Sooji Dhokla – Indian Appetizer How-to Video

Dhokla is a Gujarati snack item traditionally made from rice and daal. Try this super simple, super quick recipe using Sooji (Suji, Semolina, Cream of Wheat). Next time some unexpected guests show up, serve this delicious “Instant Dhokla” with tea and impress them!

For the detailed recipe, click HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Sooji Dhokla – Indian Appetizer How-to Video

  1. The recipe says Sooji Dhokla, is there a Besan Dhokla too? Or is Dhokla traditionally made with Sooji?


  2. Hey ladies ,

    Its me again. I know i asked you a question but your recipe sounded so great , I couldn’t wait . I tried to make a batch by halving all the quantities you had mentioned and I used 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. It turned out AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks a ton to you guys …..You are the best ……………I have always loved dhokla but always thought it is next to impossible to make at home…to tell you the truth i dont like the sweet taste in the store bought ones so actually this one works the best for me . The only thing missing in mine I would say is the tanginess from the citric acid….Next time I will just add a little lemon juice. That should do the trick …….I cant wait for my husband to come home and try it …………

    Sorry for the long post but I couldn’t contain myself……..

    Thanks a million again you guys!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello Ladies,

    Just a small question. I live in India and I dont think we get Eno fruit salt here. We do get the Eno antacid mix that is had with water to cure heartburns. Is it the same??????? IF not can I use baking soda instead ? If yes what quantity should i use.

    Second thing , i saw in your Khamman recipe you covered the lid with a cover. Is it not required for dhokla ?

    Please advise………….

    Thank you

    BTW……….Love you guys:-)

    1. Hi Richa,

      We do not own a microwave idli maker so are not sure if it will work. Maybe you can try a small batch and see if it works.

    1. Hi Meera,

      Pyrex is usually oven or heat safe, however, you may find it very difficult to pull the glass container out of your steamer pot.

  4. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I tried this recipe today and it turned out so well…really unexpected that we landed up having this to our hearts content for dinner. I have been making dhokla but this was very tasty and specially sesame seeds added flavor.
    Keep up the good work.

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