Pita Chips

Now that you know how to make Whole Wheat Pita Bread at home, why not take it a step further and make homemade pita chips? They are a fantastic accompaniment to hummus and even a fabulous substitution for papdi in papdi chaat. You can make the pita chips with homemade or store bought pita bread. Try this super easy recipe today!

"Pita Chips"

Chili Paneer Recipe

There is a certain exotic flair with fusion foods and more so with Indian Chinese. Yes, you heard right, there is a cuisine known as Indian Chinese. Many many years ago, some people from China migrated to India, some say they were traders, and they ultimately settled in India. They brought their foods and their style of cooking and then somewhere along they way, it got hints of Indian styles and cuisine as well, hence…

"Chili Paneer Recipe"

Vegetable and Chicken Steamed Momos Recipe

The origins of Momos are unclear but what is clear is that they are an absolute treat – full of flavor! The little bags or sacks of fillings that burst flavors the moment you take a bite are something not easily to forget. We have shown some very basic fillings here but really, you can customize it to your taste and ingredients on hand. Enjoy making these for yourself or your family but remember, beginners,…

"Vegetable and Chicken Steamed Momos Recipe"

Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer Recipe

Looking for fun appetizers? This Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizers steal the show. They are easy to make and as a one-bite-appetizer, they are one of our favorites. The texture of the Mushrooms with the softness of the cheese and the crunch of the bread-crumbs…absolute bliss. Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 15 min Ingredients: Baby Portabella Mushrooms – 8 oz package Goat Cheese – 2 oz Cream Cheese – 2 oz Salt – to taste Black…

"Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer Recipe"