterday and it was great but i have a question, my curry was red in colour whereas yours look green.just want to know why it was so if u could clarify.but whatever the colour ,the curry was very delicious.thank you.

  29. hie hetal & anuja…u ladies are doing a great job…i stumbled upon ur site jus 2 days back and well u can count me in as one of ur latest fan..the egg curry was a huge success…my hubby simply luved it…and d best thing bout it is its easy and fast..i ve tried tis before without d coconut milk…but i guess thats wat gave d curry d added flavour n so it was extra nice…for amateurs like me tis site is a great help..keep up d good work!!

  30. Hi Jaya,
    You are right, the gravy is very delicious. Try these substitutes for egg – paneer, boiled potatoes, mushrooms, thai eggplant. Here are a few that I can think of…you can try any one of the above, do a combination or all of the above!
    The Chicken Masala is a vegetarian product…it is a great combination of different masalas, but if you are opposed to it or do not have it, just skip it and add some sambar or rasam powder instead…I did that once by mistake and it still tasted good. Enjoy!

  31. Hi Anuja & hetal,

    Thank you so much for the videos. Can I substitute the eggs with any vegetable in the egg curry recipe as we don’t eat eggs?
    The gravy looks tempting and would love to try with vegetable. And any substitute for the ingredient chicken masala in this recipe?

  32. I thought of this too because I love the taste of onions but don’t always like eating the bits, especially in something somewhat delicate like this dish.
    So I was thinking I would try using an emersion blender to smooth the texture before serving. This would aerate the mixture and perhaps bring out the nuances of the coconut.
    Also, I wonder if this would make a nice soup course with a thinner “broth”…hm, I’ll try.
    Thanks for this site, ladies, my curry life needed inspiration–I’m hooked on you now!

  33. Absolutely, you can grind the onions, but it takes a little longer to cook. If you do not like a lot of gravy, the other option is to use the powdered form of coconut milk so you can control the amount of water.

  34. Hi,

    i tried this recipe today and the results were amazing…..thanks a lot for posting it…my only question is can we grind the onions instead of chopping them ? that way the curry will also become thicker…thanks again…

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