Storing Cilantro (Coriander) – Tip Tuesday

How many times have you had to throw away Cilantro because it spoils before you finish it up? Try this method for storing Cilantro (Coriander Leaves) and keep them fresh for 10 to 14 days.

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50 thoughts on “Storing Cilantro (Coriander) – Tip Tuesday

  1. Hi girls, thanks for the good tips. One more tip for the cilantro storage.

    Clean, wash and chop cilantro as soon as you bring from the shop. Store in ziplock bag in the freezer, and use whenever needed 🙂
    It keeps the cilantro for longer.

  2. Any ideas how to store garlic.
    I would love to buy the bag of peeled garlic from costco but not sure how i can extend its shelf life. After a few days it starts getting mouldy.

    Having peeled garlic is so convenient however.


    1. Hi Jay,

      If you peel the garlic yourself, you can blend it and freeze it in ice cube trays (1/2 or 1 Tbsp in each cube). After 6-8 hrs, transfer it to a freezer type zipper bag and store it in the freezer. The bulk peeled garlic is super convenient, but they usually soak the garlic in water to be able to peel it and it drastically reduces the shelf life. Also, the soaking process reduces the flavor so you end up using far more cloves to get the same result using fresh peeled garlic.

  3. Hi Hetal

    I store mine in a plastic container that can be closed tightly with rolled paper towel inside. or can also use the bakery (cookie container, or pastries container.

  4. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    I would like to know the most effective method for storing cooked vegetables, rotis and daals in the refrigerator for about four days?

    1. Hi Richa,

      Most vegetables, daals, roti, etc will remain absolutely fine in the fridge for 4 to 5 days. Just make sure you use clean containers that have tight fitting lids (either plastic or glass).

  5. thanks hetal and anuja for your wonderful website and tips. i don’t know if it’s a problem with my pc but i find the volume of your videos really low. is it a universal problem or i’m i the only one facing this problem?

    1. Hi Seema,

      We did have some sound issues with our earlier videos but have corrected them in more recent videos. You can see some of our latest videos (on our homepage) to see if you still have an issue.

  6. hi anuja n hetal,
    i really love ur website, its a boon for people like me who r not great cooks but like to try new foods to impress the hubbby:). i was wondering if u could give me any tips for re-using or utilising oil which has been used for cooking once. i have some oil left out of frying puris once n dont know what to do with it, n i dont wanna waste it.
    waiting for your reply, n take care.

    1. Hi Priti,

      Our recommendation is not to use oil that has been heated, cooled and reheated. The chemical makeup of oil changes once it has been heated and then cools so it is in your best interest to do all of your frying at once. Plan out things that may need to be fried and how they will affect the oil. For example, fry things like paneer first (it does not mess up the oil). It can be fried and frozen for later use. Fry things like papad at the very end because you will not be able to use the oil after that. Another thing to keep in mind…the flavor the food will impart on the oil. It is probably not a good idea to fry jalebi after you’ve finished frying onion pakoda. Finally, use only as much oil as you need…you can always keep adding more in.

  7. wow! I recently started watching your tips and recipes.. they work great. Being a working woman, its hard to know the good cooking tips.. but now I’m learning. I really liked your tip on how to keep cilantro fresh.. gonna try it out.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. i have been storing this herb a diferent way and i have stored it and keeped it fresh for up to 5 weeks .i bring it home remove any bad leaves shake of any exses water place in a tuperware container or any air tite container lined with paper towel put two eggs in two corners of container raw and in the shells not craked open and close container place in fridge . it works with reverse osmoses colecting all the off gases that make it go bad and after 4-5 weeks you can eat cook and eat the eggs they are great

    1. i am a chef at a ski resort in b.c. canada and i have been using this idea for 5 years it works very well a chef from india told me this

    2. Hi Mike,

      Wow! We’ve never heard that one before. We’ll surely try it out. Thanks for sharing your tip.

  9. hi ladies
    i have one question about storing cilantro.sometime when i buy it from store,there is too much sand or mitti in cilantro so what i have to do with thi as it is or can wash.plz reply thanx

    1. Hi Harjinder.

      Washing the dirt/mitti/or soil off the cilantro will shorten the life of the cilantro. Wash as and when you need to use it.
      Usually the Cilantro that comes with the roots has a lot of mitti/soil and if you get that, put it in a glass with little water, cover with a grocery bag and keep in the fridge till ready to use.

  10. I had been using the paper towel method. I tried the jar method and I was surprised. I have had them in the jar for 2 weeks and it seems like I just brought them.

    Thanks for a great tip.

  11. yes , this works. i have nt tried the wrapping one as it is too much work taking out everytime(why make life harder!!) but the jar-stored easily stays fresh for over a week. and despite anuja’s suggestion i do store my jar in the fridge door where temp is lesser-good for coriander-not too cold ,not too hot…
    it is also very handy to quickly open the fridge and get required quantity. in fact storing on shelves seems riskeir to me when my little one is serching for things in the fridge!!
    tks 4 sharing

  12. Hi Hetal/Anuja,

    The Cilantro tip was great. It worked very well. Can I store Dill in the same way or is there any other best way to store it?

  13. wow, you guys are just awesome. what great tips!!!! I always had problems with curry leaves, mint leaves, and coriander leaves. specially a lot with curry and mint leaves. Wish i had read your post yesterday. I made panipuri yday and lot of mint leaves were remaining, so I resorted to crush them and freeze them. I hope that will be fine too when next time I make panipuri.

    Btw, can you suggest in what all dishes mint leaves taste good? Apart from panipuri I don’t know any dishes, and I like them fresh.

    1. Hi Lajja,

      Biryani is a good way to use fresh mint leaves. You can even add a few leaves to the water when you make plain rice.

  14. dear girls
    this is good tip to save cilantro, but can you tell any tip to save green chilli.
    one thing more i did not get any recipe of Egg fried rice and chicken manchurian.can you do a favour to show the video recipe

  15. This is a great tip. I tried it (with the paper towel) and the cilantro leaves were fresh and lasted for about 3 weeks. I was happy to be able to use the whole bunch for the first time! Thanks!

  16. Your site is very good. What I appreciate the most is that you know your thick chunky jewelry on your fingers and hands which is not only dirty when cooking but also so betray the professional.

  17. Thanks.
    I have tried both methods for storing cilantro. and surprisingly cilantro in jar works longer and better for me than with the tissue roll.

  18. thanks a lot for gre8 tips…..i wonder can i use the same method for preserving mint leaves as well or i should follow curry leaves method??

    1. Hi KT,

      One of our other viewers tried this tip with mint and she said it lasted for about 7 days. Mint will not dry as effectively as curry leaves in the fridge.

        1. Hi Vardhini,

          You can use the same method for the mint as for the cilantro but it does not last as long as the cilantro. The above method will surely extend the shelf life but over time the color of the leaves change to a dark brown/black.
          Another thing you can always do is to grind it up and freeze it – the color does change but the flavor is retained 🙂

  19. This is great! Thanks for the tip. Please keep them coming. I enjoy watching the cooking videos and the tips!

    Also, I hear sometimes oil is removed from cardamom and then sold in the stores. Any idea how to find out if they are good ones or not before buying?


  20. Hi Hetal and Anuja…
    Well thanks a lot for showing this tip…I was eagerly waiting for it…just didnt knew how to keep cilantro fresh for so many days…
    Thank u

  21. wow..this is so cool..
    i thought im the only one guilty of throwing away cilantro. this tip is super helpful.
    thanks girls.

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