Bhindi (Okra or Ladyfingers) Subzi Recipe

Bhindi/Okra is a vegetable that is so tasty that it’s hard to believe that it’s good for you as well! Look at this list of things found in a LadyFinger – Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper and dietary Fiber”. WOW! Time to have an ‘Okra Party’!

Prep time: 20 min.
Cook time: 25 min.
Serves : 4


Okra (Bhindi) – 1 lb (washed, dried & cut)
Oil – 1.5 tbsp
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Onion Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Onion – 1 med. (sliced)
Salt – to taste
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Dry Mango Powder (Amchur) – 1/4 tsp
Red Chili Powder – to taste
Yogurt (Curd) – 1/4 cup (well-beaten)
Tomato – 1/4, small (chopped)


1. Heat the pan on medium heat and add in the Oil.
2. Once hot, add in the Cumin and the Onion Seeds and allow them to sizzle.
3. Add in the turmeric Powder.
4. Open the Onions with your hands and add in the Oil.
5. Cook till the Onions turn transparent.
6. Add in the Okra and lower heat.
7. Add in Salt and Red Chili Powder.
8. Allow the Bhindi to cook, keep stirring every once in a while.
9. The Bhindi is done if there are no strands/threads to be seen.
10. Once Bhindi is cooked, add in the Dry Mango Powder, mix well.
11. Add in well beaten Yogurt, mix well.
12. Add in the Tomatoes, cover and turn off the flame.
13. Allow it to rest for 2-3 minutes and it’s ready to serve.
14. Serve hot with chapatis, parathas or naan.

1. You can stop at step 10 and serve the bhindi.
2. Always cook the Bhindi uncovered. Once cooked, it is OK to cover.
3. Always cook Bhindi on low-to-medium heat.

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